Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs?

Jibbitz seems to be all the rage now as we have evidently found another great way to enjoy our comfortable pair of Crocs. These Jibbitz are very wonderful accessories to have because they help to stylize and personalize Crocs to fit the wearers.

You can get the right kind of Jibbitz for your Crocs today once you shop correctly for the accessories that go well with you. Your Crocs just need to have that extra spice that Jibbitz brings.

Jibbitz fits all Crocs because they come in Push Button Form, Clip Form, and Tie Form. All these designs/forms of Jibbitz make them versatile enough to fit well with all Crocs, and indeed, most other kinds of footwear as well.

What to check before buying Crocs Jibbitz

I know that you are really eager to test out the uniqueness and fun stylishness of Jibbitz right now, but you however have to calmly assess a few points before you buy these awesome pieces.

Jibbitz comes in many shapes, sizes, designs, and forms; therefore, you should keep certain requirements in mind before you order any kind of Jibbitz online or offline.

Some of the things that you have to duly consider before buying Jibbitz are: 

  • Type Of Crocs/Shoe
  • Design Preference for The Jibbitz Pieces
  • Long-Standing Quality
  • Size Of The Holes (On Clogs)

Type of Crocs/Shoe 

Like we just noted, Jibbitz can be gotten in the Push Button Form, Clip Form or Tie Form.

There are a variety of ways that you can use these Jibbitz to maximum effect, for a number of shoes, but you must first know what kind of shoes you are buying the Jibbitz for.

For basic Croc clogs, the regular “Push Button Form” Jibbitz should work well for beautification and additional design.

These types of Jibbitz are the original forms that were initially made; they fit well into the holes of the Crocs and make the clogs look better.

For lace-up shoes, the “Clip Form” Jibbitz (or Clip Jibbitz) should work really fine. These clip Jibbitz can be conveniently attached to the laces of the shoes that you want to personalize.

More information about this type of Jibbitz Charms can be gotten here.

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

For sandals and flip-flops (also made by Crocs), you should use the “Tie – Form” Jibbitz to wrap the front end of the footwear with a cool design.

As you can see, most types of footwear can be stylishly beautified with the addition of Jibbitz. You need to have a good idea of the kind of shoes you have before you go to buy Jibbitz.

These Jibbitz are great for your sandals and flip-flops, learn more about them here.

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

Design preference for the Jibbitz pieces

You should also consider the kind of designs you want on your Jibbitz pieces before you buy them. After all, these Jibbitz are meant to showcase your individuality and uniqueness through the accessories that you place on your shoes.

Do well to pick Jibbitz that fits your personality and individual fashion style well enough. There are a lot of cool-looking Jibbitz on sale today, you will surely find something that deeply resonates with you.

Long-standing quality 

Feel the Jibbitz pieces you want to buy and imagine them being on your feet for a long time: Do they last? Do the Jibbitz feel too weak in your hands as you hold them?

If you are not going to get top durability and a long-lasting value for your money, then there’s really not much reason for you to buy any kind of Jibbitz charms today.

Apart from these Jibbitz being fashionable and trendy, they are also supposed to last you for a long time, with the same quality in design and beauty.

It is not useful for you to buy Jibbitz charms that fade away in attractiveness over a short time. If the durability of the Jibbitz is questionable, you shouldn’t buy it at all.

Don’t buy Jibbitz charms that won’t last you for a considerable amount of time. Go for Jibbitz charms that possess the capacity to serve you well by accessorizing your shoes for a long-standing period of time.

Size of the holes (on the clogs)

This goes without saying, but – if the Jibbitz is too big or too small for the holes on your clogs, they won’t fit properly.

Whenever you are buying cool Jibbitz pieces for your clogs, you need to make sure that you get the sizing right, so that you make successful purchases.

It wouldn’t do for you to be stuck with a nice Jibbitz charm that doesn’t fit your pair of Crocs in the right way. Take note of the holes on your Crocs before you go to buy Jibbitz today.

There are different sizes of Jibbitz charms available; once you get the right size for your pair of clogs, you will truly enjoy the trendy beautification of the Jibbitz charms.

Are Jibbitz that important for your Crocs?

Jibbitz charms are not really important for your crocs, but they sure do look good.

The main point of having Jibbitz charms is so that you can personalize and decorate your Crocs shoes in the way that you like.

When you have the option of making your shoes even more unique than they are, on your feet, you would have to take a look and see what the option feels like. Right?

Jibbitz charms are small accessories that make people feel even greater about their footwear, because of how these charms effortlessly do their work of accessorizing and styling.

