Oofos vs Hoka: Which Brand is Better?

When you want to get yourself a pair of slides, it is usually best for you to look out for which is the best before you decide on the exact one to go for.

That is why I will be doing a comparison in this article between the Oofos and the Hoka slides. When you are done reading this article you will be able to decide which one exactly you want to go for.

Based on my experience so far on the Oofos and on the Hoka, I would say that the Oofos is better than the Hoka all round.

This is not to say that the Hoka is not a good slide at all, it definitely is, however, if you are to compare it to that of the Oofos, the Oofos will always beat it hands down.

I will explain to you how I came to my conclusion that the Oofos is better in the next segment of this article.

Why is the Oofos better than Hoka?

Oofos has more cushioning

The Oofos slides are better than the Hoka in terms of how firm the slides are when you wear them.

Both the Oofos and the Hoka are super comfortable slides, the Hoka is said to have more cushion than that of the Oofos.

Why the Oofos is better than the Hoka is that it is so firm and while you purchase.

Cushioning is so important, however, what is the point of having slides that are so cushioned but it does not last? This is where the Oofos slides win.

You would definitely love to get yourself slides that will not just be cushioned, but the one that will last for you as well.

Oofos last longer

If you are the type that is so concerned about how long you want your slides to last, you would love to go with the Oofos slides.

I will take you through the features of both the Oofos and Hoka slides, this will make it so easy for you to be able to decide.

Take a look at the features of the Oofos and the Hoka.

Oofos is more versatile

Looking for everyday wear, then Oofos is a better alternative to the Hoka.

Its ability to be worn with different outfits makes it very versatile for use than Hoka.

Features of Oofos

  • Patented footbed brings the firm build
  • Stylish design
  • They have a narrow build
  • OOfoam technology cushion

Firm build

This is the exact reason why I chose the Oofos over the Hoka. One feature that you should not neglect at all while you are looking for footwears to buy is longevity and durability.

This is one feature that the Oofos slides come with. The Oofos comes with a patented footbed in it, the patented footbed will reduce stress on your feet and on your ankles.

With this firm build that the Oofos comes with, you will be able to make use of this slide for long and it will definitely last long for you.

This is one feature the Oofos slides have that I so much like and have also enjoyed.

Stylish design

When you compare the Oofos with the Hoka, you would see that it is so glaring that the Oofos perform better than the Hoka when it comes to the design.

The design that the Oofos come with can go with a lot of clothes. This is a really good feature because you will have the option to rock the slides with a variety of clothing, unlike the Hoka slides that do not go with a wide variety of clothes.

The stylish design is an added advantage and it is also one of the major reasons why people go for the Oofos slides. I love this design so much.

They have a narrow build

One of the features that you will notice that the Oofos have is the narrow build. This narrow build helps to allow natural motion and relief.

This narrow build favors mostly those who have narrow feet. If you are the type that has wide feet, you may consider sizing up so that the slides will not be too tight for you.

OOfoam technology cushion

One feature that will determine how well you will enjoy your footwear or even feel more comfortable in it is how cushioned the footwear is. The same thing applies to these slides. I

t comes with OOfoam technology that absorbs up to 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam. This works to keep you comfortable and gives your feet the break that it needs.

With well-cushioned footwear like this, you can wear it all day and it will still fit you well.

Features of Hoka

  • It has a better arch support
  • It has EVA sole, cushioned and thick rubber sole
  • It has a really good slip-resistance

It has better arch support

The arch support is there to help reduce and even totally remove any form of pain from the arch area of your feet.

Without this arch support, you will not be able to enjoy the sides at all, you will end up having so much pain in the arch area of your feet.

When you compare the arch support of the Oofos slides and that of the Hoka slides, you will see that the Hoka performs better when it comes to the arch support.

Part of what enhances the arch support is the thick sole it comes with, which is what I will explain next.

It has EVA sole, cushioned and thick rubber sole

When you take a look at the Hoka slides, the first thing you will notice is how thick the soles are, that is why it is so glaring that this slide is so cushioned.

The footbed has lines engraved in them and adds a feeling of comfort to your feet.

Thick soles are usually known to be so cushioned, giving you that comfort and helping to reduce the impact that you get when you walk or make use of the slides on a daily basis.

