Can Skate Shoes Be Used for Walking?

Are you thinking of expanding the versatility of your skate shoes a little further to make them double as an ideal shoe for walking? Well, there are things you should know if you find yourself at this consideration hall.

Skate shoes are good for walking but aren’t really great for covering long distances on foot.

The chief reason why you are likely going to hear people talk about using skate shoes for walking is probably that athletic footwear is considered to offer better arch support than most other types of shoes.

Mainly used for skateboarding, Skate shoes feature a flat rubber sole and heel to grip the skateboard while offering stability to the skateboarder.

The cushioning material in most skate shoes is there for less shock as you ride your skateboard. Hence, it is not suitable for walking.

People still wear it for walking, anyway. But, it is not advised.

However, there are just a few skate shoes out there that appear to be truly versatile, functioning as a great option for walking shoes or cross-training purposes.

Qualities an ideal skate shoe for walking should have

Now, it is important to note that typical skate shoes are usually designed with a lot of grips so that skaters can skate easier which explains why high-quality rubbers are used in the outsoles.

While the midsoles in skate shoes are positioned to offer just the right cushioning and support for the foot while absorbing shock resulting from the jumps and tricky moves skateboarders make.

In virtually every skate shoe, extra padding on the footbed and ankle is always present to contribute to the overall shoe construction to reduce the effect of landing hard on your skate.

And as you probably know, Skate shoes are usually lightweight with the right cushion, particularly for the toes as you accidentally hit them against the board.

But are all these staple components in skate shoes useful when it is used for walking? Or they don’t measure up compared to how actual walking shoes are designed?

I went ahead to study some of the best walking shoes, placing their noteworthy features side-by-side with the best versatile skate shoes to see if there are similarities or differences in the features and how they serve the feet for these activities.

With this, I was able to realize the core components that are needed to be included in skate shoes before we can firmly say they are ideal for wearing to walking exercise.

These necessary features include:

  • Heel Padding support
  • Anti-shock Midsole
  • Cushioning…extras!
  • Nonslip outsoles
  • Lightweight

You will notice that skate shoes practically have these essential qualities, but in a dimension that suites well for skateboarding and not walking. Only a few designs of skate shoes sit well with these qualities.

For example, when it comes to padding, the right-stake shoes that will go well for walking should have a padded heel counter to support the heel and prevent it from slipping out while you walk on higher terrain.

But that of skateboarding along focuses on extra padding on the footbed.

It is an all-check that both walk shoes and skate shoes have anti-shock foam midsole. This protects against shockwaves when you tread on uneven platforms.

But an ideal skate shoe that won’t give you problems when you use it for walking is one that has extra cushioning on the ball of your foot, under your toes, and around your ankles.

It is also very crucial that the skate shoe you have chosen to use for walking has a nonslip sole.

Walking shoes usually have this aggressive tread pattern to prevent slippage when walking on wet or slippery ground. And so, the right skate shoes for such should share similar qualities.

Not only this, skate shoes with adjustable shoelace systems usually have the leverage to be sued as walking shoes than ones with different fit designs because what you really want from footwear you’d be wearing to cover the long distances is a secured fit, and only shoes with such feature can guarantee.

Down to the weight, it is a good thing that both skate shoes and walking shoes share identities of being helpfully lightweight. But the latter is usually lighter in weight than the former.

What other things can skate shoes be used for?

For Walking

Walking is an excellent form of exercise as much as skateboarding is. As mentioned earlier, not all skate shoes can be ideal for both activities, let alone ideal for other things.

There are a few really versatile skate shoes out there, though; ones that you could wear to do almost everything outdoors. But we’ve got to be very careful when looking out for this kind of skate shoes.

For those who like Skateboarding, skate shoes have been made for them, specifically. But what other activities could you possibly wear a skate shoe for, aside from skating and walking?

Well, having a skate shoe won’t make a huge difference if you are an occasional skateboarder because it is likely you wouldn’t feel obliged to reserve that shoe for skateboarding alone.

Just as how the shoe helps in maneuvering and learning new tricks, it might just be great for every other activity until you learn the hard way not to wear it again to do some certain type of things.

To professionals and more serious skateboarders, having a skate shoe is one that is dedication and one that you won’t want to use for any other thing.

Worn to work in slippery areas

On second thought, skateboard shoes offer excellent protection against slippages which shows how good of footwear it will be if you choose to wear it to your next amusement park trip.

Since it has a flatter and simpler design for the outsole, that serves as a plus.

Aside from that, given that the outsole of the skate shoes is generally made up of rubber, it tells that they are more slip-resistant than other materials.

So, if you are going to be in a place or activity that will expose you to wet or greasy floors, you can bank on skate shoes as alternatives.

They provide excellent grip on the slick floor, this explains why some workers in the kitchen prefer to wear some certain type of footwear which, unknown or known to them, are actually skate shoes.

Top 3 comfortable skate shoes excellent for walking

Good skating shoes are designed to withstand grinds and flip tricks. Added to these benefits, some skate shoes can be worn like regular shoes for walking wherever and whenever.

After scouring the web, I’m to be able to recommend some of the most advanced and great-looking skating shoes on the market that are excellent for walking.

DC Men’s Pure Casual Skate Shoe

Can Skate Shoes Be Used for Walking

Built with a cup sole, this shoe offers the best extra foot and ankle support that a skate shoe could possibly provide.

It also features reinforced insoles and an excellent combination of leather, nubuck, or suede on the upper, While this is to ensure an appealing look, it also tells more of how long it’s going to last in terms of durability.

What makes it excellent for walking

  • Foot and ankle support thanks to the cup soles
  • Lightweight
  • Padded tongue and collar for extra comfort
  • Features ventilation holes to allow your feet to breathe as you walk for long hours to prevent heat and sweat.
  • The elegant design makes it wearable as casual sneakers

Vans Old Skool Unisex Adults Low-Top Trainers

Can Skate Shoes Be Used for Walking

Vans a renowned for making skating shoes, and this Vans Old Skool Low-Top Trainers is a valid expression of that.

With the brand’s iconic gum rubber sole, this shoe also doubles as an ideal walking shoe thanks to the extra protection and stability.

So if you get this shoe for skating purpose, it is a plus that the stylish pair effortlessly serve as a wearable everyday shoe.

What makes it excellent for walking

  • Unisex
  • Trendy Old Skool design
  • Comfortable for every day and all-day wearing
  • Reinforced rubber soles
  • Renowned gum rubber sole to ensure stability

adidas Unisex-Adult Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

Can Skate Shoes Be Used for Walking

Lastly and definitely worthy of mention are these Adidas unisex skate shoes. While the footwear has deep roots in sports apparel manufacturing, this Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoes feature classic models with a blend of upgrades on areas of extra cushioning, traction, and design.

What makes it excellent for walking

  • Features um rubber outsoles
  • The body of the shoe features reinforced suede uppers
  • The ankle cushioning offers added protection
  • Lightweight, yet durable shoes for easy mobilization and movement.
  • Unique design makes titless selective for outfits.

In summary

There is no doubt that skate shoes aren’t really great for walking exercise and that is why manufacturers produce dedicated footwear for walking.

Serious-minded skateboarders also understand the importance of having a dedicated shoe for skateboarding.

However, when we shell out cash to buy stuff, especially items we put on, it is normal to always prioritize versatility and long-lasting durability.

Sadly, only a few skate shoes out there will offer both and double as an ideal shoe for walking.


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