The extra design that you get from using Jibbitz charms with your Crocs is really commendable if you like that kind of thing. However, it is not a necessary part that MUST be added to your Crocs.

You can definitely wear your Crocs right without Jibbitz, but take note that these Jibbitz charms and pieces are great for adding some flavor and spice to your footwear.

Pairs of Crocs are given a more fashionable look when cool and appropriate-looking Jibbitz pieces are added on.

So, while Jibbitz isn’t that important to the functionality of your Crocs, they are better for the extra beauty that your pair of Crocs could get from them.

Can you use Jibbitz on other shoes apart from Crocs

Jibbitz Charms can be used on most kinds of shoes today, once you get the sizing and form of Jibbitz well enough. With the appropriate kind of Jibbitz, you are on your way to duly personalizing most of the shoes that are sold today.

Jibbitz comes in three forms like we already mentioned at the beginning, and these three forms of Jibbitz are versatile enough to fit and blend into the designs of many footwear today.

You can wear your Jibbitz on shoes that are not even Crocs. Yes, that is very possible.

The other forms of Jibbitz (the “Clip Jibbitz” and the “Tie Jibbitz”) were made to join up with the original form of Jibbitz (the “Push Button” Jibbitz) in order to satisfy all the shoes in Crocs catalog.

Crocs don’t make foam clogs with holes alone, they also make other kinds of shoes as well. The Jibbitz Charms now fit all the Crocs clogs and shoes, once you buy them appropriately.

Since they fit most of the Crocs line of footwear well enough, it is no surprise that these lovely accessories also blend nicely with the fits of other shoes as well.

Some of the shoes that can be used with Jibbitz are:

  • Sneakers/Fashionable Lace Up Shoes
  • Clogs
  • Sandals

Sneakers/Fashionable Lace Up Shoes

You can use your Jibbitz Charms to emboss, personalize, beautify, stylize and design your sneakers and other lace-up shoes if you need to.

Clip Jibbitz is the best kind of Jibbitz to use for your shoes with laces.

Once you use these types of Jibbitz for your shoes, you will see that you get a more personal feeling and sense of love towards the shoes – especially when you pick the Jibbitz especially.


Clogs are certainly the best kind of footwear for Jibbitz use.

I mean, they are literally called Crocs Jibbitz.

Clogs have holes that can fit well with the original “Push Button” type of Jibbitz charms. These types of stylish Jibbitz are the first type of Crocs Jibbitz ever manufactured.

The “Push Button” Jibbitz Charms work best for most of the clogs you have now. (If you are using Fuzzy Foam Crocs/Clogs, you should make use of the Clip Jibbitz.)


The best kind of Jibbitz Charms to use for sandals, flip-flops, and other such open-toed footwear is “Tie-Form” Jibbitz.

All you have to do is tie these Jibbitz Charms on the front straps of the footwear and you’re set.

It’s really cool if you can get your style up by using these Jibbitz with your sandals. It’s a really good style. For you to take this up, make sure you order for Tied Jibbitz Charms when you next feel like changing up the look of your sandals or flip-flops.

Jibbiz you should buy online

We don’t want you to feel like you have made a bad purchase, and we certainly don’t want you to do that – not after you have read this article, certainly not!

So, for you not to buy the wrong kind of Jibbitz, you are now going to see the top three Jibbitz Charms online today. I’m recommending Amazon because you are going to get the best value for your money there.

Here are some of the best Jibbitz Charms online today:

  • 10 Packs Of Crocs Nature Jibbitz
  • 3-Pack Crocs Jibbitz Charms With Sayings
  • Crocs Personalized Letter Jibbitz

10 Packs Of Crocs Nature Jibbitz

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

These Nature Jibbitz are the coolest accessories that you can use for your shoes today. I’m sure that this deal is the best for you to take when you want to get them.

Nature Jibbitz are customizable, and you can still get some of the high-fashion designs that give your shoes that outdoorsy feel.

Isn’t nature cool?

3-Pack Crocs Jibbitz Charms With Sayings

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

If you are someone who loves words and wise sayings, these types of Jibbitz charms have designs that could really speak to you.

For a very affordable cost price, you can get the 3-Pack Crocs Jibbitz Charms With Sayings for your shoes. Many customers report that they feel so cool when they use these Jibbitz.

Crocs Personalized Letter Jibbitz

Do Jibbitz Fit All Crocs

When you buy these Jibbitz, you’d be glad that you are able to emboss and stylize your Crocs, sandals, sneakers, flip – flops etc. with cool initials that up your fashion sense.

You have to showcase your true fashion style with The Crocs Personalized Letter Jibbitz today. These Jibbitz Charms have letters that can very well be special to you.



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