18 Ways to Style Birkenstock With Dresses (in 2022)

Have you ever felt the joy of wearing a footwear brand that is classic, super comfortable, and high quality?

This feeling is common among the millions of Birkenstock fashionistas. Birkenstock is an extremely popular German footwear brand world over.

They’ve been designing and manufacturing various footwear models for more than “two and a half centuries”, dating back to 1774.

Yes, so much experience in this, little wonder that makes some of the finest shoes, sandals, and clothing accessories for men, women, and kids.

The most popular of Birkenstock fashion ways is their sandals.

When it comes to Birkenstock sandals, all you see is a classic, iconic, quality, and durable piece of fashion that is definitely worth the price.

Although breaking in a Birkenstock might take a week, once it breaks in the comfort these sandals are out it this world.

Most Birkenstock’s footbed is made of jute, natural latex, natural cork, and suede. The upper strap of Birkenstock cans is usually made of real leather and some models are made with durable waterproof rubber straps.

These sandals are known for their arch support and sturdy design, allowing anyone to feel comfortable and secure while bracing the street in them.

In this article, we are going to be looking at 19 sassy ideas for styling your Birkenstock sandals with the dress.

As we explore these style ideas, bookmark this page. After reading this article, you would never go out of Birkenstock with dress style ideas.

Ready? Then let the cameras roll!

Amazing ways to Style Birkenstock Sandals with Dress

Rocking your Arizona with a colorful dress

Birkenstock With Dresses

 styling Birkenstock with a colorful dress

Look how beautifully simple that Birkenstock sandal blended with the colorful dress. This styling is perfect for summer.

The magic sandal right there is the Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Eva Sandal.

Going Bossy and Cool with your Big Buckle Sandal

Birkenstock With Dresses

Woman styling Birkenstock sandal with a short suit

Wanna look bold and cool at the same time on a sandal? Then a short suite gown and a Birkenstock big buckles sandal should do up your fashion game.

Great choice outfit combo for party and dating nights.

Shine Bright like a Diamond (or silver)

Birkenstock With Dresses

Woman styling Birkenstock all white and white

Want a style that makes you stand out in the crowd and glow. Then you can go with a minimal silver accessories long sleeve dress, jogger pants, and Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flo white sandals.

Drawing the crowd’s attention has never been easier. The outfit is great for parties and red carpets.

On the go Outfit with your Mule Open Toe Sandal

Birkenstock With Dresses

styling Birkenstock sandals with a jumpsuit dress

It looks simple and mature to you. Then your might like to style your black Birkenstock with a black sleeveless top and navy pants trousers.

This radiates the classic laconic and bold summer work look. Great for work, site seeing, or just shopping. Suitable for summer.

Look Corporately Casual with the Mule

Birkenstock With Dresses

You can style Birkenstock with corporate dress

Can having a corporate casual look on Birkenstock be a great style? Well, the picture above has said it all.

A pastel blazer on a white chiffon long sleeve and pastel color trousers, on a white Birkenstock women’s mule sandal, is a great combo.

This sassy style is great for work and interviews as well as corporate parties and get-togethers.

The Happy Outfit

Birkenstock With Dresses

Happy woman styling Birkenstock with flair skirt and crop top

You can look jovial and social with this happy styling. Skimpy round neck polo and spotted high waist long skirt on a brown Birkenstock sandal.

Just think of picnics, going to the movies, or hitchhiking party rides. Anything for a happy woman and styling just makes sense.

The Pop Celeb Styling

Birkenstock With Dresses

Music celebrity rocking her drip with her Birkenstock sandals

Want to get the celebrity fashionista out of you? Then this breezy is calling you!

A crop top polo and a denim jacket on dressed-down baggy trousers to go with the fully Birkenstock sandal. Great for traveling, partying out, and celebrity. lifestyle highlights.

Birkenstock women Arizona shearling-lined sandal

Going Pinky

Birkenstock With Dresses

Pink hair, pink Birkenstock sandals, layer gown, and jean jacket

How about being a pinky chic for a while. A white short layer gown under a jean jacket to a pink Birkenstock sandal.

This outfit is cool for your next round of coffee trips. Yes! Talking about attractive outfits.

The Neighborhood Man Style

Birkenstock With Dresses

Man in long sleeve, shorts, and Birkenstock sandals

Oh, you think styling outfits with Birkenstock sandals are only for women?

This dude right here is dripping an army green long sleeve polo, and jean shorts with a color to match. Then he crowns it all with a grey Birkenstock sandal.

