How Long Should Birkenstock Last?

Some of my friends who bought the Birkenstock 5 years ago are still using theirs while a couple of others who did not maintain their Birkenstocks well had to abandon it after two years.

The life of a Birkenstock flip flop varies from one person to another. However, if used and cared for properly, your Birkenstocks should last for 4 to 5 years.

With the right usage conditions and techniques, it is highly possible that your Birkenstock would last forever. Quite a tall order, right? I have some of my friends who gave their Birkenstocks out after years of use.

You heard that right!

FOREVER. On the other hand, until you give it out or get tired of it.

Let me tell you a story. My dad gave me a Birkenstock sandal he has been using for almost 12 years now. What amazes me is the fact that the soles are still very strong and the leather material is still of high quality.

Although the colors are faded and every print on it is gone. This simple sight made me a fan of Birkenstocks.

How you can make your Birkenstock last longer

How Long Should Birkenstock Last

There is no shoe that is made NOT TO LAST. Every shoe you see in the market was built to last. Some of these shoes are of lesser qualities than others, but they are still of great qualities as well.

What causes many shoes to get spoilt is poor maintenance. You will not just assume that your shoe would last forever if you use it anyhow.

Even the best of shoes would be damaged under poor usage conditions and maintenance. This is why I am going to reveal the simple hacks and strategies to follow if you ever want your Birkenstock to last longer than you want.

Once you follow all these strategies, I can assure you that your Birkenstock would last very long and serve you well.

It is true that there is nothing you can do to stop your Birkenstock from being exposed to moisture. However, this is one of the common factors that quickly reduces the quality of every shoe.

Since Birkenstock is not a brand that makes waterproof shoes like Crocs, you should watch out for this.

Do not constantly expose your Birkenstock to water or moisture

If you need to clean your Birkenstock, simply wipe it with a damp towel and make sure to dry it immediately.

Once moist settles on your Birkenstock, the quality begins to deteriorate gradually until it begins to wear out physically. Also, watch out for the soles.

Whenever you are exposed to water or moist, it is compulsory that you dry out your Birkenstock once it is exposed to moisture. Because of the sole make-up, water affects the quality and before you know it, there would be visible effects that would break down your sole and render your Birkenstock useless.

Once your Birkenstock gets wet, ensure you dry it well

If you can keep this up, you would prolong the life of your Birkenstock.

Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning your Birkenstock, avoid using wet towels consistently. It is okay to simply use a dry towel to wipe the surface to shine. Use wet towels occasionally.

Do not expose your Birkenstock to extreme heat

The next thing you should check is the EXTREME HEAT. When you expose your Birkenstock to extreme heat, you would affect your sole adversely.

Once your Birkenstock is exposed to extreme heat, your EVA sole would begin to shrink and this would not only affect the quality of your sole, but also the fit.

Once the sole of your Birkenstock shrinks, it gets smaller and this would not be comfortable for you anymore. It is advisable to keep your Birkenstock at proper room temperature.

If you are going to dry your Birkenstock because of any reason, make sure it is not under extreme heat. Too much heat affects your Birkenstock.

If you want to make your Birkenstock last long, you must be careful to keep your Birkenstock under proper room temperature, this would keep the leather material strong and help the sole maintain its quality for a long time.

Scrub your shoe from time to time to keep it clean and free of smell

The smell is also very important. Because of the leather material used in making Birkenstocks, they are prone to smell. This is always due to sweaty feet.

As long as you wear your Birkenstock barefoot, smells are prone to happen. However, if you are going to wear your Birkenstock for long, you would not wear it smelling.

It is absurd to wear your Birkenstock that way. This is why cleaning it and scrubbing it back to its original state is the best option. With a Birkenstock cleaner, clean cloth, and a suede brush, you can constantly repeat this process of cleaning your Birkenstock.

This would keep it fresh and last for long. Never leave your Birkenstock smelling. The material would get stiff and before long, it would begin to crack and break apart. Always clean it periodically in order to keep it fresh.

Use stain repellant to keep your Birkenstock clean

Using the Birkenstock water and stain repellant is a great way to keep your Birkenstock upper waterproof. Learn to use it constantly.

It would keep your Birkenstock waterproof and prevent water from having a negative effect on your Birkenstock.

Ensure that you walk smartly

Do not drag your feet while walking in your Birkenstock. This would damage the sole quality and you might need to constantly incur repair expenses.

If you want your Birkenstock to maintain its glow, avoid dragging your feet on the floor surface whenever you are walking.

Birkenstocks are lightweight, so there is no need to drag your feet on the floor. Once you can try to avoid this, you would preserve the life of your Birkenstock.

