10 Fitville Shoes Complaints (and Solutions)

You might be needing nice pairs of shoes for your wide foot or probably to have a pleasant running experience, then Fitville shoes are your reliable companion.

They are not only going to fit just fine on you, but they are also stylish so you don’t have to worry about looking shabby.

You might want to get right into the complaints and all those negative reviews about Fitville shoes. But it will also interest you to know about this brand of shoes, to get a proper intro on them.

Fitville shoes are super cool footwear, ideal for functions like running, walking, and just random day-to-day activities.

They are available for both men and women and, are carefully made to tackle certain foot problems like Bunion, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes, etc.

They are known for their spacious foot width, light weighted and stylish visual appeal, all designed to give you the best experience.

Fitville shoes (like this one on Amazon) are made from fabric upper material and synthetic outsoles, with breathable mesh and a wide toe box.

The high-instep design is infused to provide an easy wearing of the shoes, without having to bend down.

Let’s get to my list of 10 Fitville Complaints and solutions

Over the years, there has been an influx of complaints and various forms of dissatisfactory notes from customers on footwear products from the Fitville brand, emphasis being on their shoes.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that negative reviews in the form of complaints are not good for sales to thrive and can also dent the brand’s image.

This article provides a list of 10 Fitville shoe complaints, for over 5 years and possible solutions to them.

Misrepresentation of Products

A thorough review analysis and testimony statements from customers and buyers of these shoes show a wide range of disappointment and dismay.

You will notice the difference in the appearance of the products that were delivered, contrary to what you saw on the website before ordering the pair of shoes.

These occurrences have caused a level of distrust in the customers and as such have been stated severally as a complaint.

Oftentimes, the shoes get resemble nothing like the one displayed for sale, therefore leaving you to wonder if you viewed the product correctly before placing an order.


  • The company or brand should be an inclusion of proper information about the products on the brand’s official website. This could be done in the form of loading up clearer images and precise descriptive notes. It will help to redress the issue of misrepresentation and misinformation on products.
  • Similarly, customers should endeavor to take a thorough look and observation around the page which shows the particular pair they want to order. Taking a glance without proper scrutiny will still leave you ordering a product that does not satisfy your need.

The disparity in Shoe sizes:

Moving on, it will also be a sad story for you to pick a pair of shoes you ordered online, only to discover that they are not your size.

As disheartening as it sounds, this is one of the various complaints lodged against the Fitville shoes, by unhappy customers.

To buttress this, there has been a constant practice of ordering a size-up shoe among customers, to avert the purchase of an undersized shoe.

Why go through all this stress, when you can just order your size and be assured of getting them right. The same practice is also being used to escape buying an oversized shoe.


  • Tackling this problem or trying to provide a solution to this problem is not hard, I think it lies with the manufacturers. There should be a proper foot measurement by the company before producing these shoes, doing a production test can also help.
  • Secondly, the various vendors online should also imbibe the act of properly inspecting these shoes, and taking note of their properties before putting them up for sale. With this in place, customers can now order the right size without having to send them back.

Cheap and Substandard Materials

Just like any other complaint in this article, the issue of purchasing a very pocket-friendly pair of shoes, only to find out that the insole is not comfortable and irritates your foot is not left out on this list.

It’s no doubt, that the collection of shoes from Fitville can be purchased without you having to break the bank. But, there’s an uprising about them not living up to the expectation of maximum comfort.

Complaints have suggested that there’s little to no cushioning effect on the insole, which adds comfort and balancing. There are even cases where the shoe tongue is pulled off, as seen in the image below.


The solution here should be the addition of more cushioning on the insole. And this can be done by using a foam padded insole, instead of the previously used one.

This will certainly increase cushioning and even act as a shock absorber too.

Expensive and Unfavourable Return Policy

After making a wrong purchase or getting what you didn’t order, you would want to return the order and possibly get a refund or replacement.

But this doesn’t go so smoothly with shoes from Fitville, because of the incessant cost of returning them.

Studies have shown that people in the UK and US find it difficult to execute this because of the distance and cost of covering shipping expenses.

You might end up spending $90 for a shoe that costs $40, even though it wasn’t your size.


In a bid to solve this issue, the responsibility is as much the customers’, as it is to the company or brand.

While the customers should focus on being more proactive, in making the right decisions on issues bordering on size, model, or color; the company should also start tightening all loose ends.

To do this, there should be a new customer review about the return policy and the establishment of physical offices in places of great interest like the UK and the US.

Unfitting Wide Toe Box for Narrow Feet

The Fitville name is a renowned brand in the field of producing shoes with wider toe box width. This is presented as an act to make the shoes, spacious and comfortable.

You can experience this but if you have narrow feet, then the reverse becomes the case.

Since the shoes are specially made to tackle some feet medical conditions, if you happen to have Bunion on narrow feet and seek redress using these shoes, you might not get what you want.

