Walgreens Dress Code: Everything You Should Know

You do not want to be like me who on my first day of work, was dressed in “not work“ appropriate outfits, and this was due to the fact that I was not properly informed about the dress code of my company.

Maybe you just got hired newly at Walgreens and have not had any experience working with them or you are thinking of going for an interview at Walgreens, having a knowledge of the dress codes is necessary.

From going to the interviews to working at Walgreens, there are dress codes you need to follow depending on your position at Walgreens. Below I’ll lead you through the dress codes to follow.

You need to familiarize yourself with the dress codes to avoid wearing outfits or appearing in a way you are not supposed to

Walgreens dress code for the interview

It is advisable to dress casually if you are going to be interviewing for an entry-level position. While if you are interviewing for any management position then formal attire is what you should wear

Here are few examples of casual interview wear to wear when going for a Walgreens interview.

For males

  • Shirt

No tie is required. The Shirt you should go for is one that has a collar. To avoid looking sloppy, tuck the shirt. Avoid wearing a short color that matches your pants, this is a general rule.

Overall make sure your shirt is ironed and there are no stains on it.

  • Pants

Although I said casual, jeans should not be worn but if you still want to go ahead to wear one, a dark pair of jeans is best. The pants you would be wearing should be rip-free.

Double-check your pants for a rip or fraying. For a cleaner look, match the color of your socks to the color your pant you would be wearing

  • Belt

Your belt should match your shoes. That is if you were wearing a black shoe, then you should match it with a black belt. This goes also for brown shoes.

  • Shoe

Do not wear white socks with your shoe and make sure that your shoe is clean and polished

  • Blazer

this is not really necessary but it will tie the whole look while making you look smart. A neutral-toned blazer is advisable

For females

Before we dive into what you should wear for your interview at Walgreens, here is a list of things not to wear:

  • Jeans
  • Sundresses
  • Cloths with Plunging necklines
  • Cropped pants are it shorts or capris
  • Low rise pants
  • Yoga pants
  • Spaghetti or Strapless tops or dresses

Here are casual interview outfits you should wear instead

  • Blouse or top

A top that is not too tight or revealing is your best pick. There are a lot of varieties and you can make your blouse fun, you can go with any color that makes you confident and comfortable or you just love wearing.

From Prints like geometric, polka dot, paisley to other patterns like florals works, there is a lot of variations to choose from.

Your top can be tucked in or worn out. V-neck tops, scoop, boat neck, etc are accepted. Just remember to be modest. You can also opt to add a cardigan to your outfit

  • Pants

If you decide to wear pants, make sure they fit you well as well as keeping in mind that they should not have rips. No jeans and sticking with neutral colored pants is best especially if you are going to pair it with a brightly colored patterned top.

  • Skirts

Skirts like pleated skirts, A-line or pencil skirts are good choices. neutral colors are best too. the hemline of the skirt should also be appropriate at knee length or just an inch or two above knee length. Slits are allowed as long as it is decent.

  • Shoes

There are so many excellent options to pick from. There are flats, heels, wedges, boots. Wear whichever one you feel more comfortable with

  • Bags

Go with a bag that can carry all your stuff including your interview papers. The bag should be organized so you do not appear disorganized while going through it to find something.

A classic tote bag, a satchel, or a laptop bag are good options. Plastic bags, gym bags, or duffel bags are big appropriate.

Dress code for working at Walgreens

Walgreens Dress Code


Like I said earlier, the dress code depends on the particular job you are going to be doing when working at Walgreens. There are different varieties of infirm for the staff working at Walgreens.

I worked as a cashier and we were required to wear the company polo(blue)

The cashiers or direct hitters: a light blue polo shirt that is either long-sleeved or short-sleeved.

The company will provide you with one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved baby blue Walgreens shirt.

The beauty adviser: they wear a shirt with a smock over it. The shirt is short-sleeved and it is light pink while the smock is short-sleeved too, black and collared.

The company will provide you with one smock along with two T-shirts. You can opt to purchase more if you want to have additional shirts.

The assistant manager and shift lead:  they wear a grey vest

Pharmacist tech: they wear a light blue scrub

Pharmacist: they wear a white coat that is usually short-sleeved over dress clothes

Additionally, promotional T-shirts are also provided to the employees which differ in color from the standard uniform.

I remember one time we were given a polo that had the name on it for promotional purposes. 


Dress pants or khakis, black slacks can also be worn. Jeans are not allowed( they are really strict and stern when it comes to the dress code policy).

