Dryshod vs Bogs Boots: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Dryshod and Bogs is the materials they are made of. Dryshod boots are made of genuine rubber of premium quality, unlike Bogs which are made of recycled materials (laces, jerseys, and rubber) to form the rubber.

The genuine rubber is more durable than the recycled rubber that Bogs employs. The one advantage of recycled leather, however, is that it is less expensive than natural leather but they don’t have the same quality as natural leather.

Which is better: Dryshod or Bogs?

When comparing two brands, we look at all their products and their various categories. The answer to this question is not just our opinion.

It is a compilation of reviews, videos, photos, facts, and loads of information from many websites. With that said, Dryshod boots are better than Bogs boots. Let’s go into why.

The material of Dryshod is tougher and more durable

I already mentioned this before but there is more to it than the rubber used. You see these boots are designed in such a way that one part is made of rubber and the other part, the rest of the outer is made of a different material.

The part made of rubber forms the boots and goes a bit to the shin. For Dryshod, the rest of the outer is made of DENSOPRENE material. It is tougher and more durable than neoprene.

Neoprene is what most boots, including Bogs, are made of. That doesn’t mean that Bogs boots are of poor quality. It just means that the quality is not up to that of Dryshod.

Dryshod leverages the height to support tougher terrains

This may not seem a valid point to some people but it is important to note. Dryshod boots are measured by shaft cut to be high or medium.

The boots with a high shaft cut are 17 inches (43.18 cm) high. This is good for waddling across puddles and working on the dirt. They will protect your feet and clothes to that height, which is just above your knees.

Bogs boots are not that high. The highest boots are 13 inches (33.02 cm) a whopping 4 inches smaller than Dryshod. Despite that, keep in mind that Dryshod is meant to be the toughest boot for any terrain, hence the height.

Dryshod soles have better traction than Bogs

The soles of Bogs boots are said to have traction but they can not be compared to the soles of Dryshod boots. Bogs boots are similar to the design of regular shoes.

Looking at them, it is hard to believe that can actually keep you from slipping. They might work well on slippery terrain but not as good Dryshod. Dryshod boots have an outsole made of rubber just like Bogs but this rubber is so tough that it is strong that it is puncture resistant.

Also, just like the picture above, the outsole has bumps on them designed for traction and better grip with the ground. This way no matter the surface you are walking or working on, you won’t slip.

Better breathability

Both Dryshod and Bogs boots have parts of them that are breathable. For Bogs boots, it is the original insoles that come together with the boots that are breathable.

The breathable insoles prevent discomfort by allowing ventilation. Dryshod boots do not have breathable insoles. The whole DENSOPRENE outer is breathable with a breathable air mesh lining.

Similarities between Dryshod and Bogs boots

Dryshod vs Bogs
DryShod Boots

Here are some similarities between Bogs and Dryshod. Also, think of them as features of these boots:

They have insulated boots

Both dryshod and bogs are insulated boots. What are insulated boots? Insulated boots are boots designed to keep your feet warm as long as you are wearing them.

Insulated boots feature much more material like shearling or Thinsulate, that keep your feet warm. On warmer days, or during summer they are not ideal because of the heat but they are more comfortable and provide more cushioning than non-insulated boots.

Another downside is they are bulkier than non-insulated boots.

They both have arch support

If you are going to be working all day on your feet and doing some real work, you will need boots with every type of comfort you can get. Both dryshod and bogs boast arch support.

Dryshod has a nylon shank coupled with the EVA midsole that gives arch support. The midsole not only gives you cushioning but also keeps cold out.

Bogs boots feature a slipper-feel straight out of the box. This comfort envelops the entire feet and reduces fatigue on your arches.

Stretchy and flexible mesh

Like I mentioned earlier, the two boots have an outer made of two materials. For Dry Shod boots, the DENSOPRENE material is the second part of the outer while for Bogs boot it is neoprene. These two materials are foldable.

Just the way you fold your sleeves, it is the same way you can fold them around the outer made of rubber. You can do this because they are flexible and allow stretching without breaking the rubber.

This also makes it easier to wear and take off. For Bogs, the neoprene outer is smaller because the outer part made of rubber is higher than it is in Dryshod.


Both Dryshod and Bogs boots are waterproof. The advantage of this feature is that you can use them in wet weather without damaging them. You can wear them in the rain and snow without any breaking in the material.

The rubber material also prevents dirt, mud, and debris from sticking to the boots. With a quick spray, you can hose off the boots to get the dirt off.

They are comfortable boots

Dryshod and Bogs boots are very comfortable. Dryshod boots have an EVA insole for cushioning and comfort. Aside from that, they are also well-cushioned with a reinforced instep and double Achilles heel.