Super outfit dope for sightseeing, watching sports, picking your kids from school, or simply visiting your favorite barber.

Charming handsome guy figure in Black

Birkenstock With Dresses

Man in a t-shirt, men’s trousers, and black Birkenstock sandals

Another dope style for men. Just how cool is this style? A black t-shirt on off-white pant trousers matching it with a black mule Birkenstock sandal.

What other outfit do you need to woo that girl of your dream? Make ladies fall for you with this dress. Also, a great choice for techies, when you add that sassy laptop bag.

Bright Lady Styling in the Gizeh Birkenstock

Birkenstock With Dresses

Woman in loose t-shirt, denim jeans, and red Gizeh Birkenstock

A walk in the sun? The alluring style on Birkenstock will keep you comfortable and confident all day. A loose T-Shirt and Denim jeans, to match with her Birkenstock sandals.

What more do you need to guarantee a lovely day. Super awesome outfit for day walks, shopping, picking your kids from school, or just hanging out with close friends.

Slaying with Mono Color Dresses

Birkenstock With Dresses

Single color pink jean top, pink jean short and silver Birkenstock

If going with one color dress is your style for the day, you can go on with the fun by pairing a red bucket cap, pink jacket, and pink skirt on a silver Birkenstock sandal.

Great outfit for parties, music concerts, night outs, photoshoots, and more.

So iconic!

The Confident Woman

Birkenstock With Dresses

Celebrity in a red top, trousers, and brown Birkenstock with socks.

Wanna try this Kendall Jenna Birkenstock styling? Then you are out for a celebrity drip.

A wine long sleeve sweater top, straight-cut baggy trousers with socks in a brown Birkenstock sandal.

This is a no-nonsense friendly look, for talking to the press or public interviews.

Casual, yet powerful. There is no discomfort in the Birkenstock sandals, you can now focus on what matters.

Other Birkenstocks Styles To Check Out:

Birkenstocks with Socks

Birkenstock With Dresses

Whether it’s denim jeans or shorts or just a gown, you can embrace wearing Birkenstocks sandals with socks.

Birkenstocks with socks are a classic combo in its history, mainly for men though.

However, it’s now tending among women too. Very stylish and pretty. Check this out…

Woman in sweatshirt, leggings, and white Birkenstock with socks

Cool right? The socks added an alluring effect to the style. so unique. She looks like a celeb. She might be one!

The Charming Office Guy

Birkenstock With Dresses

Man in a complete navy blue suit, white shirt, Birkenstock sandals with colorful socks

And have we said that you could wear Birkenstocks with corporate wear to the office? See, a combination of Navy Blue Suit and inner white shirts with a Birkenstock sandal as well as socks to match.

This guy right here is killing it! You can try this style too. Very friendly and charming style.

Dope Office Girl

Birkenstock With Dresses

A woman in a complete green suit, bucket hat, and Birkenstock sandals

Men are the only ones that can dunk Birkenstock sandals with a suit. Women are also welcomed to the gang.

Look at that, this woman is wearing a complete green suit white shirt, and bucket hats. Then doping it all with the classic Arizona Birkenstock sandals.

Lifestyle Girl

Birkenstock With Dresses

A lady in wonder woman bra, loose boxer, and white Birkenstock

Are you the lifestyle girl? Planning for the beach party, then this dress might just be what you would want to go with.

A wonder woman bra and a loose boxer to match, under an oversized shirt, then crown it all with a white Birkenstock.

Great outfit for beach parties, yacht hangouts, and visiting friends.

Travel Style

Birkenstock With Dresses

There are other amazing ways to style your white Birkenstock with dresses. Our lady in the image above is putting on a turtle neck polo, blue jeans, a hat to match the turtle neck, then the white Birkenstock.

This outfit is made for travel, winter seasons, and hitchhiking.

You can be creative and unique in what you wear with Birkenstock dresses

This other one is a casual neighborhood styling. An oversized t-shirt under another oversized folded sleeves shirt with a colorful legging. The Birkenstocks. Great for local outings, your style to protest your rights too.

Talking about creativity and unicity.


Customers have come to know Birkenstock sandals to provide comfort and simplicity. This is because of the premium materials they were made with.

As you have seen from the style list, some of these quality materials include suede nubucks, non-leather, leather sandals, shock-absorbing soles, high-quality leather, and uniquely contoured footbed.

We’ve looked at various Birkenstocks, but I want you to know that  Birkenstock sandals, regardless of the color, match various kinds of outfits.

They are super stylish, classic, and overall high quality in nature.

Happy Birkenstock Styling.


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