Can You Wear Converse to Skate?

Absolutely! You can wear a Converse shoe for skateboarding and you won’t be deprived of the good board feel, durable soles, firm grip, and amazing look you get from actual skating shoes.  

However, there are usually some complaints by many skateboarders who have tried using converse for the activity.

The concern is usually around little or no impact protection, bad traction pattern, and how quickly the sole and the shoe stitching wear out.

It is for this reason that not all converse shoes are ideal for skateboarding. After deeper research, I realize that the ideal type of converse to use for skateboarding is the “converse cons”… and “All-stars”.

Not only are they, according to the manufacturer, specifically made for skateboarding, but they also have the necessary features of ideal skateboarding shoes.

By the way, There are many variations of Converse Cons including the vulc CONs and cup sole CONs: it boils down to preference.

So, Suppose the converse shoe you are considering to use for your next skating isn’t converse cons? No hard feelings.

Generally speaking, Converse is considered one of the best shoes for skateboarding. So, let’s look at the qualities that make converse great for skating.

What qualities make Converse great for Skating?

Can You Wear Converse to Skate

Dollar to doughnuts, there is numerous benefit that makes Converse shoes a good choice for skateboarding and it outweighs the little downsides.

Below are the actual why you won’t go wrong by choosing to use converse for skating.

Good grip

As a result of the impressive traction idea used in the manufacturing of most converse shoe designs, they seem to have an excellent grip.

For instance, skateboarders need the right traction needed to skate around, that that is exactly what is offered with the rubber soles in converse shoes.

The best part is that this level of the grip allows you to make advanced moves on your skateboard without the fear of having bloopers with your shoes.

Durable Sole

If you take a look at converse soles, in comparison with actual skating shoes, you will see that there is not much difference in terms of durability that gives the footwear the bouncy feel.

It is an added advantage that Converse shoes have excellent flex, giving skateboarders the freedom to roll around in comfort. It is also an assurance that the shoe won’t fail while you perform skating tricks.

The right Arch Support

In addition to a good grip and durable soles, Converse shoes are known to offer great arch support, and that is ultimately needed when skating, running, or engaging in other sports.

When skating with Converse, the lower part of your feet and your ankles are given the proper support of the lower parts of your feet.

In this way,  there is a great tension on the balls of your feet allowing you to make jumps comfortably while wearing converse.

Cushioned Insole

The actual comfort of wearing most Converse shoes comes from the cushioned insole, and this is very much needed when skating.

The reason why you are able to wear Converse for many hours and still feel comfortable at your feet is because of the cushioned insole.

Other important qualities that make converse ideal for skating includes:


  • Stylish
  • Affordable Price
  • Variety of patterns and designs
  • Appearance

It is noteworthy that Converse shoes feature elastic straps on the outsole that further help to strengthen your ankles, allowing you to control your feet’ movements very well while skating.

Are Converse great skating shoes?  

We have mentioned that converse shoes are no wrong choice for skating, but are they great for such activities?

By this, it is implied that can you pick converse shoes as an option over actual skateboarding shoes?

Well, the reality is that, in as much as converse has some necessary features required to have an excellent skating experience, we can’t turn a blind eye on some of the loopholes like little traction of the outsole, snags, less suitability in park skating, and can be slippery.

While converse is nice consideration for skating footwear, you can’t help but put into consideration the actual design of converse to choose which plays a great role, the number of laces, ones made with leather or not, size chart, and even colors.

Converse shoes are an ideal alternative design that you can consider for skating. However, this does not interpret them to be the best-looking skate shoe that you can opt for.

In other words, Converse shoes won’t be in the purview of my recommendation if you need a pair of skate shoes for a competition, contest, or any skating event that is a big deal. Casually speaking, they are good considerations.

In the end, it’s all about choosing the right converse sneakers that will not fail you for skateboarding.

There are quite a number of them out there, but below are the four designs I can personally vouch for when it comes to performance and other qualities listed above.

4 Converse Sneakers that are excellent for Skateboarding

As mentioned earlier, there is some Converse that is made exclusively for skateboarding among which are Converse CONS that boast of superior comfort for shredding the streets.

Let’s look at some of these best converse shoes for skateboarding:

Converse Cons Louie Lopez Pro

Can You Wear Converse to Skate

Designed with a rubber sole, this particular converse features a low-top rubber-backed suede and is one of the widely known converse skate shoes.

The interesting thing about the production of this shoe is that the young icon member of the Converse CONS team skateboard, Louie Lopez, designed these skate shoes after the inspiration of the look of classic tennis shoes.

However, observing the overall shoe construction, one would notice enhancements to ensure more stability, durability, and comfort. It features a CX Foam sock liner for comfort and impact absorption.

Suppose you are looking for a great pair of skate shoes as you go out skateboarding in the group, then you won’t go wrong choosing this Louie Lopez Converse Cons.

