Can You Wear Crocs to Court?

No, you cannot wear crocs to court. Choosing what to wear to the courtroom might be tasking and you might not know the appropriate fit for that big or small business you might have in the courtroom.

Making a great first impression is very important and you might not want to come off as something you are not.

This does not mean you should over-accessorize or overdress to impress the judge or the jury.

This simply means you should try to follow the appropriate dress codes and dress as simple as possible because you don’t want the judge or the jury to be distracted from the case you are there to present or even witness.

Every courtroom has a dress code that you must follow strictly. You cannot wear crocs to court because no courtroom accepts an unofficial dress code including colorful shoes.

Dress shoes are the most appropriate shoes to be worn to the court. The courtroom dress code does not give room for unofficial clothing.

As a witness or just a person going to the courtroom to watch the activities there, you might also want to know if you should follow the rules and regulations as well.

The dress code applies to everyone that will be present in the courtroom and it does not matter what your role there is.

When going to the courthouse always remember that the way you present yourself really matters because all eyes are going to be on you especially if you are the lawyer or even a member of the jury.

If you decide to dress casually it might look like you do not take the reason you are in court seriously or that you do not give the courthouse the respect it deserves.

This is not to say you should wear a tie and a suit to prove that you can be corporate this simply means that no matter the role you are performing in the courtroom trying to be as decent as possible.

On Wearing Crocs to court

Can You Wear Crocs to Court

Crocs has become something that most people wear and feel really comfortable in. They come in different sizes, colors and even designs.

We can all say we are surprised at how far the shoe design skyrocketed from non-existent to being something almost everybody owned overnight.

During the pandemic, it became inside footwear for everybody and after the pandemic, a lot of people styled it with good clothes and started wearing it outdoor.

Crocs are very comfortable shoes that can be worn for quick errands and even around the house or when you want to go for a walk. It gives more comfort when worn with socks than without.

A lot of people used to find it ridiculous and ugly till they gave the shoe a chance and discovered that it is very easy to make it look cute plus it is easy to slip on. Crocs are also very durable and can be worn for a long time.

Wearing crocs to the courthouse is the same as wearing flip flops and you can imagine how distracting and improper it will look the moment you walk into the courtroom.

It does not matter if you are the judge, the member of the jury, the security guard, lawyers, victim, journalist, or even a family member your appearance is very important.

Outfits you can wear in the courtroom

When you are faced with what to wear to a court hearing simple and comfortable always win the race. When going for a court hearing try to wear something that fits you properly and something simple.

Overdressing can mean you are trying to make up for something or pass on the information and that is something you would not want to do.

You must also be neatly dressed and decent and try not to wear clothes that are nonconservative and over-revealing. Do not look dirty and unkempt and also try to smell as nice as possible.

By smelling as nice as possible it does not mean you should empty the whole bottle of cologne because you do not want to choke everybody in the courtroom so try to add just a little cologne just to smell nice enough.

Staying neat and staying simple is always the right key when trying to get a fit for a court hearing.


Your dress must not be too tight for you to breathe in. If you will be wearing a dress make sure it is something you are comfortable with and not something that is see-through because you will not like to distract the members of the court with what you are wearing under your dress.

Also take time to check your neckline because the neckline of your dress must not plunge. The point of dressing nice is to avoid all unnecessary distractions.

As a lawyer if you are defending a case and you will be wearing a dress make sure it is not short because you don’t want to come out as provocative and unprofessional.

You might not like to dress professionally or you might enjoy wearing casual wear all the time but when going to court try to put that aside and wear something corporate and simple.

It is safe to say you should wear your “church” dress to the courtroom. Your dress must not be considered too sexy or provocative. If you do not want to wear a dress you can wear a business suit or a shirt and a pant or a skirt.

Shoe allowed

Your shoe choice is very important and necessary to look into. Do not wear crocs to a court or even any other colorful shoes.

It is easier and better to wear conservative shoes to avoid any trouble and make sure it is clean and well taken care of. Any shoe you decide to wear must be closed-toe.

Stiletto shoes are also not allowed in the courtroom. Running shoes as well as sandals are not allowed in the courtroom.

These shoes are shoes you can wear to casual occasions or occasions outside the courtroom but when going to the courthouse think of what you wear bo work meetings.

