How Should Slides Fit?

Beautiful slides on your feet can make you look good, but if you are uncomfortable in them, they can injure your feet.

Shopping for slides can be fun and at the same time tricky. Most people tend to look for very attractive and sometimes low-cost footwear, but are they good for your feet?

Slides should conform to the shape of your foot. The width should be able to accommodate your foot for proper support.

The soles should be thick enough with the heels not too high. A thick sole will provide good shock absorption and protect your feet.

The length of your slides should be the size of your feet. Your toes should not stick out or your heels protrude backward.

The straps should be tight enough to keep your foot in place. You should always leave half an inch space between your longest toe and the front of your slides. Then leave about an eighth of an inch at the heels.

When shopping for slides, be sure to look out for comfortability, support, and shock absorbency.

Should I Size Up And Down In Slides?

Sizing up and down in slides is dependent on a number of factors.

If the slides run small, then you should order a size up. If they come true to size, then by all means buy the right size for you. If they run big, then order a size down.

If you wear a half-size, you should order up if it’s not available.

Another thing to note is the size and shape of your feet. If your foot or toe is wide, you will need to order a size up or half a size depending on how large your feet are.

Getting a custom size is the best option, but this might be too expensive.  If you have narrow feet, you should order a size down.

The best way to deal with sizing issues is to check the size charts of these brands. Learn how to measure your feet and compare with the size of the slides before buying.

If you go to the mall for a purchase, you can test the slides with your feet if it is allowed before making your purchase.

How Do You Know If A Slide Is Too Small?

A slide that is too small does many things to your feet. It does not only make you uncomfortable, it can cause blisters, ankle and toe aches, and even plantar fasciitis.

A slide too small can cause your feet to be sweaty for there is no proper air circulation.

When your slides are too small, they feel very tight to your feet. You would notice it is difficult to flex your feet a little while in them.

A perfect fit slide should allow little movement of the foot. You should be able to move your toes in them.

This will help prevent blisters and aches. A small-sized slide will cause your toes or heels to protrude out of the edge which is not an attractive sight.

Not only is it unattractive, but it also leaves your toes and heels exposed to injuries.

The straps of your slides will dig into the skin of your feet when they are too small.

Can Slides Damage Your Feet?

Slides are simple and backless making it easy to slip on and slip off. While this is good, offering ease and comfort, this can also be damaging to your feet.

Most slides offer no arch or heel support and this can lead to many foot conditions. Your feet are exposed to injuries from sharp objects and it is quite easier to trip and fall in them.

Slides can alter your natural foot strides as they are not completely structured to the feet. This leads to strains and aches. This can also cause Achilles tendon injury, plantar fasciitis, shins splints amongst others.

Wearing slides often adds stress to your feet. This can also affect the hip and lower back, causing aches. This condition might be permanent and disabling.

When you wear slides that are not properly fit, this makes it all the worse. You could twist your ankles, stub a toe, or fall. Slides with thin soles are only good indoors.

Wearing them outside your home leaves you exposed to many injuries. While they are very bad shock absorbers, leaving your feet at the mercy of hard and rough surfaces, your feet are also in danger of being pierced by gravel and sharp objects.

Wearing slides is not too bad, but you shouldn’t wear them often. You can get arch support for your feet. Make sure you buy slides that are perfectly fit for you.

They should have well-cushioned soles and thick outsoles that offer a good grip on any surface. This will help minimize the damage to your feet.

FAQs on Slides

How Should Nike Slides Fit?

Nike is a popular brand that deals with quality footwear and clothing.

Nike Slides run small. Sizing up will do your feet better. Your feet should feel snug but shouldn’t be tight. If you have a wider foot, you should go for your regular size.

Your toes should not stick out in them and your feet shouldn’t keep sliding out as you walk in them.

How Should Gucci Slides Fit?

Gucci is one of the most luxurious and high-quality brands out there.

Gucci slides come true to size and they only have full sizes. For Gucci slides to fit well, your feet should have a little space at the toe and heel of the insole.

For those with narrow feet, make sure your feet fit snugly. Ordering half a size down usually does the trick.

For those with wider feet, check for the sole of the slides, it should fit with the width of your feet.

How Should Adidas Slides Fit?

The Adidas Yeezy slides are the latest designs of footwear from this brand.

The Adidas slides come true to size. However, as they are open slides, they are spacious. It is better to order a half size down, as your usual size may be a little large.

However, if you have a wide foot, getting the exact size may fit better. When you get your slides, your feet should feel snug in them. However, test your slides first to be on the safer side.

How Should Mule Slides Fit?

Mule slides are special footwear that can keep you highly uncomfortable in them. So you have to be very careful in choosing your size. They are close-toe footwear with an open back for easy slide-in. 

With the closed-toe design, finding the perfect fit for you can be tricky. Those with long toes and very wide feet will find mules very uncomfortable.

For mules with very pointed toes, go for half a size up. Also if you have long toes, get half a size or a size up.

Your mules should fit snugly to your feet to properly secure your feet. For those with low-volume feet, go for mules with narrow width.

For wider feet, go for a wider or regular size. If mule slides are too narrow for your feet, they will slide off. The coverage too should have an extra vamp at the top and sides to hold your feet in place.

How Should Croc Slides Fit?

Crocs is a unique brand with holes that allows proper circulation.

Crocs slides should fit your feet properly. Crocs come true to size, although they are some designs that run a little bigger. Your feet should not slip while walking.

The upper should hug your feet in place and the toes should not stick out. Always ensure to check the size charts and measure your feet before you place your order.

How Should Balenciaga Slides Fit?

Balenciaga is another designer brand that deals with high-quality products.

Balenciaga slides are stylish and many hit the pool in this classic footwear. They run small in size, so you should order a size up.

Your foot volume should fill the shoe and should not slide as you walk in them. The sole should have a good grip on any surface, especially as you use them by the pool sides.

Always check your feet’ size and compare it with the size chart before making your purchase.

How should Under Armour Slides Fit?

Under Armour is another classic brand of footwear. They run small in size.

Most Under Armor slides have adjustable straps at the front making it quite easy for people with narrow or wide feet to adjust it to their size.

If you are choosing slides with adjustable straps, you can order your usual size and if they fit small, you can adjust the straps.

But if you are buying fixed straps, you should order a size up. Make sure the straps hold your feet in place and your toes do not stick out.

How Should Pool Slides Fit?

Slides for the pool should have outsoles with good grip for slippery surfaces as the pool area is usually wet.

At the pool, you will need more grip than stability, so pool slides (like this one on Amazon) should hold your feet in place so you don’t trip and fall.

Your feet should not slide off as you walk, this could trigger a fall. So make sure to get the right size for your pool slides.

Slides with adjustable straps are better off, so you can adjust the straps to keep your foot in place.


Buying slides that fit will save you a lot of discomfort. The easiest way to go about choosing the best fit is by measuring your foot when it is at its widest.

That’s usually in the afternoon after you have stepped around in your shoes. Always check the size charts of the slides you wish to buy to check the sizes available.


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