DC Shoes Original vs Fake: 9 Ways To Know You’re Buying A Fake

DC shoes are some of the most comfortable skate shoes that you can purchase today for a really good price. When it comes to the streetwear fashion style, these shoes are definitely footwear that you should consider having in your wardrobe.

“DC” is actually short for Droors Clothing.

In this article, you are going to find out the top 10 ways to know if your DC shoes are original or fake. With the number of fakes being sold on the market today, it is important that you have this kind of information to protect yourself.

9 ways to know if your DC shoe is original or fake

For the skate culture and vibes, DC shoes represent the kind of footwear that will keep you comfortable, free and easygoing all day long. Many people go for DC shoes because of how trendy, comfortable and innovative they are – on the go.

For you to make a great purchase of original DC shoes, there are some things that you have to keep in mind concerning the authenticity and quality of the footwear that you are buying.

Once you know what you should look out for, and you keep that knowledge to heart, you should be able to appropriately get the right kind of comfortable DC shoes today – without falling into the hands of scams who sell fakes.

The Top 9 ways to know if your DC shoes are original or fake are:

  • The Design Of The DC Brand Name
  • Quality Of The Logo
  • Price
  • Packaging For New Purchases
  • Brand Information/Information About The Shoes
  • Material Quality
  • Durability
  • Location Of The Manufacturing Plant
  • Price and Information Labels

The Design Of The DC Brand Name

This is often one of the easiest ways for you to spot a fake DC shoe from afar. Often, fake DC shoes don’t just look right to the trained eye when the design of the brand name is appraised.

The name “DC”, and how it is written on the shoes that you want to purchase, should tell you a lot about the quality of the shoes and their background.

It’s easier to tell how fake a pair of shoes is by just looking at how the brand names are written. For the most part of it, people who manufacture and sell fake versions of shoes and other fashion items do not want to give credit to the owner of the real brand.

Therefore, even when they gain a lot from their fake relationship with the brand, these fake shoe manufacturers don’t want to give them credit for making the kind of products that everyone loves.

When people love what you are doing, and enjoy your products and services, there are bound to be some imitations. However, most of those imitations won’t like to give you the due honor for inspiring them to do anything at all.

Because of this, producers of fake DC shoes don’t put much work into the branding work of the DC name on the shoes. You’d most likely notice that the stitch – work and other brand elements of the “DC” name on the fake shoes are always looking sloppy.

Sloppy name designs are a clear indication of fake shoes.

Real DC shoes look like this:

Quality of the logo  

Now, apart from the design of the brand name, another way to effectively separate the fake chaff from the true substance of DC shoes is to observe how the logo is designed on the shoes.

Just like the writing of the name, the details of the DC logo on the shoes you plan on getting are something that you pay much attention to.

It is very easy to spot fake logo designs because the manufacturers of fake shoes don’t have the patience to get the branding right.

Brand and style is the watchword here.

There is a unique form with which the logos on DC shoes are stylized today; you can’t get this kind of quality with fake shoes.

The people who make fake shoes just want to make a profit, they don’t care about sending a message and making an impact with their brand.

They have no real brand!

To catch them at their own game, compare the logo on the fake shoes with the logo of original DC shoes (like the one we referenced in the design of the DC brand name).

A logo with great quality in the design and detailing is often a good indication of the authenticity of the shoes you have bought. Runaway from those “sellers” who attempt to give you DC shoes with bad logos.

Even the placement of the logos matter in situations like this; take care not to lose sight of what the true DC logo should look and feel like – also have a good idea of where the logo should be placed.

The logo of fake DC shoes look horrible, like this:

DC Shoes Original vs Fake DC Shoes Original vs Fake


Let’s face it, you can most likely already tell that shoes are fake when you hear and/or see the price that they are being sold for – whether online or offline.

Ridiculous prices for fake shoes are often so much lower than the price tags that are attached to the original shoes. For DC shoes, this rings true as well.

Fake DC shoes cannot be sold at the same price as the originals because they are less efficient, comfortable, and cozy, and, the materials used in making them are not as premium and long-standing as the materials that are used for making the originals.

Your best bet is to go to trusted online stores like Amazon in order to get the full breakdown of the price list for DC shoes.

When you have an idea of the official cost prices, you should be easily able to spot a fake when the price goes way lower than the standard.

A lot of mishaps and misadventures occur when we shop for clothes as the online and/or offline stores – fake products are still a menace in society today, and they are one of the mishaps that we may encounter.

Some people even buy fake shoes for the same price that they would get the original quality. This act is sponsored by the callousness and selfishness of the manufacturers and distributors of fake shoes.

You can’t be satisfied with wearing fakes, and you definitely won’t get your money’s worth, so you better know your prices well enough before you go to buy DC shoes.

Because DC shoes are a streetwear brand, they are often copied and faked all over the place.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against falling victim to the nuisance of fake DC shoes is to get yourself fully acquainted with the official prices of DC shoes.

You can search out these prices on Amazon and then go to the official DC Company website for confirmation.