Dress shoes are the most appropriate fit for the courtroom but if you do not have a dress shoe you can wear simple all-black sneakers that do not shout colors.

Flip flops are also terrible because it does not match the dress code of the court. Any toe-opened shoe is also not allowed in the courtroom as well athletic shoes.

Another rule you need to follow when picking footwear for the court is that you should never wear any footwear you will most likely wear to the beach.

Try as much as possible not to wear shoes that make lots of noise when you walk because sometimes that can be very distracting and you will not like to distract other people in the courtroom just because you are trying to walk.

Examples of shoes to wear to court

Shoe Ratings
ZRIANG Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes 4.4/5
DADAWEN Women’s Oxfords Dress Pump Shoes 4.2/5
LifeStride Women’s Giovanna 2 Pump 4.4/5
Clarks Women’s Warren Slip-On Loafer 4.6/5
Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe 4.6/5
DREAM PAIRS Lace Up Dress Shoes 4.4/5

Accessories to wear to court

Your choice of accessories is also something you should look out for when going to the courtroom. Your accessories should not be too much or too overstated.

Your accessories must not make any form of noise or jiggle when you move.

Men should stay away from wearing any form of accessories when going to the courtroom but females can wear a piece of jewelry or two like a necklace, bracelet, a watch, earrings, and simple rings.

Scarfs are also allowed but hats are not allowed as well as sunglasses because it is a courtroom and not a beach party.

Your hair and make-up should be neat and moderately packed and your beards or mustache must be cut moderately as to not cause unnecessary attention to yourself.

Your hair should not be dirty wet or even messy and as a man do not have an unusual haircut.

Also, avoid wearing hairnets or curlers because those are meant for when you are in your house and not when you are in the courtroom.

You should not wear sunglasses unless they are medically prescribed or essentially needed.

Painting your nails and taking care of your nails is nice but do not keep extremely long nails and do not polish them in bright and colorful nail polish.

Top and Pants

Jeans are totally fine when it comes to going to court as a witness or a member of the court but skinny jeans is where you cross the line.

Instead of choosing skinny jean just wear a jean that is free and comfortable jean but it is more advisable to avoid wearing jeans to court. Your pants should be dress pants that are corporate and not colorfully designed pants.

As a lawyer or even a member of the court try as much as possible to avoid crop tops, sundresses, strapless dresses, slinky tops, teeshirts, and any type of top that is above the waistline.

Men should avoid wearing anything that is not a long-sleeved button-down shirt because any shirt that hugs your body and brings out your body features is not allowed.

Avoid sleeveless or muscle shirts because you will want the attention to be on the matter in court and not your arms. As a lady, if you are going to be wearing a skirt do not wear any skirt that is skimpy or with distracting slits.

As a man try putting on belts if your pant is dropping below your waist because that is not the type of attention you will want especially if you are the lawyer and you will be standing up to defend your case.

Do not wear shorts to court always put on long pants that cover your legs because you might not be allowed to enter the courtroom.

Regularly wearing suits is recommended but if you do not have a suit you can just wear a shirt and a well matching long pants to go with it.

Wearing sweatshirts and even sweat pants are not allowed because those are meant for your casual and personal hours, not the courtroom.

The whole purpose of dressing nice is to show that you respect the courtroom is to show that you respect the court and that you are serious about the reason you are in court.

It will not look good if you are going to court to clear your car ticket with a crop top and a stiletto the judge might get the impression that you do not take the matter seriously and that might not reflect well on the outcome of your court session.

Other unacceptable wears

 If your hair is colorful try to wear a wig or dye your hair back to more natural color. Impressions are the most important and simple is always better.

If you have a tattoo you should try to wear something to cover the tattoo because your judge or even members of the jury can be conservative and might judge you based on what you are wearing.

Try to dress exactly the way you will dress when you are going for a meeting do not attempt to wear anything you will wear when you are about to do fieldwork or when you are going to the club.

Face cap just means you are hiding something so try as much as possible to avoid face cap. Whatever you want to wear must cover your stomach, legs, shoulders, or any essential part of your body.

Say no to sleeveless clothes or tops that hug around your muscles. Wear a clean cloth that does not have any dirt or dent in it and avoid t-shirts that have loud words written on them or words that contain sexual images.

Do not wear clothes that are very tight or super big you should try to wear clothes that fit you properly because it makes you come off like someone who knows what they are doing.

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