Oncai vs Birkenstock: Which Is Better?

If you are faced with the “Oncai vs Birkenstock” comparison and do not know which to go for, then this article is for you.

The difference between Oncai and Birkenstock is that Oncai uses leather, and other times, artificial leather, with rubber outsoles for their shoes.

There is a material inconsistency here. It boils down to a customer’s preferred iteration.

Meanwhile, Birkenstocks uses an expensive and high-quality natural cork for its shoe design. The substance comes from punching the leftover scraps from wine corks.

Originally, this cork is derived from the bark of the cork oak. It is durable and foot-friendly.

People often make the Oncai vs Birkenstock analysis to offer a clearer idea of the features and longevity of both brands.

While there are different takes on this said topic, this article will offer you a clear picture of both so you can make your choice according to how each suits your unique needs.

Let’s see more about these two brands.

Which is better?

Oncai is better because it is more durable, and has better construction and size consistency.

1. Enclosed width

Oncai is better because it has a better fit whereas Birkenstock has an enclosed footbed width.

All the good features of a shoe become futile to foot needs of the said she end up having a “not-so-good” fitting.

And this has recently been the case with Birkenstock. Most customers prefer the old Birkenstock regular width.

2. Size inconsistency

Birkenstock is not consistent with its size. Probably because the brand has sold a good part of its shares to a certain equity firm.

Customers have complained that their regular Birkenstock sizes have become ridiculously too small. As such, they size up most times.

Oncai vs Birkenstock: Comparison

1. First glance

(a). Birkenstock

Oncai vs Birkenstock

At the first glance of Birkenstock, you get attracted to it first for its fine look drawn from its pattern and hue. The shoe comes with a nice arch support-inclined contoured cork footbed.

This has been its signature feature. It is pretty cool to behold.

Many times, Birkenstock has appeared in the world fashion festival with many judges, where several designers gave their spin on the shoe.

It has great aesthetics. Save for its recent narrow design, it would have been one of the preferred brands as most of its features meet many customers’ foot needs.

(b). Oncai

Oncai vs Birkenstock

If you want to see one of the finest and most stylish footwear and the beauty of a textured material that is morphed into a shoe, then Oncai becomes the go-to guy.

Oncai has artificial leather outside and a soft cotton layer on the inside. The toe area is molded to allow for a grip design. Oncai is very fashionable and classic.

It is true that before one gets to know the qualities that a shoe has to offer, the shoe’s appearance is what lures one to check it out. And in this regard, Oncai has been great.

2. Material

(a). Birkenstock

The material used for Birkenstock is the natural cork that is obtained from the bark of the cork oak.

This cork consists of thin and dead wall cells that are air-filled. Cork now has growing popularity because of its extraordinary properties – great elasticity, excellent cushioning, and great insulation against moisture, cold, and heat.

One great thing about cork is that it hardly wears out. This material also has water-repellent properties. It is soft and soothing to the foot and results in a good user experience.

Since the discovery that grains from the leftover wine corks could be used, it has been a new inroad and evolution into the world of footwear.

(b). Oncai

Oncai shoes are made with both faux and original leather. The shoe iteration decides what type of material is to be used. Both are great and durable.

They last relatively longer than most orthodox shoe materials as these material types are obtained from both animal hide and synthetic materials.

Not only are the synthetic and original leather comforting to the feet, but they also tick the boxes of easy tear and wear resistance, breathability, moisture-wicking, and resistance to scratch.

3. Construction

(a). Oncai

The construction of Oncai strictly takes foot gain into consideration. The outsole is roughened to have a good dose of traction just so there is zero skid possibility.

The toe areas are spacious, but not large. Oncai is big on cushioning and arch support too. The welt and vamp make a nice syncing to keep the feet in good shape.

Oncai indeed has good construction. Since the company was established in 2010, it has received a lot of good feedback from customers.

Its pursuit of innovative and good fashion trends and its ardent commitment to bringing happiness and comfort to customers has thus brought it this far.

One thing to note. As regards construction, Oncai is not taking the back seat to relent anytime soon.

(b). Birkenstock

The construction of Birkenstock is great. Here are more details; the shoes from this brand have thick soles, which has somehow affected the mobility of the user, but on the brighter side, it helps for food balance and gait improvement.

Another thing that is more worthy about the construction of Birkenstock is the fact that the heel and toe areas are structured to align in a way that sets your arch on the go while simultaneously allowing for cushioning.

A better construction is the type that can help one to walk with ease while making provision for basic foot needs. Birkenstock, to a good extent, is good in this regard.

4. Size/fit

(a). Birkenstock

Birkenstock is not true to size. It has size inconsistency. This has made some of its customers size up during purchase so they do not end up with a shoe that would compress their feet like minced meat and vegetables in the middle of a burger.

The fitting of Birkenstock is altered because of the enclosed footbed width. However, the shoe has a great and balanced upper, the shoe collars are nice too as it strengthens the rear of the shoe.

The heel counter is great with heel support, whilst it also has a good shank that adds energy to every step you take.

(b). Oncai

Oncai on the other hand is true to size and very consistent at that. Oncai has just a moderate level of arch support and is not very snug. Its fitting stands between snug and relaxed.

Oncai has an ingenious concave design type of fitting – a show of brilliance and the best of excellent craftsmanship.

Oncai usually comes with an insole that adds to foot balance and the elevation of the footbed.

It is not very thick nor too light. It is just moderate enough to add to the shoe’s overall fitting and outwitted with anatomical support.

5. Maintenance

There is not much difficulty as regards the maintenance of both shoes. You should know when to simply clean them and when to wash them. It boils down to your tolerance for dirt. However, do not wash them often.

While you may want to wash them with a machine, hand washing is better.

Also, do not expose them to the rays of direct sunlight. Air-dry them, this is the ideal way to make them last longer.

Aside from material quality that adds to the longevity of a shoe, maintenance adds to shoes’ durability too.

6. Prize

Surprisingly, Birkenstock is pricier than Oncai. You can get regular Oncai shoes for $28 while a regular Birkenstock sells for as high as $34.

Although there are other Oncai that sell for as low as $25 too and Birkenstock that sells for $30 too.

It boils down to the shoe modes and what rare feature it is equipped with. All of these are determining factors.

Are there any similarities between them?

Yes, there is. Although there are not many similarities between Oncai and Birkenstock. However, it is worthy to note that they share almost the same comfort level.

The soft cork material from which Birkenstock shoes are made, and the leather used for Oncai shoes make them comfortable.

Their soles are featured to drive balance and bring about gait improvement.

Verdict: Personal Opinion

I will choose Oncai because it satisfies more foot needs, lasts relatively longer with a better fitting, and is cheaper.

The first thing to consider when making a shoe choice decision is material type, foot-friendliness, and price. The fact that Oncai is bigger in all of this makes it the capacitively ideal choice. 

If there were other options to pick from and that option suffices more in key areas, then they would have been the pick.


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