The pants are not provided to you by Walgreens, you are required to wear your own khakis or dress pants.

The dress pants or khakis are not provided to you. You are required to provide your own dress pants or khakis.


Any black shoe that is work-appropriate at Walgreens. Most people will advise you to come in dress shoes.

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Other things accepted at Walgreens

This also depends on the region you are working at as well as the dress code your employer might give you.

  • For hair, there is not a specific hair dress code. You can appear with your hair as long as it is appropriate and not offensive in any way. Hair dying is allowed too
  • Piercing and tattoos are accepted too .as long as both the tattoo or the piercing depending on whichever one you have is not offensive in any way
  • Makeup can be worn and it should be applied neatly. Nothing too distracting or too much.
  • Guys can wear their beard but make sure that it is properly trimmed
  • Hijabs can be worn at work as well as any other religious attire. 

There are a few things that Walgreens themselves have stated not be worn for work by the employees because your dressing at work needs to be professional as well as functional at all times

For males

The males are not supposed to come to work wearing sleeveless shirts of any kind. We already discussed jeans especially blue or any other colored jean and how it should not be worn, jogging suits or sweats is also prohibited.

Cut-offs or shorts are equally not accepted. Although most shoes are allowed, tennis shoes should not be worn.

For females

Like the males, the females also have outfits that they should not wear to work that is, outfits that are not work-appropriate. we’ll dive into them.

Sleeveless shirts, as well as sleeveless dresses, are not allowed to be worn by females to work. stretch pants along with blue jeans are prohibited.

Dresses that are low cut or miniskirts do not pass the check and should not be worn to work. Although women have a lot of picks when it comes to choosing shoes for work, shoes that are open-toed, heels that have spikes as well as tennis shoes should not be worn.

The women should not come to work with their feet bare or legs bare. the leg should be properly covered with socks or tights if they do decide to wear skirts.

How long does it take to get a Walgreens uniform?

Walgreens typically takes a week or so before issuing you your Walgreens uniforms after you have been hired. The uniform is given to you before you actually start working.

As a cashier, you’re given Two blue T-shirts, one long-sleeved and the other short-sleeved while as a beauty consultant you’re given two T-shirts that are short sleeves along with the black smoke that is worn over the T-shirt.

Do Walgreens pharmacy cashiers wear scrubs?

The pharmacy cashier is required to wear scrubs too. This is due to the fact that all the pharmacy staff is required to adhere to the company dress codes.

The scrubs are mandatory unless you are a direct hitter which requires you to wear the normal uniform.

My friend worked as a pharmacy cashier and she once told me how she absolutely loved the uniform. The footwear worn is required to be black and this makes every employee look professional. 

Can I have tattoos at Walgreens?

Yes, you can have tattoos to work at Walgreens.

But In my opinion, this all depends on your location from what I have gathered. For example, the assistant manager at the Walgreens store I worked at had an eyebrow piercing, lip piercing plus additional four visible tattoos.

While it is not common, most locations will require you to cover up the visible tattoo as well as remove the piercings you have on.

Like I said earlier, this all entirely depends on the management at the store you work at. So it is advisable to confirm with the Walgreens store you are going to be working at as well as your employer there to know their decision on the issue.

But overall, majority of the  Walgreens store lets you keep your tattoos open as well as keep your piercings.

There was even this tweet going on at a time that you are likely to find even if it’s one modified person at working Walgreens.

Can I wear a hat while working at Walgreens?

Hats are not allowed to be worn while working at Walgreens. The dress policy is strict and does not allow hats to be worn as part of the uniform, just the shirts, smocks, or scrubs were given.

Things like hoods are not allowed to be worn while working at Walgreens even doing blizzards.

So after reading through the policy regarding dress code I realized that there were only two things that talked about what should be worn and not worn on the head.

That is; you are not allowed to wear any hooded garment unless it is a religious attire and secondly, the hairstyle you would carry is totally up to your store manager.

Even though there was no other mention of head wears on the dress code policy, I am certain that if you come to work with a hat, the store manager at the store you work at will tell you to remove the hat and I don’t think the manager will care whether or not it is against the dress code


The Walgreens dress code is professional as well as functional and although individual districts or regions may differ on dress codes, it is given that you follow the rules your store manager gives you.

In summary, the males wear a shirt that is either long-sleeved or short-sleeved, khaki pants, or dress pants paired with dress shoes.

The females wear a shirt, khaki or dress pants, or a skirt paired with flats or heels.

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