Vans Doheny vs Era: Which Is Better?

One may not quite figure out the differences between Vans Doheny Vs Era. There’s a cool satisfaction that comes with knowing exactly what shoe one is going for, the features it has, and the material it is made of.

This is so that at the end of the day, you get exactly what you ask for.

There is not much difference between Vans Doheny and Era though.

The key detail that sets them apart is the fact that Vans Doheny is made with a vulcanized rubber outsole and Vans fabric material with a touch of cotton blend upper, and a cool light tongue.

It also has a lace-up closure and an EVA midsole.

Meanwhile, Van Era on the other hand mostly comes with a waffle natural rubber outsole with a grid pattern. It has a canvas and suede upper.

Sometimes it has a premium leather combination, and mesh too. It also has metal eyelets and a padded upper. 

What does the first glance say about Vans Doheny Vs Era?

Shoe manufacturers, apart from good features and good materials, have been paying credence to the outlook of shoes because this is the gateway to an increased purchase.

Of course, regardless of inner features and whatnot, I want to look stunning in the shoes I wear, I’m sure you do too. How good are Vans Doheny and Era as regards this?

Vans Doheny

  • Outsole: Vulcanized rubber.
  • Upper: Vans fabric, cotton blend.
  • Midsole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Eyelets: Metal eyelets

It’s quite true that Vans Doheny is a beautiful shoe, and this is far from being flowery. Its curved sole; the heel side of it, the balanced upper, the padded tongue, and beautiful colors puts it on the table of charms.

You are more likely to want to know more about the shoe at first glance. Aesthetically, Vans Doheny’s designers are indeed on top of their game.

Vans Era

  • Outsole: Rubber (grid pattern)
  • Upper: Suede and canvas upper
  • Midsole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Eyelets: Metal eyelets

Era is great looking shoes; especially that black and white color. There’s this unexplainable psychology behind its looks that seem to scream your name.

You could tell the softness of the sole from a mere stare and the balance it’d give. The round toe is cool and the collar so soft to keep the backside of your ankle in tenderness.

There is more information about these shoes. Shall we?

Vans Doheny vs Era: Comparison

1. Material

Until the collective material of each component of a shoe are good materials, that shoe is sure to live by half of its purpose, or most probably, defeats it. Shoe material transcends uppers.

It goes down to soles, insoles, midsoles, tongues, welts, and whatnot. For this reason, unless a manufacturer is intentional about making a substandard shoe, durable and ideal material for each shoe part must be adopted.

Vans Doheny

The material used for the Vans Doheny design is the popular Vans fabric material. It is very durable.

A good thing about it is its breathability; your legs are neither dry nor moist — they are kept in a moderate condition of air accessibility.

Other times, some iterations of Vans Doheny are blended with cotton. This is for the maximization of rigidity of the uppers as the density of the material increases.

Vans Era

Era material usually cuts across two things; suede and Vans material. They are very good too. While suede has the looks, the Vans material has the thickness and rigidity. Sometimes, there are Era models that combine these two.

Other times, they are individually blended with leather material; either the full-grain or corrected grain leather, this is for added quality and aesthetic appeal.

Era is quite classic and pretty versatile – it agrees with varying dressing patterns, whether casual or semi-formal.

2. Sole

The sole is to the shoe what the foundation is to a house. Every other shoe component rests on it. It is for this reason that the quality of a shoe’s sole should not be compromised.

The sole directly comes in contact with the worst of conditions, three times more, than that which every other part is faced with. Let’s see how good Vans Doheny and Era are on this.

Vans Doheny

The sole of Vans Doheny is made with vulcanized rubber. This type of rubber is made by mixing natural rubber and sulfur, after which it is subjected to intense heating.

This automatically alters and changes the rubber’s chemical structure, thereby creating nice interlinks between the polymers, such that it makes them more durable and strong.

Soles made from this material are usually skid-resistant and strong. Vans Doheny has a better sole than Era. This is a revolutionized design.

Vans Era

Era sole is made of rubber. It is cool, strong, and anti-slip too. But that is just that for that. There is no synthetic push as opposed to the sole type of Vans Doheny shoe.

Although, it is made to have a grid pattern, and this covers up for where it lacks good traction.

This sole type allows for a better grip on treacherous surfaces and also for shock absorption. It is also very flexible too. And this adds to the overall foot gain.

3. Durability

Every shoe should be designed with the intent to last. To what end are the cool features and designs that a shoe should exude if it cannot stand the test of time?

It becomes vexatious to a user when his footwear wears out or his shoe’s components dislodge at the peak of enjoying it. With this said, we shall be analyzing the durability of Vans Doheny and Era.

Vans Doheny

Vans Doheny is quite durable. Let’s consider the factors that make this. The insole which has the direct weight of the foot and comes directly in contact with it too is made of the famous durable EVA, the upper which bears the dirt and dust.

