Why Does the Top of my Feet Look Dirty?

The top of your feet can become dirty from the accumulation of dirt at the top of your footwear.

When your feet become exposed to your surrounding environment during your daily activities or a day at the beach, they can get dirty from surrounding dust and dirt.

Dirty shoes can also be a factor in causing the top of your feet to become dirty. If your shoes are dirty especially leather-covered shoes its can constantly stain your feet. This can be avoided by making sure your shoes are always cleaned and socks are worn.

Home remedies for cleaning the top of your dirty feet

No one likes dirty feet and we find out that we can do anything to keep them spotless t all times.

Some of us spend long hours at the salon every week to achieve this and we have listed in this post some simple home remedies you can apply to make sure the top of your feet remains spotless, these remedies are simple and easily performed.

Use Lemon soak

  • A bucket or large basin is filled with lukewarm water
  • Lemon juice is squeezed into the warm water
  • Add a natural-based shower gel into the mix, just a few drops is enough
  • Dip your feet in the water and soak for 15 minutes
  • Use a simple foot file and scrub gently at your feet, targeting dirty regions and cracks

 Natural tone mixture

  • This mixture evens out the discoloration present on top of our feet
  • The ingredients needed are milk, salt, and lemon juice
  • Heat the milk in a pan adding a little salt and a splash of lemon juice
  • Stir and mix them thoroughly
  • Apply this mixture to your foot and massage deeply till it’s completely absorbed
  • Leave it on for bout 15-20 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water
  • You need to repeat this process over time for the best result

Everyday Wash

The best feet hygiene and care is to wash every day. This is because our fees go through a lot and need to be constantly washed to remain shiny and nourished.

  • Put them under running water or dip in lukewarm water
  • Add shower gel in the water and scrub your feet thoroughly
  • Take the point to scrub in between your toes for the best results
  • Take time to clean your nails and trim those that are long
  • Allow drying

I hope these above-mentioned processes would have your feet appearing good and soft, they also prevent the buildup of dirt which leads to bacteria and fungus causing foot infection and diseases.

How to stop my flip-flops from turning the top of my feet black?

Flip flops are worn for their free open design, and this same reason is why we notice our feet becoming black after a long day of walking and sweating in them.

One way is to avoid walking on dirty surfaces and wear these flip flops that have a higher footbed to keep dirt away from your heels and toes.

Also, you can wear those made from breathable material that keeps your feet always dry. Ensure to always clean them after every use to prevent dirt from sticking to them.

We have highlighted some ways below on how to prevent your feet from getting black;

Wear flip flop with a higher Footbed

A lot of flip flop designs are made from materials that provide a thin barrier between your foot and the ground and this doesn’t do a proper job of keeping dirt, bacteria, and dust away from your feet.

Walking in flip flops displaces dust and dirt and these substances lift off the ground sticking to your feet. Wearing a flip flop with a higher footbed gives you more clearance off the ground preventing dirt from sticking to your exposed feet.

Buy leather, rubber, or cork-like materials

whenever you want to purchase any flip flops make sure it’s made from rubber, leather, or cork material. These materials have a high moisture absorption rate and save you from the buildup of sweat.

Dust, dirt, and sand have an affinity for sticking to feet that are sweaty so buying flip flops with good materials can reduce the chance of stains appearing on your feet.

Clean frequently

Anytime you go out with your flip flops ensure to have them wiped clean to remove any dirt on them and also preventing its build-up and accumulation over time.

Using wet wipes can easily get the job done, once have them dry out before storing them for next use

Always wear them dry

Never wear your flip flops when they are dirty as this can cause them to become constantly acquainted with dirt as their wet nature attracts and allow dirt to stick to their surfaces.

Once dirt finds its way to your flip flops your feet cannot avoid getting soiled up and stained black. It’s vital you air out your flip flops always and inspect them to be free of any moisture before you wear them.

Clean thoroughly

More often than not our flip flops become dirt and stain our feet because we don’t pay attention when having them cleaned.

This causes a buildup of grime and dirt that accumulates and transfers to your feet whenever you wear them. Make it a habit to always clean thoroughly.

Why do your feet attract dirt?

Why Does the Top of my Feet Look Dirty

Feet attract dirt for a number of reasons but mostly this is due to moisture and wetness. If you always have moisture on your feet, you will see that dirt can’t leave your feet area.

Water attracts dirt and this is no different when you have a wet foot. Debris and dirt stick to wet surfaces; this means you should endeavor to have your feet dry always.

One other reason is that you walk in a surrounding that is filled with dirt. Walking barefoot or in an environment that isn’t clean enough can cause various kinds of dirt and substances to stick to the surface of your feet.