It has a really good slip-resistance

This is what rubber soles are usually known to be great at. Rubber soles are known to have really good slip resistance, this makes it possible for you to be able to make use of this slide even on slippery ground.

You will not be scared at all when you walk on slippery ground. With this slip-resistance, you will be confident, and rest assured that you will not slip off when you are on slippery ground.

This is a feature that you should not neglect in

Major Differences between Oofos and Hoka 

Features Hoka Oofos
Comfort Best for comfort because of its thick sole Has good comfort but is not as comfortable as the Hoka
Fashion and versatility It hardly matches a variety of clothes, hence, it fits just a particular type of clothing. It is not as versatile. It fits a wide variety of clothes, it is more versatile.
Traction Because of the rubber outsole, this slide offers a better traction Has traction but not as efficient as that of the Hoka


Your comfort is something that you cannot compromise when you want to choose slides. Funny enough the comfort of the Oofos and Hoka slides are basically different.

This does not mean that one is better than the other, it simply means that the Hoka provides more cushioning and comfort than the Oofos because of how the sole is built.

The Hoka slides have a thick sole that makes them so comfortable for you when you wear them.

Footwear with thick soles are usually known to provide you with good enough Cushioning that will get you going and keep you active all day long. This is one major difference between the Oofos and Hoka slides.

Fashion and Versatility

Both of these slides are really good to be worn out. As for the Home, it hardly goes with a lot of clothes.

What this means is that the versatility of the Hoka slides is limited, unlike the Oofos slides. This is another major difference between these two slides.

If you have the Oofos slides you will be able to wear them for a lot of occasions and you can match them with as many outfits as possible.

If you are the type that would love to rock your slides with cool clothes, it would be preferable you go with the Oofos slides.

This is value for money and you also have the opportunity to wear it with a lot of clothes that you have. Unlike the Hoka slides, you cannot wear a variety of clothes.


This is not to say that the Oofos slides don’t have traction at all, they have, however, the traction cannot be compared to that of the Hoka slides that come with a thick rubber sole.

Rubber soles are usually known to perform well when it comes to slip resistance and traction.

This is because rubber itself as a material is slip-resistant and does perform well on slippery ground. Hoka slides are known to have better traction than Oofos slides.

Just like I have mentioned, Hoka slides are built with a thick rubber sole which performs well on Slippery ground and has a really good slip-resistance feature.

Why should you buy Oofos?

You should buy Oofos if what you want is everyday slides, meaning slides that you want to wear on a daily basis.

Oofos will give you that versatility of usage. If you would be going to places like the mall or you would love to go pick up some groceries along the street, then you can buy your Oofos.

You can also buy Oofos when you plan to wear them around the house. It is lightweight enough and it will be easy to carry around. You will not feel the weight so much.

You would wear the slides all day and not even feel like you actually have something on. This is the advantage the lightweight feature has.

I do not recommend you make use of the Oofos slides to go for a long journey, this is because if you have another option like the Hoka slides, you should go for it instead, because of its thick sole build that provides better Cushioning for prolonged usage.

Why should you buy Hoka?

Hoka are actually very comfortable slides. However, it is best to buy Hoka when you are certain that you are going for a very long walk.

Going for a very long walk requires you to walk in footwear for a long time, and if the type of footwear you put on is not cushiony or thick, you would notice you would start to have things like pains on your heel.

If you would be going to places like the beach, to resorts, etc. You can go for the Hoka slides.

When you go to the beach what you do is that you run around all day, you play in the water if you are the type that knows how to swim you can try swimming because the Hoka slides are able to withstand water.

It does not get damaged when it gets exposed to water.


Having gone through this article you should have known a lot about the Hoka and the Oofos slides by now.

It would be easier for you to make a decision on the exact one you are to go for. Before you choose the one you are to go for, it is usually best to analyze what and what you would need the slides for.

If you will be going for far distance occasions that require you to walk and move around all day, like if you are going to the beach, then the Hoka is the best option for you.

Take note that Hoka slides do not really perform well in terms of versatility, it does not go with a lot of clothes, so you would find it difficult looking for clothes to match these Hoka slides.

That is why the Oofos are a better option for you if you need something you can rock on a daily basis with different types of outfits.


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