How to Restore Fuzzy Crocs

Crocs are a very popular type of shoe usually for indoor wear and outdoor wear like going to the beach, they are obviously very comfortable, lightweight, fashionable and easy to use such that not only kids can wear it but also adults.

It has a great shape and design which makes it very nice for summer and winter as well, it comes in different shapes and sizes with holes that make it breathable.

It also has a pivoting strap that makes it supportive and keeps the feet stable at all times.

The clogs provide optimum arch support to the feet. Crocs are made to be free and loose-fitting because they are made to give support to the feet without applying too much pressure.

It is made of Croslite materials which makes it very easy to clean.

Ways to Restore Fuzzy Crocs

You can restore your fuzzy Crocs by washing them and keeping them clean and fresh. To give your Crocs proper care, you can either hand-wash them or use a mild soap and warm water.

The use of mild soap and warm water is one way of restoring your fuzzy Crocs.

The warm water will help reduce the toughness of the dirt while the mild soap will help your Crocs shoes not to get damaged by harsh chemicals.

Alternatively, you can hand-wash your Crocs by cleaning gently with a soft rubber sponge or a neat rag.

You can also use a brush to wash it and to prevent it from becoming elastic or having scratches, you would need a soft brush (like this one on Amazon) in order to do this effectively.

Furthermore, baking soda and vinegar are odor-fighting and deodorizing materials that can also help bring back the fuzziness of your Crocs.

Always lay your Crocs upside down after washing to get the water slopping down the Crocs. You can also air dry it, do not sun-dry your Crocs.

This is because sun-drying may cause it to shrink in size, so you would need to avoid sun-drying if you would like to maintain your Crocs size.

However, if you are in a hurry and need it to dry fast and the only way to do this is by sun drying.

You can sun-dry but have in mind that you would not leave it out for long, you would need to check it regularly from time to time to ensure it does not shrink due to too much heat from the sun.

What causes fuzzy Crocs to lose its fuzziness?

Crocs are fuzzy but they can lose their fuzziness whenever they get dirty or smelly. Crocs are plastic shoes and plastics usually do not have airflow and this automatically gives you sweaty feet which make it smell.

Keeping your Crocs in dark and damp areas can make them develop an odor, always try to put them in a well-ventilated area, open them to air and daylight.

Moreover, the surface of the Croc which is made of rubber can get smelly when it is being worn for long. the organic bacteria can make the Crocs have a very bad stench.

Also, to prevent this bad stench be very selective with the soap you use in washing your Crocs.

You can use a deodorizer or the Zero Odor-Laundry Eliminator which has a nice smell can be of help to remove bad odor and deodorize your Crocs.

You can get these materials to help keep your Crocs clean and smelling fresh on They are also other cleaning agents for shoes like soft brushes, vinegar, and others you can find online.

Crocs can lose it fuzziness when you do not understand their nature. Always ensure you wash with a detergent or soap that possesses a pleasant and appealing smell.

You need to make sure it is free from moisture before you put it on, let it dry properly.

It is advisable to get at least three to four Crocs if you would be wearing them always, as wearing a particular Crocs for a long time can cause heat and moisture in them resulting in a bad smell.

In this way, you can alternate your use of them such that while you are putting on one, the other is being washed and dried, this can also make you not wash and dry in haste and in the same way letting them dry properly.

How to clean smelly Crocs with fur

Croc with fur presents you with a Croc with the outer part basically made of rubber and the clog shape.

It has holes that make the shoe breathable alongside a low heel. The inner part of the shoe has a fleece lining added to it that gives maximum comfort and warmth to the feet.

This is done in order to beautify the Crocs and make them look stylish. This is a good option for winter because it gives the warmth needed by the feet in cold weather conditions.

This shoe combines a fluffy and soft insulated interior and a tough outer part which makes the shoe be not only to be worn indoors but also outdoor.

It can be beachwear as well as a shoe for running errands in the neighborhood.

It is very easy to clean your Crocs whenever it is dirty, the outer part is made of rubber which can be cleaned just by wiping.

It also has a pivoting strap that has given stability and support to the feet, this pivoting strap gives the shoe a slip-on style.

Cleanliness is essential when putting on a Crocs with fur, it helps avoid bad smell and makes it look beautiful, your can make your Crocs clean if you want to it only takes a few minutes to make them smell fresh and look new again.

Crocs with fur are lined with winter clogs, and this is done to enable your feet to get warm in cold weather. If this lining does not get properly cleaned, they can get stinky and smelly.

The Crocs shoe cannot be washed by a machine, so you do not need to put them into the machine. You can wash both the Crocs and fur lining separately and make them clean.

Also, note that this shoe can be gotten on Below are some tips for cleaning your Crocs with fur and making it smell fresh:

  • Put cold water in a bucket: Coldwater is recommended because it helps to maintain the texture and color of the fur in the Crocs making it look brighter after washing.
  • Remove the liner away from the Crocs.
  • Put your Crocs into soapy water: Ensure the soap has a pleasant smell and makes cleaning or washing easy.
  • Wash thoroughly but gently: Be gentle when washing to prevent your Crocs from becoming elastic.
  • Rinse your Crocs with clean water: You would need to rinse the soapy foam away from your shoes.
  • Pour enough baking soda into your Crocs till the shoe is completely filled.
  • Put your Crocs in the dryer with two towels.
  • Alternatively, allow the Crocs to air dry: This is done to prevent moisture and gives it a perfect way to dry, as keeping it under the sun can be harmful to the Crocs sizes.


Crocs are very nice shoes if only you give them the best treatment they need and make them smell fresh always especially when it has a fur lining.

There is nothing as nice and beautiful as having neat, clean, and odorless shoes on every day. You can keep your Crocs free of bad smell and maintain their fuzziness by ensuring it is kept clean at all times.

The use of mild soap and warm water is a simple way of cleaning your shoe from time to time. It is also helpful to use a soft sponge or a soft brush to clean the outer part of the shoe.

It is also good to use soap with a nice smell and deodorants to enable it to have a pleasant smell.

Do not forget to avoid sun drying your Crocs but air-dry them, put them upside down letting the water slope down and natural air do they drying for you.

In order for you to maintain the fuzziness and warmth of your Crocs you have to keep it clean and make sure it is always free of bad odor with the use of deodorizers and odor remover materials.

Lastly, get more than a pair of Crocs it is helpful and makes the use of Crocs quite enjoyable and fun.


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