Can I Wear Converse to a Club?

Yes, you can wear Converse shoes to clubs. Converse shoes are easy to style anyhow you want to. From casual to semi-casual, to formal dresses. It really depends on your taste, your wardrobe, and the event.

And there are all sorts of clubs with their own dress rules. And here’s where there may be some restriction but we’ll get into that shortly.

Many Converse shoes have cloth uppers, low drop silhouette, and slim-fitting which makes them some of the ideal shoes you can style with.

Once again, rock that iconic Chuck Taylors, please.

What makes Converse sneakers suitable for clubs?

Converse shoes are suitable for clubs for the same reasons that make them one of your all-time favorite shoes:

  • They’re iconic
  • Freedom of expression
  • Low drop silhouette
  • Minimalist style
  • Practical
  • They’re comfortable

They’re iconic

These shoes have been around, like, forever. They came from a time of subcultural revolution in American music and play.

They marked the shift in the mindset of a youthful generation about to be ushered from the 70s into the 80s. Skaters, rock band members, gangs, practically everyone who was or wanted to be someone was into the kicks.

I do not think any club in LA or anywhere in the United States wants to bounce you out for wearing these iconic shoes. They’re packed with history.

Freedom of expression

Converse shoes give you the freedom to express your personal style, even in a club. You never know, you just might be setting a trend with those white Chuck Taylors as you step up the VIP area of the club.

Low drop silhouette

The low drop silhouette of Converse shoes makes them ideal for jeans, pants, skirts, and shorts. Clubs are usually a relaxed place where dancing is generally carried on.

They’re not places where you want to show off your heels, brogue shoes, or even your boots.

Minimalist style

One of the very best things that makes these shoes a darling for clubs is how they are built. Seamless uppers, rubber soles, lace closure, and flat tongues – all the few elements that make one fall in love with shoes.

You are not likely to draw wandering stares with a Converse shoe on. But every time someone stares, it is with admiration.


Converse shoes are practical shoes. This follows from their minimalist style. They were originally adapted for skateboarding, and then everyone got to see just how stylish they were and began to wear them with dresses.

They are easy to dance in, jump in, and are never going to fall off your feet when you’re drunk. (Don’t drink and drive though)

They’re comfortable

You need all the comfort you can get while clubbing and Converse shoes have that. The toe box is wide for wiggling your feet, the ortholite insole provides great cushioning.

Converse shoes are some of the best pairs of kicks for clubbing anytime. All you need to do is tie your laces up if you are wearing the Chuck Taylor high top, for example, wear long-length pants that are not too baggy, top it all off with a starched long sleeve shirt and see how fly you appear in the club.

Can I Wear Converse to a Club

Converse Chuck Taylor hightop

What to check before wearing that Converse to the club?

It’s at this point that I have to let you in on some rules about dressing up for the club in Converse shoes. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Club rules
  • Your age
  • Time of day
  • Converse style
  • Your wardrobe

Club rules

Some clubs require their clientele to dress a certain way. You have to check that out if it’s your first time going to that club.

Some clubs want you to dress in formal clothing, others specifically forbid sneakers or trainers. They want a particular class of people to come to their club.

If wearing a Converse shoe doesn’t put you in that caliber of clients it’s best you follow the rules or find a club with more relaxed rules.

Your age

You’d be surprised at the things you can get away with if you’re the right age. Yes, you heard me. Some clubs only need to see you look old enough to be a business exec, they’d forgive a Converse shoe and let you in.

A club would let Ellen DeGeneres into the club and not you, even though both of you are wearing a Converse shoe and a tuxedo.

Time of day

Check how serious a club is about its rules, at different times of the day. People get away with a lot of things when they go to the club at night.

You just might be able to go in wearing Converse shoes at a club where the rules are rather stiffer during the day.

Converse style

This point is an important aspect of dressing with shoes like Converse. You have to be deliberate about your kicks, you want to project a conscious aura, to command respect.

There are styles of Converse that will definitely earn you a shake of the head from the bouncer.

I’d rather wear a low-top Converse All-Star instead of a Run Star Hike high-top.

Can I Wear Converse to a Club
Converse All Star
Can I Wear Converse to a Club
Converse Run Star Hike high-top

Your wardrobe

Finally, consider what you’re styling the shoes with. They are an integral element of the reason for acceptance. Whether you like it or not, you will be addressed by the way you dress.

So consider styling something not too casual from your wardrobe. If you are one who loves his or her Converse too much to go to a club without it, then upgrade your wardrobe to meet the rules of the club you have in mind.

Remember, nothing too informal: no shorts with Converse when you’re going clubbing.