Bogs boots come with a removable insole and are padded with a Rebound cushion that absorbs shock as well as provides comfort.

Technical differences between Dryshod and Bogs?

Dryshod vs Bogs
Bogs Boots

Dryshod boots fit loose while Bogs are snugly fit

The two boots do not fit the same way. We are looking at fitting from what the manufacturer intended. Dryshod boots are meant to fit loose. They are supposed to be comfortable but loose. This is to allow air circulation through the breathable mesh and it is very important because the boots are insulated.

Bogs boots are meant to fit snug and comfy so when you put on a pair of Bogs boots they are not tight or loose. They should just fit like a glove.

Dryshod boots are US sized, Bogs are UK sized

Sizing for most shoes most times depends on the location of production. If shoes are produced in the US they are naturally measured according to the US sizing chart. Dryshod is designed in Danbury, Connecticut. It is measured according to the US measurement.

Since they are meant to be loose, you don’t size down unless you have really narrow feet. If you are a woman wearing 8 for example, you should buy a 9 in Dryshod boots. Bogs boots are also sized according to US measurements. They are also sized in the UK and European measurements.

When ordering your Bogs, remember to size up by the next whole size and be sure of your size because there are no conversion methods between the three measurements.

Also remember, they are not produced in half sizes because they are made from European lasts. So when you order, order the next size up. For example, I would buy a size 8, if I wear 7.5 or 7

Bogs boots use seamless construction method, Dryshod boots use vulcanized seamless construction

Both Bogs boots and Dryshod boots have the upper and a part of the outer made of rubber. The process by which the two are made differently and it, in turn, affects their structures.

Bogs boots are produced using the seamless construction method. In the past, boots like Bogs used the vulcanization process where many pieces of rubber are layered on the boots to give them thickness and make them durable.

They are then glued and sewn to the other parts of the boots like the sole and upper. Over time the glue will weaken and the stitches where flexing has occurred the most will become undone.

With the seamless construction that Bogs employs the recycled rubber is put in a compression mold and around the boot so that only a single layer of strong rubber makes the boots.  The result is a more durable, lightweight pair.

Dryshod boots tried to combine the two. The soles, upper and other parts of the boots go through the compressed mold then they are vulcanized together.

That’s not all. Dryshod shoes are then coated in HYDROKOTE. This makes the boots water repellent and ensures that they dry quickly. The HYDROKOTE gives the boots a feel similar to grease. It also helps dirt slip off them

Dryshod are wider than Bogs boots

Aside from the structure, the makeup and design of the two boots are not the same. Dryshod boots have a gusset at the back of each boot. This makes it wearable for those with fat calves, and for extra pieces of clothes to fit.

You can tighten them to make them fit your calves perfectly with the adjustable locking strap. This way you can work for hours comfortably.

Bogs boots don’t have a strap or gusset like Dryshod boots but they have holes at the side of the outer material that make them easy to wear. They also have a small bump at the heel counter that you can place the other feet on to remove them easily.

Why should you buy Dryshod?

Dryshod boots have many points over Bogs boots. Another point that makes them top of the line is that their comfort is rated -46°C to -54°C (-50°F to 65°F) while Bogs boots are rated -34°C (-30°F).

Also, Dryshod boots have more sizes than Bogs boots. If you have feet that are too narrow or too wide or have an odd shape, these shoes will see to all those needs.

You can easily remove the soles and replace them with orthopedic soles. That is a plus. They also come in full and half sizes while Bogs boots are produced in only full sizes.

Dryshod boots also have an EVA sock liner. All these are breathable, reducing sweating, foot odor, and any other type of discomfort on the feet. The water repellent and waterproof features also keep moisture out.

Why should you buy Bogs?

Bogs boots may be of good quality but they can not be compared with Dryshod boots. Despite the difference in quality, it has features that Dryshod doesn’t have.

Bogs boots come with insoles with odor protection. Remember that they are insulated boots. When you wear them in warm weather, the feet tend to sweat. To prevent foot odor is the odor protection insole.

Coupled with that is a sock-liner that wicks away moisture. This will keep your feet dry and odor-free.

Another point to Bogs boots is that they have holes on the neoprene outer that serve as pull-on handles for you to put them on easily.

Let’s not forget aesthetics. Bogs boots beat Dryshod boots when it comes to design and colors. They are more attractive and appealing especially to women and children. For men, they cover an array of neutral colors.


And that’s all for today, everyone. Thank you for reading. Now that you know all about these two brands all you have to do is decide.

Keep in mind that they come in categories, so get to know all you can about them before purchasing them.

Don’t leave without dropping a comment. Let us know your thoughts.


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