The price of this pair of DC shoes should give you a good idea of how the Original Versions are priced:

Packaging for new purchases

DC Shoes Original vs Fake
DC Shoes packaging

You just know that you have bought fake DC shoes when the packaging that comes with your “new” shoes doesn’t have the special brand elements of the DC company.

First of all, your new DC shoes should come in a box.

Then, that box should be appropriately tagged and designed with DC branding schemes (logos, brand name, etc.) and enough information about the product.

Fake shoes often don’t have the proper packaging for your shoes. In fact, once you have gotten them, you will most surely notice the awkwardness of the shoebox/pack – especially if you have been getting shoes like this before.

DC shoes are always wrapped up fresh for the customer, so you should keep an eye out for the details. The box that is used to enclose your shoes should be fresh and clean – it shouldn’t look used.

Keep your eyes open for indications of fake products so that you won’t be scammed out of your hard-earned cash.

The funny thing is you might not even need to do much about this aspect at all – some people, after manufacturing fake shoes, still go ahead to wrap these shoes up in other brand boxes.

If you see another brand’s logo on the box that is meant to package your “new” DC shoes, you have most likely purchased a pair of fake DC shoes, my friend.

Brand information about the shoes

DC shoes mostly have the appropriate amount of information about their product right on the body of the shoes. You can easily see things like shoe size, official headquarter of the DC company, other logo placements, etc. on different parts of your pair of DC shoes.

For fake shoes, you won’t see the same level of accuracy and precision that is present in the original DC shoes – when it comes to giving enough information about the shoes and the company they come from

On the body of the shoes, on the insoles, on the soles, you will see several pieces of good-to-knows that will help you to really understand the pair of shoes that you are thinking of buying.

Again, you should compare fake DC shoes with original DC shoes that you are sure of. Trying to see if the brand information on a pair of shoes is correct can get confusing when you don’t have a reference point.

Using a pair of original DC shoes as a reference point is a good way to see if the current DC shoes you are trying to buy are fake or not.

Don’t fall for the fakesters that abound today; most of them will surely get the brand information wrong because they don’t have the official rights to produce their fake products.

Check out how cool this original pair of DC shoes is (you can use it as a reference point to find out how the brand information is placed):


Material Quality

Feel the material used to make your pair of DC shoes.

Feel the material used to make the pair of DC shoes that you are planning on purchasing.

If you already have an authentic pair of DC shoes at home (again with the reference points! Their importance cannot be emphasized enough), it would be a good idea for you to wear these shoes to the store when you want to get another pair of the same DC brand.

Compare Original DC shoes to the fake versions with as many details as you can, before you make any solid purchases. Before buying anything that you might regret buying, it would be a good idea for you to have a full idea of the quality of materials used for making DC shoes.

Fake DC shoes rarely have the silhouette quality that authenticates the existence of a pair of great DC shoes. It is really not that pain-staking a task to find out the fakes among the greats; all you need to do is to find out what the proper foundation should be.

Great DC shoes are made with synthetic soles and structured outsoles that don’t break down easily. You can definitely expect fakes DCs to have less value when it comes to material quality and strength.


We just talked about the quality of materials used in making DC shoes right? Durability connects to that aspect of the discussion well enough, as you will now see.

When inferior materials are used to illegally reproduce the design of a pair of authentic shoes, the results of that mistake would be pairs of fake shoes that don’t last long enough to give anybody the value for their money.

You are much better off buying yourself a pair of authentic DC shoes right now; the fakes will only give you heartbreaks that make your head and feet ache.

It is no secret for us shoe lovers to avoid buying fake shoes at all costs, because they break away at our feet, and expire, long before the original versions start to wear and tear.

When you notice that your pair of DC shoes are breaking down way too quickly, you certainly may have gotten yourself a pair of fake shoes that should never be bought.

Location of the manufacturing plant

dc shoes original

The Location of the Manufacturing Plant that made the DC shoes you are considering is always well-indicated for you to see. You can always find out where your DC shoes are made when you look underneath your shoes.

Original DC shoes always have the manufacturing location written on the soles of the shoes. All you need to do is look at the soles and you would see that information written as “Made In…”.

For most of the original DC shoes being sold today, Vietnam is the top location where they were made. Therefore, you will mostly likely see “Made In Vietnam” on the shoe soles.

Fake DC shoes may not even bother with this detail.

You won’t get the true location of the shoe’s manufacturing origins when you look at the soles of fake DC shoes.

Price and information labels

The price tag and information labels attached to the DC shoes you buy should be another indication that you have made a successful purchase of original shoes or not.

If you don’t get the tags attached to your shoes, you have most likely bought yourself some fakes and you need to get your money. STAT!

These labels have the complete information of the shoes that you have bought, and they also include the warnings and warranties that you need to keep in mind.

The information contained on the Price Labels and Information Tags of Original DC shoes are:

  • Shoe Size
  • Model of DC Shoes
  • Cost Price
  • Colour of Purchased DC Shoes
  • Barcode
  • Unique Product Code
  • Country of Manufacture
  • Fit

If you don’t see the above pieces of information written on the labels of your DC shoes, you might have to go and return them – if you can – as they are probably fake products that won’t last you.

The best kind of DC shoes for you to buy today are the following:



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