Do not wear your Birkenstock all the time

When to wear your Birkenstock is also very great. Because of the material used in making Birkenstocks, it is not advisable to wear your Birkenstock under every condition and situation.

One way to prolong the life of your Birkenstock is to have an alternative. Wearing a single shoe every day is a bad way to treat your shoe. There is no shoe that lasts long under such conditions.

This is why I would advise that you should have an alternative sandal/shoe that serves as a substitute for your Birkenstock. This would keep your Birkenstock in good condition.

Furthermore, do not wear your Birkenstock during wet seasons or on wet days. Wearing Birkenstock in muddy areas would destroy the quality.

That is an improper way to wear your Birkenstocks. Have an alternative for your Birkenstock.

Constantly polishing your Birkenstock would increase its life span

Polish restores the quality of your leather material and prevents your Birkenstock from absorbing water or moisture. Constantly polishing your Birkenstock keeps it greasy and not dry.

Leaving your Birkenstock’s leather material dry would affect the quality. Constantly apply polish on your Birkenstock. This would also help to prolong the life span of your Birkenstock.

Keep your cork sealed

Once your cork begins to get dull and less shiny, use the cork sealer for this. All you need to do is to spray a thin coat of the Birkenstock cork sealer on it in order to restore the cork on your Birkenstock.

Once you can constantly do this, your Birkenstock would last for decades and never show any sign of weakness.

Does Birkenstock run big or small?

Birkenstocks run big.

If you are new to Birkenstocks, this is what you should expect whenever you buy it. Birkenstocks are designed to have a roomy fit.

The way it is designed, there should be a little space at your heel and at the toe box.

Furthermore, there should be little space at the sides so that your feet and toes can move around freely. Birkenstocks was created with comfort in mind and that is why it is made with a roomy fit.

For some, this might not be comfortable. Therefore, if you love wearing tight fit, you should order a size lesser than your original size. Maybe as low as 1cm down. However, if you love roomy fit, then just order for your exact size.

From my experience, Birkenstock runs true to size. However, because of its roomy fit, many people claim that it is not according to size.

They run true to size, but only add extra centimeters to create space for your feet and toes to be able to move around comfortably while walking.

This was done with your comfort in mind. However, if you do not find this to be comfortable, simply order for a size down. You would get the best fit for you this way.

How often should I seal my Birkenstocks?

In order to keep your cork durable, you should seal it once per season. You do not need to constantly do this.

If you do not seal the cork of your Birkenstock, you might begin to feel uncomfortable while walking around. The cork is what makes the footbed of your Birkenstock very comfortable. You do not need to seal the cork of your Birkenstock constantly.

The cork of your Birkenstocks does not come off that easily except under improper usage conditions or if you constantly expose it to moisture.

However, if the cork of your Birkenstock comes off easily due to how you use it, then you should apply it often. However, once per season is okay under normal circumstances.

Does Birks have a lifetime warranty?

Birks does not have a lifetime warranty. However, there is a 30-day return policy. Within these days, you can return your Birkenstock if you discover any damage.

Birkenstock does not have a specific warranty. There is no clause that promises you a specific range of time to return your Birkenstock if it is spoilt or damaged.

The only provision that Birkenstocks make for its customers is a 30-day return policy. You should click here to read the return policy.

Why does my Birkenstock hurt the top of my foot?

If you are experiencing this, there is nothing wrong with your Birkenstocks. It happens because your Birkenstock is new and so would tighten around your feet.

Your Birkenstock would hurt for a while if you have not properly broken in your Birkenstock. I experienced this as well and it took about 2 weeks for me to fully break in my Birkenstock for best fit.

I would talk about the simple steps to follow in order to quickly break in your Birkenstock.

  • You should stay away from wearing your Birkenstock occasionally during this break-in time. If you wear your Birkenstock constantly, you might get sores on your feet and most especially your toes. Wear them sparingly until it molds your feet.
  • Check the strap that coils around the toe region. Sometimes, it works well if you loosen that strap a bit. I made this one mistake when I bought my first Birkenstock some years ago. The moment I loosen the strap, I was comfortable. Try to not make the strap too tight.

If you do these things, you would be relieved of the pain you feel.


How Long Should Birkenstock Last

Birkenstock is a great footwear that makes you look classic. However, properly caring for your Birkenstock makes them last for decades just like my BIRKENSTOCK ARIZONA unisex leather sandal.

The pain that comes with wearing your Birkenstock is nothing to worry about as well. Follow the strategy I listed above to get the best result and comfort.

Generally, the BIRKENSTOCK women’s RIO sandal is the best women sandal I have ever seen. From the review I got from one of my close friends, this sandal is the absolute definition of strength, comfort, and durability.

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