It has a good blend of cotton and Vans material, it has strong eyelets that are not easily subject to spoiling, and the sole being made of vulcanized rubber are all contributing factors that make Vans Doheny not easily prone to spoil.

Vans Era

Era on the other hand is durable too. Although Vans Doheny beats it still on this end. Nonetheless, Era is a durable shoe. It is just a matter of relative comparison. Era has better quality than many on-the-counter shoes.

What do you expect from shoes that are made with premium leather? Other iterations are made from good suede and Vans material though. They’re designed to have great wear and tear resistance.

4. Insole

Nobody wants to have their feet in shoes where comfort is little or nonexistent. The comfortability of a shoe is largely dependent on the insole because it directly comes in contact with it.

Although the shoe’s walls contribute to this too, that is comparable to a little extent.

There are features each sole should be equipped with, without which they may not be of true and effective importance. Let’s see how the shoes in this article reflect this.

Vans Doheny

The sole of Vans Doheny is made of long-lasting materials. The top is made of moderately dense fabric while the rest is made of soft EVA foam. It is pretty soft and offers better cushioning (although at a controlled rate).

Its foot-friendliness is top-notch because it is very mild and therapeutic underneath the feet. Users have confessed the thrilling and balmy sensation that goes with every step.

Vans Era

The cushy insole of the Vans Era is dependent on the shoe models; while some are made of EVA, some are made of the same Vans material.

The designers of the Vans Era wittingly make their insole to better the comfort of the shoe and slashes down misalignment.

It has a very good and controlled level of simulation, and a nice roundup texture just so there is a moderate sensory input and minimal friction.

Not to defame the insole of Vans Doheny, but Vans Era has a more comfortable insole. So, insole-wise, Vans Era insole is the go-to guy here.

5. Size/Fit

Sizing and fitting also have a major role to play in the overall customers’ satisfaction when it comes to shoes.

There’s little or no meaning and satisfaction in putting on a shoe that is ridiculously too small or too large, there has to be a balance.

Well, when it comes to sizing, you must study the size chart of the particular shoe brand that you want and relate it to the sizing pattern of your country.

Vans Doheny

Vans Doheny is known to be true to size, however, if you are torn between two unfavorable options, then it would be more favorable to you if you size down.

This is because it is not very snug and it has a little extra space. Although there are size differences between the models. Vans Doheny has a good fitting too.

Provided it is well laced, the shoe tongue in place and the right size, you are good to go.

Vans Era

Vans Era is also true to size. Although it has better fitting than Vans Doheny because of its preferred insole.

If you want a better ground grip, then go for Vans Doheny, but if you want a more comfortable feeling, then Vans Era is the ideal choice. You are likely to have the right size with Vans Era as you have it in other shoes that fit well.

6. Price

Price is influenced by all the accumulated factors involved in a shoe design.

From the adopted material to design and construction, to the insole, to the midsole, all the stitching involved, and the demand that each shoe iteration and model has. Demand especially.

It is the law of buying and selling that demand has a direct proportionality to price.

Vans Doheny

Vans Doheny shoe prices range from $60 to $130 depending on the exact model that is purchased. One thing remains true with Vans Doheny, it is worth its price.

There are other iterations of Doheny that are a tad pricier than the aforementioned price. But this is the dominant price of most of its models.

Vans Era

There is not much difference between the price of Vans Era and Vans Doheny. Vans Era too also has its price ranging from $60 to $130 as the model demands. Vans Era is a cool shoe too and is worth its price.

7. Fashion Quality

Vans Doheny truly has a more fashionable appearance than Era. While Doheny wins for aesthetic appeal, Era has the mature look and the class.

Quite frankly, these two shoes still compete in terms of appearance. And which is better depends on the buyer’s choice.

Plus, another factor that gives Vans Doheny an edge over Era on fashion quality is because there are many Doheny designs which logically gives Doheny a higher chance of dominance on this end.

8. Overall Quality

Aside from very good maintenance and less use of a shoe, the main factor that influences how a shoe lasts is not solely the material used.

The construction; how every part is engineered to morph into a single component, the adhesive used in binding them, the stitching, and all factors geared towards making a better shoe.

While some manufacturers consider this, some do not. And this is the reason for the large durability margin between shoes.

Vans Doheny takes the lead for the overall quality because it has better durability and a better outsole.

Although Era has a better insole that drives more comfort, that is not a factor to contend with the qualities embedded in Vans Doheny.


Vans Doheny vs Era may be quite confusing, especially as there is a striking closeness between them.

There is no large margin between their durability and general quality. Doheny only takes the lead as per relative comparison. We intend that you are equipped with the right knowledge when choosing between the two.

Hence this article for a guide.


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