Are Converse Non-Marking Shoes?

Converse sneakers are non-marking shoes.

Converse is a brand that makes one of the sneakers with the best outsole-grip quality.

At times, the friction between the floor surface and the outsole of Converse leads to a squeaking sound.

The stability that comes from wearing converse sneakers is as a result of the non-marking soles.

A shoe with a non-marking sole is the reason why you can walk around on slippery floor surfaces without falling down or tripping.

In addition, the traction pattern on the surface of your outsoles is the reason for the firm grip and friction sounds you hear when you glide off the floor surface at times.

Converse sneakers are non-marking shoes because of their rubber material outsole quality with traction patterns of different sizes and patterns for a firm grip.

In addition to this, the converse brand also has platform sneakers. These sneakers offer the best non-marking sole quality out of the numerous sneakers that are produced by the converse brand.

Therefore, if you are having doubts concerning converse sneakers when it comes to their firm grip quality, then this article will bring more clarity to your mind.

Converse sneakers produce non-marking shoes predominantly.

How to identify sneakers with non-marking soles?

  • The outsoles are always very soft
  • The outsoles will not leave markings on the floor while you walk
  • The outsoles will not be black leather

The outsoles are always very soft

This is the first way to identify a sneaker with non-marking soles.

Marking soles are always very hard and stiff. Most times, you will find such soles in heavy-duty boots or steel-toe boots.

However, in sneakers, you are most likely to find non-marking soles as a major sole quality. However, the first way to know if a shoe is non-marking is to check the sole texture.

If the sole texture is soft, then, the sole is non-marking. I have done this severally to check the outsoles of my sneakers.

From my experiments, most sneakers have non-marking soles. Soft outsoles are very good and friendly to the floor surface.

The outsoles will not leave markings on the floor while you walk

This is another way to discover if your sneaker has non-marking soles or not.

The moment you realize that your sneaker always leaves black markings on the floor whenever you walk or glide around in them, then your sneaker has marking soles.

Marking soles are not healthy to walk around with. The reason for this is because of how much damage they make to the floor surface.

Most times, it is always very hard to eliminate the marks that come from marking soles.

Especially when this mark is heavy and drawn as a result of much pressure application from walking.

Therefore, before you buy any sneaker, you have to check if the soles are non-marking. I will be talking about the different ways to test this briefly.

However, this is the 2nd way to check if your sneakers have non-marking soles.

The outsoles will not be black leather

Generally, black outsoles are known to leave black stains on the floor whenever you walk around in them.

This is why a lot of people believe that your converse must not have black soles.

Because of the effect of black outsoles on the floor surfaces, it has been assumed that marking soles are always in black color.

This is not totally correct. I can say this because I have used my black converse sneaker for 2 years now and it has never left a black mark across my floor tiles.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you take your black-soled sneaker through the test before you can assume if it is a marking sole or not.

However, the probability is high if the color of your converse’s outsoles is black.

Take your sneakers through the following test to see if they have to mark soles or not:

Hold a piece of paper and place it on the floor

A very hard floor surface is preferable. Once you have done this, hold your sneaker and place it on the surface of the white paper firmly. You don’t want to do this without a paper.

The reason for this is that, if you do this test without paper, your floor surface might be damaged as a result of the markings that will be left on the floor (if your sneaker comes out as marking).

Therefore, make sure to use white paper. Hold your sneaker firmly on the surface of the white paper and then remove it.

The moment you see any mark or drawing on the surface of the paper, then it means that your sneaker has marking soles.

It takes a level of stiffness for marks to appear on the hard floor surface. This type of thickness can only be found in marking soles.

The second test is just like the first

All you have to do is simply rub the sole of your sneaker against the white paper. The moment there is a scuff mark, then your sneaker has marking soles.

A non-marking sole should leave scuff marks when it rubs against any surface. It has a flexible and fragile sole quality.

FAQs on marking shoes and soles

Are ASICS shoes non-marking?

ASICS shoes are non-marking shoes.

The outsoles of ASICS are very soft. The outsoles of ASICS are thin-layered and fragile.

You can walk comfortably in ASICS shoes and the floor surface will not have to suffer for it.

From my experience with the ASICS men’s GT 2000 sneaker brought about this conclusion.

Walking around in the ASICS men’s GT 2000 sneaker has never been difficult because of how light the outsoles are.

In addition to this, you will never see any scuff marks on the floor surface when you walk around with this brand of sneaker.

ASICS makes shoes for indoor sporting activities like basketball, etc. therefore; they take into account the outsole quality.

It will be ugly to see black marks or deeply ingrained patterns all across the floor of the court. ASICS makes non-marking shoes.

They are also comfortable. Therefore, you should try this brand out. If you have been looking for a brand of sneakers that makes non-marking soles, then this is one of such brands.

Are ADIDAS tennis shoes non-marking?

Adidas tennis shoes make non-marking shoes.

The reason why this brand makes such shoes is for athletic and sporting activities.

I have noticed something about marking shoes. They are a little heavier than non-marking shoes. Therefore, this is why Adidas makes all their tennis shoes non-marking.

It will make their brand an easy pick for athletes because of the lightweight and flexible sole quality that comes with their brand of tennis shoes.

The Adidas Unisex-Adult Adizero Ubersonic 3 w Tennis Shoe is an example of the numerous non-marking shoe that is made by the Adidas brand.

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to wearing Adidas tennis shoes.

Is NIKE Pegasus non-marking?

My NIKE pegasus has always been my go-to sneakers whenever I want to take a chill out.

The outsoles are very soft and cushioned. The outsoles of this amazing sneaker are rubber material with a thin layer.

The traction patterns are not rigid and stiff. The traction patterns give you a firm grip but do not eat too deep into the floor surface.

It provides just enough grip for you to walk around with stability. Nike Pegasus is non-marking.

Is PUMA shoe non-marking?

Puma shoes are non-marking shoes. This brand of sneaker makes one of the best sneakers for indoor sports.

One of the trademarks of the PUMA brand is seen in its well-constructed outsole quality.

Puma has non-marking soles, which are suitable for a proper volleyball game, badminton game, basketball, and other indoor activities.

You can rock your puma sneaker outside as well. The outsoles are durable enough to withstand the pressure that comes from walking outside.

Are VANS non-marking shoes?

VANS have non-marking soles. Vans uses strong rubber material to make its outsoles.

However, the brand still ensures that stiffness and rigidity are not overbearing. Vans is predominantly known to be a skating shoe.

Therefore, the outsoles are always stiff and rigid. However, they do not leave scuff marks on hard floor surfaces.

Whenever you wear Vans, you are going to enjoy the strength and motion control that comes with the outsoles.

Additionally, you are going to enjoy the cushioning and flexible features of its outsoles as well.

Vans make non-marking shoes.


Non-marking shoes are the best shoes to wear for indoor activities. Actually, if you want to preserve your floor surface, then you should ensure not to wear marking shoes frequently.

Sneakers are the best shoes to wear for indoor activities while boots are the best for outdoor activities.

This article has answered all the questions you have about marking and non-marking shoes.

With the recommended tests above, you will never be caught unawares when it comes to determining the sole structure of your sneaker.

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