5 Converse to wear to the club

I’m a sneakerhead, and Converse shoes constitute some of my sneaker collection. I also like to party at the club. Below are five off my collection that I’ve styled for clubs:

Converse Chuck Taylor Low-top

Can I Wear Converse to a Club

The Chuck Taylors are my all-time favorite for clubbing on days – or nights – when I’m feeling laid back. This Converse has the silhouette of the lace-up Chuck Taylor but it is a slip-on.

It has the classic look but a more laid-back finish. I love the soft ortholite footbed which allows me to dance in them all night. The rubber sole with the Converse pattern provides grip on the dance floor.

I love that it has no lace which can be an encumbrance on the dance floor if it came undone. You should definitely get this Chuck Taylor from Amazon here.

It costs just $94.06. I love to style this shoe with a pair of plain trousers or khaki with short-sleeved shirts. I usually topped it with a baseball cap.

Converse All Star leather Chuck Taylor hightop

Can I Wear Converse to a Club

I wear these high tops when I want to appear even a little less formal. They’re for weekends with friends, to clubs where the rules about attire aren’t so stiff.

I wear them with trousers that reach just above the ankles because I like to show off the star patch in the ankle.

One of the elements that make this Chuck Taylor appropriate for clubbing is the leather upper. Leather itself gives off a sense of importance.

They are found on brogues, boots, and other formal shoes. If you are wearing this it goes well with a pair of pants, preferably dark-colored pants, add a leather jacket and a flat cap to give off a

This Converse was updated with a durable outsole which is good for club dancing moves. The insole made of ortholite also allows you to enjoy a comfortable outing.

But don’t restrict yourself to my suggested styling. Sometimes let the Converse shoe get you inspired to express your own style with them.

The shoe is available on Amazon by the way, and they cost around $89.89.

Leather platform Chuck Taylor

Can I Wear Converse to a Club

Some clubs say no jeans, others say you can wear them but make them classy. For such clubs in Los Angeles, I wear these platform Converse shoes with my finest black chinos pants.

These clubs sometimes insist on wearing collar shirts with buttons so I do that. A white, starched shirt with a pair of glasses. Sometimes I wear them with brown khakis too.

Check the clubs’ website before styling to see if you can match their suggestions.

On busy nights dress codes can get even more formal around the bar so when you’re presenting yourself at the clubwear at least a formal-looking shirt that seems to take the attention off your kicks.

These Converse shoes were inspired by the iconic looks of the 90s girls’ band. The premium leather uppers give them an edgy look and the stacked outer soles give you more elevation.

The lace-up style for adjustable fit allows you to keep them on all as you dance and have a good time. Get these kicks here for $65.

Custom Chuck 70 Leather By You

Can I Wear Converse to a Club

Next in line is the Chuck Taylor unisex leather shoe I reserved for nights when I want to appear eclectic.

The guy at the door usually takes a look at my shoes, frowns, perhaps a little confused as to where to place them.

But when he sees the grey tweed jacket, my flat cap, and the overall oxford look, he figures me for some college professor out to unwind. He lets me in.

Not that he has a choice but you know how clubs go with their dress rules.

This look makes me stand out in a good way. I can sit at the bar all night and just watch the time fly by while sipping something and conversing (see what I did there?)with friends.

These shoes are however custom made so they took a long time for them to get delivered from the Converse company.

Don’t order if you need them for clubbing next weekend. I love the patchwork of colors, minimalist styling, and the severe low drop silhouette.

The embroidered detail for a lux look is what gets you into the club.

Converse actually lets you design your own Chucks. And since clubs want to see sneakers that represent some thick wallets, the $110 I got them from Converse is worth it.

Converse One Star

Can I Wear Converse to a Club

This Converse I wear when I’m staying longer in the club and hoping to stroll back home in the early hours. It features the usual padding in the collar which puts it in a class of its own.

Switch your style with these star-patched shoes with the suede uppers. They give off a hint of formality, an essential semi-business look when you style them with the right clothes. I can confidently dangle them while sitting at the bar.

These Converse shoes inspire respect. Wear them with creased slacks and buttoned-up shirts. If the club accepts jeans then you can wear these shoes with black ones, not baggy but a slick-looking pair.

The uppers are synthetic suede. The only downside with this Converse is they get stained easily so I only wear them at night.

They’re breathable so you have your comfort covered for the whole night. These are sneakers once made for basketball before they were snatched by the counterculture.

You can’t be mistaken with these vintage suede shoes. Get them here for $117.28.


So, yes, you can wear Converse shoes to the club. As I’ve noted, the important thing really is the style you bring with them.

If you have ever wondered how Converse shoes made it into the mainstream dressing, it happened because folks before us were daring. You can too. Create your own style with these iconic shoes.

Aim for a minimalist appearance, nothing too flashy. With these shoes, less is more. The less fluff you adopt in clothing style, the more classic and trendy you look in Converse shoes.


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