How to Make the Inside of UGGs Fluffy Again

Ugg boots is an amazing shoe that comes with a lot of benefits and advantages. However, one major issue many people face on a constant basis is how to maintain this luxurious shoe.

Because of the way Ugg boots are made, it requires skill and the right knowledge to know how to maintain it.

In this article, I would be very detailed about how to care for your Ugg boot and makes it look new again.

However, let me show you how to clean the inside of your Ugg and make it look new and fluffy again.

I have heard many complaints from people concerning getting dark feet from Ugg. This might be because of the dye that comes because of having sweaty feet.

This is why I always recommend that you wear socks if you constantly have sweaty feet. The reason for this is that Ugg boots are not as breathable as sneakers or flip-flops.

Steps to clean the inside of your UGG and make it look fluffy again

How to Make the Inside of UGGs Fluffy Again

The first thing is to use a brush to brush up the hairs on your Ugg

This would put your Ugg in good shape and make it look like a newly purchased shoe. Use the brush to dust the whole body of your boot in order to take out excess dust.

The next step is to remove the inside of your Ugg

It is impossible for you to have a perfect clean without removing the insole of your Ugg. This is why you need a table knife. Simply insert the knife into your shoe and pull out the insole from beneath. Once you pop the insole out, you can go to the next step.

However, I would also advise that you keep your Ugg away from water. Most especially boots. You can use water on Ugg fluffy slippers, but not on boots. This is why you should make sure to remove the insole before washing them.

Rinse the insole thoroughly in water so that every part can be thoroughly soaked

This would make the insole soft and tender. Furthermore, the stains would become vulnerable and easy to remove that way. Most especially if you are doing this after a long time of consistently wearing your Ugg.

After thoroughly rinsing your insole, rub a little portion of shampoo

Preferably a good-smelling one. This would help your Ugg boot to smell nice. Choose a shampoo with good fragrance on your palms and gently massage your insoles with it.

Make sure you apply the shampoo generously to every part of the insole. After doing this, you should squeeze out the foam and dirty water that comes with it, and then keep repeating the process until you have achieved the perfect result.

Apply a bit of conditioner to your insole

This would make them fluffy and very soft. Once you have done that, you can rinse the insole after a few seconds of caressing it with the conditioner. After rinsing, ensure you squeeze out the excess water as much as you can.

Use a dry towel to remove excess water as much as you can

Repeat the process until you have removed all excess water and moisture from the insole. Drying might take a long time, but make sure your insoles are properly dried before you insert them back into your Ugg.

Use the slicker brush to fluff up the hairs on your insole

Just swing it across your insole for some seconds and the hairs would be standing up straight and fluffy.

Stuff your Ugg boot with clothes from the toe box to the heel

After you have done this, close up your boot and use a medium-temperature laundry iron on it. This would make the leather material strong.

The leather material would get back in shape with this. Once you are done with this, then you can remove the clothes from your Ugg boot.

Replace your insoles and VIOLA!

How to clean the inside of a UGG

How to Make the Inside of UGGs Fluffy Again

If the Inside of your Ugg boot is stained by dye that came because of your sweaty feet, then do this:

Use a wet towel to wipe the inside of your Ugg

This would remove the excess dye on the inside of your Ugg. The idea is to wipe out the dye. This is why you should ensure that you do not use too much water.

Once too much water gets into your Ugg boot, you would have to deal with smells and odors. Be very careful when you are trying to apply water on your damp towel.

You would need to repeat the first exercise again

However, this time, you would be using warm water to carry out this process. This is for thorough and complete cleaning of the inside of your Ugg boot. You are going to be using a huge towel.

The cleaning would be thorough and that is why you have to use warm water for this exercise. This would take away all the dyes and stains that could not be removed by the cold water cleaning.

Clean the inside of your Ugg boot with a dry towel

Make sure you repeat this process repeatedly until you achieve total dryness. You might need a lot of towels to achieve this.

Clean the inside thoroughly and make sure you do not leave it damp in order to prevent foul smell and odor from settling in your ugg.

How to make your UGG new again

There are many ways to make your UGGs new again. You do not need to buy a new pair of Uggs because the one you have looks faded or dirty.

I would list and explain the different ways you can make your uggs look clean and new again. However, I must say that this process would not bring back the branded logo that might have faded due to constant use.

Furthermore, this process would not take off the scuff marks that have accumulated underneath your outsole because of walking around consistently.

