How To Dry Bog Boots (in 2022)

When drying your Bogs boots, you want to make sure it is not to the detriment of the footwear’s material. There is a right and wrong way to do it when it comes to drying Bog boots.

It is widely believed that the best way to dry Bog boots is by using a hairdryer or some other form of heat. This will help them last longer, which is important because they can be expensive.

How true is this? Should this be the only option? Because you also want them to look good for as long as possible.

There are many other materials used in making Bog boots, and these will all have their special guidelines for drying as well, especially when they eventually get wet inside (Bogs do get wet inside!)

The rest of this article will look at different methods to properly dry your bog boots without deterring the quality.

5 Best ways to dry Bogs boots (With a step-by-step process)

The five best ways to dry Bogs boots we will be looking at extensively are:

  1. Using radiator/heating vent
  2. Using balled-up newspaper
  3. Using small towels
  4. The use of a bowl of rice
  5. Using Fan

Using radiator/heating vent

The radiator is an excellent place to dry your Bog boots. You can either hang them up on the radiator brackets or place the boots on top.

The long and low-powered heating vents are perfect for drying Bog boots because they allow air to circulate below the boot while it dries.

To properly dry your Bog Boots, you need to find a way to expose both the inside and outside of the shoe as much as possible to air circulation.

Hanging up your boots on a radiator bracket will ensure that ventilated airflow circulates directly below the boot and speeds up drying time.

Using balled-up newspaper

Once the boots are wet, it cannot be easy to get them to stop oozing water. And imagine the smell! One way to dry these boots is by using balled-up newspaper. It is usually referred to as an old-fashioned way of drying boots.

First, get a newspaper and make sure it is moderately balled up to have air circulation. Stuff the boots with balled-up newspaper, and then replace it as it gets wet.

This method will dry the inside of Bogs boots in a few hours. So, it is not a fast method, but it is safe, easy to do, and effective.

This simple trick can save you a lot of time and hassle when you are in a hurry or out in the wilderness and away from any electricity source.

Using small towels

Small towels can dry Bog Boots as they soak up water that might be left in the boots.

The ideal way to dry boots is by using a hairdryer or heating the boot with hot water and then drying them, but small towels can be used if this is not available.

All you need to do with this method is stuff the boots with a small towel or facecloth. (I’d recommend using microfibre towels)

It may take around two hours for the boots to dry with the towel technique because it requires a lot more effort.

However, it is worth noting that this method provides a more natural way of drying as it will not cause flattening and wrinkling.

What about using rice?

Rice is one of the best solutions for soaking up moisture. It will absorb any wetness and dry out your boots.

The idea behind this method is that rice can attract moisture from anything due to its porous nature and because it expands when absorbing liquid.

When you place rice inside the wet Bogs, it will soak up any excess water and eventually dry out your boots in just one day.

For this method, you want to first fill a bucket with rice and then put the wet Bogs boots into that bucket.

You want to cover it up and keep it for a while to allow the rice to absorb the water from the footwear so that it becomes dry and ready to wear again.

Using a Fan

It does take a lot of time for boots to dry. A fan is a great way to speed up the process. Here are instructions on how to use the fan:

  • Place the Bogs boots with wet soles, tongue facing upwards, and turn them on their side with the opening at the bottom.
  • Find a space and place a fan perpendicular to where the boots are sitting. Swap between high and low speeds based on desired heat or air movement level.
  • If you can’t find an empty spot, find a large box or plastic container to slice open and lean against your desk or chair.

Drying Bogs boots: Take note of these!

Whether you are using the conventional method or other DIY options to dry your Bogs boots, you want to take note of these few tips to ensure that the drying process is sped up and you aren’t damaging your footwear.

First of all, no matter the method you choose to dry your boots with, it would be best if you take off the laces of the boots before starting the drying process.

Another thing you’d want to consider removing before drying is the boots’ insoles (if possible). It can be dried separately.

In addition, above all the options for drying Bogs boots listed above, using a dryer is the easiest way when you don’t have enough time and can’t wait for the sun to dry them up.

However, when using a dryer, you want to make sure you set the temperature of your dryer as required.

Final thoughts

If you are concerned with the longevity of your Bogs boots, then I will advise you to stick with the slow process of drying boots.

No matter how slow these methods are, they will give you a dry boot overnight for your next shift or trip in the next morning.

Boots are the backbone of any winter wardrobe. Not just for the style but for the practicalities of keeping your feet warm and dry. To get the most from them, it’s important to take good care of them before and after a trip out in the snow.

To ensure your boots last as long as possible, there are proper ways to dry Bog boots discussed in the article above.

I hope you found this helpful.


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