How Should Slides Fit?

How Should Slides Fit

Beautiful slides on your feet can make you look good, but if you are uncomfortable in them, they can injure your feet. Shopping for slides can be fun and at the same time tricky. Most people tend to look for very attractive and sometimes low-cost footwear, but are they good for your feet? Slides should … Read more

Can You Drive in Crocs in UK?

Can You Drive in Crocs in UK

Yes, you can drive in Crocs in the UK. There is no law against driving with sandals, flip-flops, and slides which is what many Crocs are. It is simply a matter of preference for some to drive in sandals or flip-flops like Crocs. On this matter, the Driving Standards Agency says they do not recommend … Read more

Is It Bad to Get Your Birkenstocks Wet?

Is It Bad to Get Your Birkenstocks Wet

It is very possible for your Birkenstock to get wet but you must ensure you do all you can dry your wet Birkenstocks right away. Do not believe that leaving your Birkenstock to dry by itself with sort itself out. This will not happen. The material on Birkenstocks is made of cork or synthetic materials … Read more