Making your uggs new does not mean it would be BRAND NEW. These simple strategies would simply make your uggs neat, fresh and vibrant again. You need to get the tools that would make this very easy for you.

Using a soft brush would help to maintain the quality of the material. Do not use a hard brush on your uggs. Using a hard brush would cause marks to form on the body of your uggs.

A soft brush that is tender would do the job well.  Furthermore, you need an eraser. This would come in handy when you are cleaning the body of your uggs.

A transparent or white eraser is good enough for this. Do not use colored erasers. Colored erasers would stain your uggs. Most especially if your ugg is white.

Let us talk about the different ways to make your Uggs look new again.

  • Check your shoe and mark out the spots where there are debris, stains, and spots. Once you have been able to mark these points, use the brush to gently remove these stains and spots. When using the brush, you must ensure that you do this tenderly. Do not be hard on your shoe. The shoe’s material needs a tender touch. So, scrub those spots tenderly. As I said previously, ensure the brush is soft and very tender.


  • After using the brush to remove spots and debris, there would still be some stains that would stick to your ugg boot. For these types of stains, you must not use your brush. If you are going to exert pressure to remove this stain, then you must use the eraser. The eraser is like a soft towel, but it is used for ugg boot. With the eraser, you can exert a little pressure on your ugg boot. With the eraser, you can remove those sticking stains that the brush could not remove.


  • The next step is to clean the entire body of your shoe. The reason for doing this is to give your ugg a general clean look. If you clean a part of your ugg shoe, then your ugg would not look new because a part of your ugg would look newer than the others. Therefore, in order to achieve that general look, you should use a damp cloth/towel to soak the whole body of your ugg. Do not use too much water. Using too much water would spoil the whole process, this might make your ugg boot to start smelling, and it would have an adverse effect on the quality of your boot. So, ensure that you use only a damp cloth to soak the entire body of your ugg. Making your ugg wet in a slight manner would further reveal stains.


  • You need vinegar because of its cleaning properties. However, you need just a little fragment of it. Let us say ½ cup of vinegar. That is enough. Do not use more than that. Mix this vinegar with cold water. Once this is done, get another clean and white towel and dip it into the mixture. Use this to gently rub your ugg. Locate where stains are and begin to use this damp cloth to rub those spots gently. I have talked about this so much and I cannot stop stressing this fact. Do not be harsh on your ugg boot if you do not want to damage its quality and outlook. With this vinegar mixture, you should be able to wipe off all the stains that remain on your ugg boot.


  • Wipe off the mixture with a DRY cloth. Do not leave your ugg boot drenched in vinegar for long. As soon as you have completed the cleaning process, use a dry towel to remove vinegar mixture from your shoe. This is the last process of cleaning your Ugg boot.


  • Once this is done, you can stuff your ugg boot with papers or clothes in order to help it remain in shape. This is left to your discretion.


  • Leave your ugg to dry. Do not expose your ugg to extreme heat if you do not want it to shrink and lost its shape. A room temperature is good enough. Once it dries perfectly, your Ugg should look so stunning and new.

You can always repeat these processes repeatedly whenever you feel like cleaning your ugg boot and making them look new again. Never immerse your Ugg into water because you want to clean it. Simply follow the processes above for the best result.

Are UGGs from Amazon real?

Uggs from Amazon are real and original. Amazon sells original products and not fake products.

Authentic dealers and producers of those products verify every product sold on Amazon.

Here are a few of the amazing Ugg boots that are sold on Amazon.


  • The UGG women’s classic winter boot is one of the best ugg boots on Amazon. This boot makes your feet warm, cozy, and comfortable during the winter seasons. Apart from this feature, it is classic and stylish. If you look at the sole, you would see a branded logo underneath. This is further proof that this is an authentic boot. Furthermore, the quality of the insole only comes with Uggs. The UGG women’s classic winter boot is sold on Amazon.


  • The UGG BALTIMORE men’s mid-ankle boot is another amazing boot that is sold on amazon. It has a branded logo of the famous Ugg brand on its side. The waterproof leather material is very strong and durable. This type of boot does not require much effort to clean and make look new. Just like the previously listed boot, the sole of the UGG BALTIMORE men’s mid-ankle boot has a branded logo of the famous Ugg brand underneath it.

I can go on and on to list, the amazing Ugg boots sold on amazon. However, Amazon sells original Ugg boots that last long for years while retaining their quality.

There is no need to fear or be skeptical about the Ugg boots sold on Amazon. You are guaranteed the best.

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