What Is the Difference Between Birkenstock Soft Footbed and Regular

So, what are the differences between Birkenstock soft footbed and regular footbed.

Cushion It is more cushioned It has less cushion, it has just the cork
Material Quality It is made of a suede layer, jute layer, and the memory foam It is made of cork layer, contour, and the suede liner
Comfort levels It offers quick comfort It mimics footprint
Extra padding It is padded with shaped foam for comfort i.e the box comfort Needs to break in for comfort
Arch Support It is the best for people with a low arch It is suitable for people with a low and high arch
Break-in time It takes a long time to mold the feet It molds the feet as soon as it breaks in
Comfort time Its amount of comfort depends on when it molds the feet thereby offering a short term comfort It amount of comfort depends on how fast it breaks in thereby offering a long term comfort
Footbed layer It has a soft and shallow layer Its layer is very defined and hard

Let’s get into the review of the differences

Birkenstock soft footbed has softer bed than the regular one

Difference Between Birkenstock Soft Footbed and Regular
Birkenstock Unisex, Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

The layer of the soft-footbed is very soft and shallow, not as hard as the regular footbed which is pretty comfortable.

Meanwhile, the regular footbed is quite hard and defined, it has a full cork and no padding which might hurt the feet. It has a parting that is painful to walk on.

Soft footbed has more cushioning than the regular one

The soft footbed has a cushier nature which allows your feet to expand more. It has an extra layer of cushioning, this helps to soften the impact of hard surfaces and natural flex.

It features an extremely high degree of rebound capacity that gives room for cushioning that would last long. An example of this soft footbed is the Arizona soft footbed sandal (GET IT ON AMAZON).

Meanwhile, the Regular footbed has less cushion. It is harder and not so soft as the soft-footbed. An example of this is the Birkenstock Gizeh footbed sandal (on Amazon).

The soft footbed is fully padded with a shaped foam inlay that contains millions of tiny air bubbles and helps to give maximum comfort to the feet. It offers an “out of the box” comfort.

Whereas, the Regular footbed needs to be broken in for it to offer comfort. It begins to mold your feet, match their shape and provide enough support. The Regular footbed takes about 2 to 3 weeks or even a longer time to break in, but once it is broken in it gives the best comfort.

Regular footbed is made of cork while soft footbed is made of memory foam

Birkenstock Gizeh with the Regular Footbed

The Regular footbed is made of cork, this provides exceptional support to the feet. It comprises the top layer which is made of suede, the suede liner is brought down by the feet to conform properly.

It has the cork layer beneath the Suede layer which compresses the footbed to the foot and underneath the suede layer is the Contour layer alongside the deep heel cup.

However, for the soft-footbed, in between the suede layer and the jute layer is the memory foam layer.

The inspiration behind the Regular footbed is to mimic footprint on sand. People often buy it because they like to see a replica of their footprint while they walk in the sand.

However, the soft footbed was provided for those that prefer “out of the box” comfort” rather than break in comfort.

Soft footbed is great for low arch while the regular footbed is suitable for low and high arch people

The soft footbed is great only for those with a low arch that has not fallen as it gives more balance to the feet. It is suitable for people that do a lot of walking. So, if you have a low arch and are always on your feet, then the soft footbed is perfect for you.

Meanwhile, the Regular footbed is great for both people with a low arch and high arch, this is because people with a high arch need maximum support as well as those with a low arch.

Regular footbed take a longer break-in time

The soft footbed takes a long time to properly mold the feet. Due to its memory foam and the fact that it is comfortable right from the box, it can not mold your feet as quickly as you want.

Meanwhile, the Regular may take time to break in and adjust to the feet but once this happens, it gives the feet maximum support and matches your foot shape immediately.

Due to the fact that the Regular footbed is broken in by you, it tends to fit your feet perfectly, giving you just the right amount of long-term comfort. This is because right from the day it is bought, it starts to break in as you wear it.

Meanwhile, the soft footbed would take some time to properly adjust and mold your feet shape which can lead to a longer comfort because it conforms to your exact feet shape, though it has an “out of the box” comfort.

Birks with softer footbeds have more designs than the regular footbeds

The soft footbed has way more styles and designs than the regular footbed, it comes in sandals style, closed toes styles, low ankle boot styles, and even some that have a different bottom.

This is because, people feel the soft footbed soft and cute with different styles and would have a hard time going back and forth between the regular and the soft, so they stick to the one which is very much available.

Research has shown that most Birkenstocks sandals are in the soft footbed and not in the regular footbed.

Birks with soft footbeds are generally more popular

People have generally accepted the soft-footbed, making the regular footbed less popular. In the fashion world, only the trending and latest designs make good sales, they sell better and get more popular.

Knowing that the public loves the soft-footbed, Birkenstock produces more sandals in the soft-footbed form. This act has made the regular footbed not so popular.

The regular footbed offers a long-term comfort than the soft-footbed

This is due to the fact that once you get a new Birkenstock sandal in the regular footbed and you break them in, your feet immediately feel in the right position and feel comfortable.

When you get a new Birkenstock in the soft footbed, it will not be comfortable until you pack down the memory foam. While wearing the regular footbed you would notice that your sandals have started to form the shape of your feet, thereby making your feet balanced in the sandals.

Why it is important to know these distinctions between soft and regular footbeds

Birkenstock has two main footbeds; the soft footbed and the regular. They are almost the same, the main difference is that the soft footbed has a layer of padding that makes it softer than the regular.

It is very important to know the differences between the soft footbed and the regular footbed so as to be able to spot which footbed would best be suitable for you. Knowing these differences would enable you to decide on which footbed seems perfect for your feet.

With the knowledge of these differences, readers can decide whether to go with the footbed that comes with comfort straight from the box or the footbed that needs to be broken in to fit perfectly for comfort.

It is also important to know these differences so as to know what each footbed entails especially when you need to purchase them.


Our feet require maximum support, optimum comfort, and good foot health. Birkenstock footbed features a quality arch support, a deep heel cup, and enough room for the toes.

These features help to give good balance and improve proper posture especially when walking, standing, or even running. The Birkenstock footbed provides a healthy walking environment for your feet.

Birkenstock offers good foot health, it is perfect for those with Plantar Fasciitis or Morton’s neuroma, or if you’ve been having a tough time being on your feet with regular shoes.

People who have worn Birkenstock for a long time, reports that the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they tend to become.

They were built to last because of the type of material used in building it and their construction method. They also provide extra support to the feet and are quite pricey.

Birkenstock has the Regular footbed and the soft footbed. These footbeds have layers like the suede liner, the cork, the jute, the contour. Both the Regular footbed and the soft footbed have the same construction but little differences that separate them from each other.

The regular takes a long time to break in, meanwhile, the soft footbed takes a longer time. Though the soft footbed is very much comfortable as it comes comfortable right from inside the box.


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