Not only does this shoe have high performance, but many of its users also testify to the extremely durable design, which tells so much about its suitability for skating, regardless of the weather conditions.

It is available in both Black Current/Black Currant and Yellow/White/Black colors and selling for around $70 or less. Check it out online HERE.

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star

Can You Wear Converse to Skate

It is impossible to list the best converse shoes that are dedicated to skateboarding without mentioning this converse unisex chucks Taylor all-star.

Made with 100% Leather, this shoe has a durable rubber sole that gives you the bouncy feel as you make jumps and tricky moves while skateboarding.

The shaft measures approximately high-top from the arch, while the platform measures approximately 2. It is a Lace-up style and high-top sneaker design that offers the right arch support needed for skateboarding.

To ensure great cushioning, this all-star has been designed with OrthoLite insole (a trademark of O2 Partners, LLC) and Medial eyelets for airflow so that your feet don’t feel bad when you wear it for prolonged hours.

Thumbs up to the Leather upper that not only adds to the durability but also wears it an appealing look.

This Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top sneaker is iconic with its signature appeal, taking comfort to the next level.

I used to compare these with a similar pair of City Hikers that I have but I realize the latter seems to be too warm in summer given its fur lining.

These ones are great even though they don’t do a great job for extremely long walking hours. It is available in black, black leather, and black monochrome colors and will set you back for about $150 or less.

Check it out on Amazon HERE.

Converse Checkpoint Pro Ox Black

Can You Wear Converse to Skate

When you hear the calling and are ready to answer, Not the ‘calling’ in the ‘Manifest’ Movie, but that of the streets, then you know this is one of the best converse shoes you can wear while you go skateboarding.

This used to double as a great tennis shoe to wear in real competitions. But after an enhancement in design, this Checkpoint Pro returns from the archives being upgraded to suit skateboarding.

The shoe features a fully rubber-backed suede which seems to be super durable, while the CX Foam footbed has been equipped in the footwear to ensure the right impact as you jump and make moves on your skateboard.

A look at the product details shows that the shoe features archival low-top skate shoe Rubber-backed suede CX foam insole for cushioning. It also has a traction rubber sole for the board feel.

Available in black color to match most skating outfit, this shoe is relatively priced as it cost around $64 to $90. check it out on Amazon HERE.

Chuck Taylor All Star Skate Shoe

Can You Wear Converse to Skate

With the upper made from canvas, this lightweight covers shoe features an adjustable ankle that makes it easily conformable to your foot shape.

It has a unisex design as the shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from the arch.

In addition, these Ox skate shoes have molded lunarlon sock liner that makes it lightweight and the right impact cushioning and it has a snug fit and improved comfort, thanks to the gusseted tongue.

The traditional lace-up front with metallic eyelets ensures a secure fit, they are just like the originals, but even better

It is also an added advantage that insoles are removable in situations where you need to swap out your insoles for whatever reason, but you may not have any reason to since the insoles in this converse are top-notch.

This upgraded version is ideally suitable for staking and has no problem with its size and fittings. Highly recommended and you can get it for around $65 or less on Amazon HERE.

Note that the shoes recommended here are all unisex and ideal for skateboarding, which means they might not be suitable for ALL sporting activities like running, but some of them can also be worn for tennis.

Is Converse also good for longboarding?

The short answer is Yes. Converse is actually one of the top brands that produce the best shoes for longboarding among Adidas, DC, and Vans.

Some of the classic and timeless designs of Converse patronized by longboarders include the Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoe and the Chuck 70 Hi-top Shoe.

Generally speaking, Longboarding shoes are made to be super comfortable because long-distance is always a factor of consideration when manufacturing shoes for such activities.

The right shoes for longboarding should be one that won’t give blisters or cause pain in your feet.

In addition, shoes for longboarding should offer greater lateral support for your feet, and there are some Converse production lines that offer such features for stability on the board.

Aside from lateral and ankle support, the right Converse shoe for longboarding usually features flat, grippy treads that keep you glued to the board such that you don’t mistakenly slide off or lose balance.

And you probably know, Longboarders have a unique sense of fashion even down to the shoes they wear, and so, style can not be exempted from the equation.

So, while you focus on improved balance, support, and comfort, it is as important as the skill to focus on the style of the converse, when it comes to longboarding.

Final words

There is no doubt that the art of skateboarding has its own specific needs, and so does the typical skateboarder when it comes to footwear selection.

A shoe that is durable and flexible, without sacrificing lightweight and comfort is what every skateboarder looks out for. These required shoes must also feature great foot protection and impact absorption.

Among the numerous skate shoes available for purchase out there, Converse is also a great option.

As we have seen in the above article, the CONS production line boasts many shoes that offer the right comfort, durability, and style for skateboarding.


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