Therefore, this particular complaint has left so many narrow feet customers frustrated as they cannot make use of what they have ordered and cannot also return it, due to the return policy.


  • The makers of Fitville shoes should consider people with narrow feet when producing these shoes. They can come up with a special shoe model, which captures their problem and at the same time achieve its purpose just like others.

Zero Slip and Water Resistance

This is not a capital offense, but it’s certainly a case for some customers or patrons of this brand. This very complaint centers on the absence of the anti-skid and waterproof features of footwear.

As disclosed by some grieved customers, these shoes by Fitvile do not have these functions and as such can lead to falls, in the case of non-slip functions or it can result in having wet or cold feet after you take a long walk on the lawn beside your house.


  • While there’s a need to include an anti-skid function in these shoes, to avoid bathroom or kitchen falls in aged people, there’s also a need to make these shoes water-resistant. To ensure you have warm feet, a waterproof lining should be added to the shoes’ fabric material.

Out of Vogue Design

There is this notion that shoes from Fitville are not made with trendy designs, which at least compliment a person’s fashion sense.

The designs present for the last 5 years of production, are either still in place or have been recycled but are not still satisfying the customer’s quest to look trendy, while still trying to correct that feet problem.

These leave shoes out of vogue and not desirable exempting the recommendation of a doctor, for your foot’s condition.


  • New designs should be infused in the creation and production of these shoes. It does not only make them look stylish, but also gives rise to new patronage and equally gives the brand a chance to match up to the competition in the market.
  • Before the company starts to make new designs, it should endeavor to make market research and survey. With that, they can discover the current trend in the market and then make every effort to create designs that can break into the already competitive market with ease.

Low Durability Rate

In addition to the already stated complaints in this article, durability has been cited as having a lower rate in the shoes from the desk of Fitville.

You can imagine a scenario of purchasing a pair from the brand and the heel part of the sole starts to pull off just in time to mark its 4th month.

This has been the experience of so many people who have been left with the doubt about trusting the durability of these shoes.

It will be a sad experience for you since you are probably expecting a longer usage period.


  • Firstly, there should be a proper guideline in the maintenance of these shoes, because sometimes the fault for not being durable lies on the person making use of the product. If you do not the knowledge of how to take care of these shoes after wearing them, there’s a possibility that the scenario we tried to establish in the first paragraph becomes inevitable.
  • Again, there should be an increase in quality materials and production process, to make these shoes more durable and enjoyable.

Slow or No Delivery after Payment

Furthermore, there is an occurrence of no delivery at all after ordering the shoes and even making payments to procure them. Also, efforts to get a proper explanation from the customer care service only make matters worse.

There have been cases where customer care will tell you that your order is being shipped to you from Germany and will get to you in due time, but this never happens.

Similarly, there’s also a case of slow delivery from the company or online outlets, resulting in disappointment and vent in the customers who have already pulled out their credit cards to make payments


  • The Fitville brand and other vendor outlets on the internet should endeavor to make it a task, to deliver ordered goods to the buyers and equally do so on time.
  • Branches of the Fitville shoe company should be set up in strategic places around the world, which will foster easy delivery to people all around the world.

Little or No Refund

For cases of getting non-compatible shoe size, while you ordered for a different thing, there are complaints of no refund and even slow customer care service.

After trying to get across to customer care for a refund, another problem faced becomes that you will have to stay for months before eventually getting your refund.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even come; other times you stand a chance of even forgetting about it, having waited for so long to get a refund.

This comes after you have returned the shoes at your own expense, having paid more than you even bought them. This creates a feeling of disgust and should be treated as a matter of urgency.


  • To minimize this to the barest minimum, the Fitville brand should enact new return fees and also try as much as possible to make refunds to customers who have returned their shoes in good faith.


The problems surrounding the purchase, use, and delivery of shoes from the Fitville brand, are relatively something that can be resolved by both the company and the individual also.

Regardless of the quality of a shoe, if it’s not properly taken care of, it will not last long. So there’s a need by the customers to make sure that the right maintenance practice is put in place.

Similarly, the brand itself has the responsibility of ensuring a nice customer experience, by granting easy and quick customer care services.

They are also faced with the challenge of making timely deliveries and refunds, to retain the standard attached to their brand name.

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  1. My name is John C. from Ellenwood, GA. I purchased a pair of men walking shoes, as I am
    an avid walker. I waited about two-three weeks to receive the shoes. I received the shoes on July 8, 2023 and after taking one look at them, I knew they were too tight and sent Fitville support an email on July 9, 2023 asking for “return instructions”. My order number is “115832”. I didn’t receive a response, so I sent another email on July 17, 2023. A couple of days later, I had not received a reply, so I sent yet another email. My time is invaluable. I have a “special needs son” and a daughter, a part-time job, and a beautiful home that I love making repairs and doing anything to keep beautiful. Needless to say, I would NEVER buy anything from this company again and wish that I could warn most customer who expect a good experience, like I did, to stay away.


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