If you walk in a clean place you will notice you don’t experience such but the alternative leaves stains and spots covering the surface of your shoes.

If you sweat, all the time you can be rest assured that dirt is almost never leaving your feet. People who suffer from sweaty feet have this problem.

This profuse sweating leads your feet to be moist all the time and this condition causes dirt to stick to your feet and toes.

Dirt becomes sticky and mud like smearing over surfaces and leaving dirty mark stains s you walk.

Also, it may be as a result of wearing open-end sandals and flip-flops. Shoes that totally cover the feet usually leave no chance for dirt to stick to your feet, but with open shoes, this isn’t the case.

Waking in flip flops displaces dirt and in turn, this dirt becomes accustomed to your skin surfaces if left alone. Therefore, constant care and attention should be taken whenever you find yourself walking in open shoes or footwear.

Your foot should be kept dry at all times as this allows you to maintain good hygiene and also prevent them from constantly getting dirty.

Towel them dry after bathing and before putting them in shoes too, socks are also an added advantage as it absorbs moisture and also prevents direct contact with dirt.

How to get the dirt out of cracked feet?

Why Does the Top of my Feet Look Dirty

Removing dirt from cracked feet is essential in keeping your feet healthy and avoiding infection from attacking them. Cleaning feet that are without crack is easy but cracked feet have spaces that dirt can lodge in and can become increasingly difficult to clean.

You know the embarrassment encountered when your feet are cracked and appear to be dirty, we have some tips that would help in overcoming this problem.

Feet cracks because our skin under the feet isn’t as tough as our ancestors and this leads to cracking when exposed to uneven surfaces and constant movement.

To overcome this, you can do the following;

You should perform this process ideally after bathing in the evening.

  • Use a mild soap to wash your feet and make sure it’s clean enough
  • Take a feet filer and apply some soap on its rough surface.
  • Apply water on the filer to moisten it and file your cracks heels and feet with it. using the filer on dry skin isn’t as effective when it’s used on a wet foot with soap and water.
  • Carefully scrape off the cracked skin layer and be gentle with your pressure, removing dirt and smoothening the skin surface.
  • Apply a moisturizer or lotion to your feet. Once this is done put on socks to protect fresh dirt from entering the freshly scrapped shoes. Keeping it moisturized is a good way of protecting them from getting cracked.

For a better result and significant improvement to be observed you need to perform this operation constantly until the desired smoothness is desired. If you allow long periods in between each foot scrub you will never get rid of cracked feet.

If you notice that your feet are cracked around the sides of your feet you have to consider our gait and posture because this means it is cracked due to improper balance from muscle or posture.

Should you wear socks after a foot peel?

Yes you can. After a foot peel is performed on your feet, you can wear socks to protect your feet from dirt and to also keep them dry always.

Once you have discarded the foot peel booties you rinse and dry your feet, immediately a comfortable sock should be worn. Socks help to trap in lotion and moisture because dryness tends to extend the peeling process.

Socks can be won for an extended amount of time during the days and weeks following the foot peel, this also includes wearing them at night when going to bed.

Putting on sandals, flip flops, and shoes without socks can drastically increase the amount of time it will take your feet to peel completely so it’s vital you should wear socks during the duration of the process.

It usually takes about 5 days to a week for the peeling process to start after the application of the peeling chemical. What follows next is skin peeling gradually and detaching from the sole of your feet.

If you want to speed up the process find time and soak your feet in water regularly and moisturize with lotions. You may be tempted to assist in peeling them with your hands but it’s highly advised against doing it.

Foot peeling is ideal for those with cracked skin and who can’t use the conventional foot filer and scrub. Exfoliating the skin is another way to ensure that cracks don’t appear on your feet.

Final words on why the top of feet look dirty?

Moisture is a great factor that affects the buildup of dirt on our feet. Water attracts dust practices and makes them stick to the surface of your feet, this directly leads to a dirty or dark appearance of your feet.

Other reasons would be due to you wearing open-toed shoes or sandals. They leave the feet exposed and permit the accumulation of dirt and debris.

You might notice that wearing your flip fops increases the chances of dirt attacking your exposed foot, this is due to the design of flip flops because they do not cover your foot adequately.

Proper care, cleaning rituals, and good cover material can be used to effectively prevent stains or dirt from accumulating.

Cracked feet have spaces that hid dirt and gives your foot a dirty and unkempt look, by filing and scrubbing properly cracks can be smoothened out and all the locked dirt washed away.

If you have performed foot peeling, ensure to wear socks throughout the peeling period and remember to moisturize regularly. These practices ensure that the peeling is done under the recommended number of days.

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