Do Vans Have Good Arch Support?

The need for different shoe features to meet various footwear needs will always be a thing. And of course, the functionality of all shoes cannot be the same.

This is why people seek to know if some shoe models have cushioning, arch support, and at other times, heel counter guides. Then again, as regards Vans shoes, this question still springs up; “do Vans have good arch support?”

Do they?

While some shoe brands are consistent with arch support in all their shoe models, it is not the same with Van shoes – some Vans shoes have good arch support while others are not exactly so.

Our guide will keep you on track with some of Vans’ iterations that have good arch support and some that do not.

Admittedly, Vans do not have arch support for most of their shoes.

7 Vans Shoes with Arch Support

  1. Vans ComfyCush Old Skool Fashion Sneaker
  2. Vans Women’s Low Top Sneaker
  3. Vans Men’s Bearcat
  4. Vans Unisex U ComfyCush Sneaker
  5. Vans Unisex Classic
  6. Vans Low Top Trainers
  7. Vans Double Straps Sneakers

Vans ComfyCush Old Skool Fashion Sneaker

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

This is one Vans shoe with a good dose of arch support so much so that it gives you the feeling as though you are walking on clouds.

All thanks to the improved Comfycush technology. Another thing that adds to this is the silhouette – it is fashioned to give added vigor.

The outsole is made of natural rubber material which has been popular for slip resistance and traction control. And at that, it is pretty lightweight too and allows you to easily move in them without difficulty.

This Vans model comes with a novel type of upper – an improved iteration that is fashioned and geared toward not just stabilization, but also a secured fit and a soft landing. It eases down the impact of every footstrike.

The old Skool Van fashion Sneaker is inarguably an embodiment of fashion and quality. It’s cool for casual outings, however, some people have adopted it as a sports shoe because of its responsiveness and good energy return.

Vans Women’s Low Top Sneaker

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

One thing most Van users always admit to is the fact that when Vans fail to feature a core feature in their shoe, they find ways to have other features cover up for it.

For instance, this Vans women’s sneakers have no arch support but the presence of a slanted toe area and an adjusted footbed at the heel side created a fine balance for the arch.

Vans make good shoes and this isn’t an exception. A shoe is most likely going to show signs of tear or wear at the toe part.

For that, this Vans model features a reinforced toe cap that is rugged and tough to not give in to easy damage.

The outsole is made of rubber waffle; as such, there is increased flexibility, support, and balance. The good breathability is traceable to its outer material being made from mesh.

Of course, mesh as a material, has an open texture and spaced holes that are even and aid good and controlled air permissibility. Another thing that adds to this flexibility and support is its padded collar.

So many details are rightly captured in this model, despite the simplistic design.

Vans Men’s Bearcat

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

This is one Vans shoe that is big on all comfort quality but has direct arch support.

Except if the intended user has a strong need for an exact arch support feature, this Vans Bearcat is equipped with the ideal features that should keep one in comfort all day. Plus, it is a rugged and durable design too.

While other shoes come with a single stitched toe cap for added strength and durability which is good, this model is designed with a double stitched toe cap, you can only imagine the strength.

This is a classy design – in color and in silhouette; unlike other types with excessive fanciness and decorations.

Its comfortability comes from the midsole which is made of a die-cut EVA sockliner and a gum rubber outsole.

All of which collectively contribute towards the cushioning of the feet and for the slashing down of impact. The inner linings are comforting to the foot too.

Users’ reviews and the manufacturer’s notes are proof that it is true to size as well. When it comes to comfort and style, this is home – on the side of this Vans sits a fine Vans tab as well as a Vans embroidery on the tongue.

Vans Unisex U ComfyCush Sneaker

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

This becomes the ideal choice for people whose preferred Vans models are the types with very good arch support; either for personal preference or medical reasons. This is just perfect for the ride!

The upper is a blend of canvas and suede; this gives air access such that there is sweat-wicking for the prevention of moisture buildup and a good measure of odor control.

The body construction is a hybrid of rubber and foam – and this accounts for its shocking durability.

This model, because of being equipped with anti-slip line grooves, plus, considering the fact that it has a suede and rubber outsole, gives it more edge on being big on not just balance, but on a sound ground grip as well.

It comes with an almost snug fit and is very much true to size.

Its flat heel makes it cool for varying occasions that range from camping, gym, or running. The tongue stabilization, the simplified one-piece interior, and the cushioning are top-notch to keep you on the go always!

Vans Unisex Classic

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

The design of this Vans model captures majorly speed-related activities. One of which is skating.

For this reason, it is made with a truckload of cushioning for balance and impact control. It is also great for working out activities like weight squats and deadlifts where the feet get to face real pressure.

They are lovely, although made in China, but, designed in the USA, precisely, California.

This Vans shoe features a zipper at the high top. And this is a functional one that aids easy on and off.

The sole is a vulcanized rubber construction, with this, you are confident and assured of traction. A good thing about this iteration is that, despite its mass, it is still very lightweight. It is big on responsiveness too.

And yes, this is a breathable design. Using socks in this is optional as the shoe itself has some good inner linings that can help in keeping the foot warm while enhancing optimal moisture regulation.

This is unlike other shoe models that increase foot sweating and result in an offensive foot smell.

The material is a bit elastic and allows the shoe to flex with the foot. And this results in a comfortable fit.

Vans Low Top Trainers

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

This Vans gets its strength from the combined strength of plastic, canvas, and suede that makes up its fabric type; 2%, 14%, and 84% respectively.

The metal eyelets improve conducive lacing to keep the shoe tongue in place.

This iteration features heel and toe bumpers that work the prevention of cramped toes to secure a better fit. They also help in the prevention of unsightly toes from pushing to shoe edges and stocking feet from slipping.

The outsole is true to strength and grip. And for safety, the upper is designed to be multi-paneled without sacrificing its breathability.

Synthetic materials have always proven to cause heat when used in shoes’ inner linings, hence a natural type is used here.

Here, you get cushioning from the top and bottom as the cushioning comes from the footbed as well as the padded shoe tongue and collar – it’s all soft and balmy.

Vans Double Straps Sneakers

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support

This double-strap sneaker is a Vans model that has preserved the true nature of the traditional Vans skating shoe.

Although it has been upgraded in some areas, it still carries the strength for high-energy activities. The double straps have always delivered a secured fit to hold the feet in one piece.

It is made of 100% suede, and as such, it is soft and thick, which makes it suitable for many delicate uses.

Compared to most Vans iterations, this double iteration is highly durable. Although if not well dried and ventilated, it can easily be ruined.

The sole is made of natural vulcanized rubber which is both patent and strong. And due to its increased elasticity, it can stretch to a good extent without resulting in permanent deformation.

A good thing about it is that, although it is not big on arch support, its cushioning and foot guide covers up and brings the balance that should be.

While the looks may seem voluminous, it is moderately lightweight and easy to glide in.


Not all Vans shoes have arch support. In fact, a good number of their shoes do not have.

If not for necessarily foot need, one would still be almost as comfortable as with a shoe having arch support because of other features that cover up for it.

Vans shoes are rather big on cushioning as they are more geared towards comfort and high-energy activities.


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