List of 10 Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost (in 2022)

Replacing the insoles that come with the Adidas Ultraboost has become a popular thing amongst its users.

For a lot of them, the insoles are not fancy enough, for some others, the insoles do not have the texture they desire, and for the rest, they just want to join the bandwagon.

Regardless of the reason behind your changing of the insoles, it would be nice if you treat your Adidas Ultraboost to the best replacement insoles. If you do not know which insoles to get, then this is the list for you.

The top ten (10) replacement insoles for your Adidas Ultraboost

Replacement insoles for Adidas Ultraboost Features
Supafeet Best Adidas Ultraboost replacement insole for support
Dr. Scholl’s insoles Best protective Adidas replacement insole
Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts Best Adidas replacement insoles for versatility
PCsole shoe inserts Best Adidas replacement insoles for comfort
Seigneer orthotic insoles Best Adidas replacement insoles for shock absorption
Foot active orthotic insoles Best Adidas replacement insoles recommended by Podiatrists
3ANGNI Medical Functional Insoles Best medically-enhanced and functional orthotic insole
Samurai Unisex insoles Best pain-relieving Ultraboost alternative insole
Spenco Comfort insole Thinnest comfort replacement insole for Ultraboost
Softsole Athletics insole Best Athletic replacement insole for Ultraboost

The Superfeet Green Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

If you are looking for insoles that are not only fancy but also provide quality support for your foot, then the green insoles from Superfeet are the best option.

These insoles are made of foam and have different color codes depending on the level of thickness and level of support, but generally, they are thick; thicker than your average Ultraboost insoles.

They are made to be this thick so that the insides of your Ultraboost can be firm and hence, provide the necessary support for your feet.

The way they are shaped is also consciously done to reduce the pressure felt by your feet and also absorb any shocks. With these features, your legs, ankles, and back are sure to be kept in good shape.

Asides from the thickness, the Superfeet Green Insoles are equipped with a stabilizer cap at the bottom of the insoles.

This stabilizer cap is there to provide adequate support to the foam layer by acting as a base and a protector. In addition to that, it also provides additional cushioning for the back of your foot.

Even with all the above features, the Superfeet Green Insoles goes further to add a deep heel cup in its design.

Due to the fact that the heel is a major pressure point, the heel cup is there to cover most of the heel area in order to reduce or prevent any major damage.

The Superfeet Green insole is one of the first and most well-known replacement insoles for Adidas Ultraboost.

It is more than just an insole because it offers professional-grade orthotic support for everyone who wants their Ultraboost to fit and feel better.

People with feet that have high arches tend to experience discomfort when wearing shoes because most footwear do not provide enough arch support.

However, the Superfeet Green Insole is the perfect solution to that. The insoles provide the best arch support you can get anywhere.

Affordable, and an effective alternative to custom orthotics, the Superfeet Green Insole is what you should be looking out for.

Dr. Scholl’s Running Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

The insoles that come with your Ultraboost are deemed to be good enough by Adidas.

However, if you feel you want something extra, maybe fancier, or does the job of an insole better, then you should think of Dr. Scholl’s running insoles.

Do not forget that the Ultraboost was primarily made to be the best running shoes. This means that the insoles present in the Ultraboost are meant to, by primary duty, be good for running.

So, if you use your Ultraboosts for running but are not satisfied with the services of the original insoles and need to change them, Dr. Scholl’s running insoles are just perfect!

It is very common for people who engage in the constant running to feel pain in their feet and knees. In fact, almost every athlete will at some point develop some form of runner’s knee, shin splints, or plantar fasciitis.

These might sound like very serious and complicated medical issues, but no, they are nothing more than injuries caused by excessive movement.

This is where Dr. Scholl’s running insoles come in. The insoles are expertly designed in such a way that protects three areas of your foot: the heel, the arch, and the frontal toe area.

If you had been experiencing heel or joint pain, these insoles will hasten your recovery from it.

This is the insole that every runner should be using. Not only does it help you run greater distances, it also reduces your susceptibility to running injuries to almost zero.

With these insoles, you are bound to enjoy your Ultraboosts the more because they will help in preventing shock and reducing wear and tear on your feet and legs.

Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

While Dr. Scholl’s running insoles are better suited to running, the Physix Gear Orthotic insoles are more versatile and are a good fit for any kind of sport.

They are made from high-quality materials that make them able to handle the rigor of any sport.

A lot of people who use the Adidas Ultraboost have confirmed that if the insole is moved once, it becomes very loose and would often slip inside the shoe, making it uncomfortable for the user.

However, these insoles from the Physix brand are known for how firmly they grip the insides of the Ultraboost. These insoles do not slip or become loose even when they move around.

An amazing feature of these Physix insoles is the high arch support that helps people who do not have a complete arch on their feet or those with flat feet define their feet.

The insole is designed to balance the force structure of the foot thereby offering a convenient and extremely soothing solution for those with flat feet, runner’s knee, shin splints, and Achilles tendinitis.

Using the Physix insoles in your Ultraboosts ensures that pains in the heel and metatarsal arch are relieved.

It also corrects abnormal walking patterns, reduces the pain from metartarsalgia (ball of foot pain), and cures low back pain.

The Physix orthotic insoles give your Ultraboosts some robust functionality. With the insoles in your Ultraboosts, you can engage in activities like rock climbing, ball games, running, camping, and many more.

Even people like retail workers or service industry workers who have to stand on their feet for really long hours are not left out.

The ergonomically designed lightweight insoles provide all the comfort you need for as long as possible.

The insoles’ ability to absorb shock ensures that there is little or no muscle fatigue in your feet and legs. This makes it the most ideal insole to replace the one in your Ultraboost.

PCSole Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

This shoe insert from PCsole is unarguably one of the best replacement insoles you should consider for your Ultraboosts.

This position can be proved to be true as these insoles were voted as the second-best on UK best reviews on insoles.

These orthotic inserts were made from high-tech composite materials, one of which is the durable EVA foam, and a multi-layer cushion that provides long-lasting support and comfort while walking, running, or hiking.

Furthermore, the PCSole orthotic insoles are equipped with arch support that minimizes and distributes pressure in the foot.

There is also a deep heel cradle that keeps the foot bone vertical thereby enhancing stability. To cap it all, there is a cushioning latex pad built into it to absorb all shocks.

The insoles are very versatile, in the sense that they can fit in almost any kind of shoe or footwear. You can as well move them from a shoe to another shoe.

As fashionable as these insoles are, they are also medical-grade orthotic insoles that help to relieve foot pain, ankle pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and finally, over-pronation.

Your Ultraboost will surely feel different if you use this insole.

Seigneer Orthotic Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

Another insole that comes highly recommended is the orthotic insoles from Seigneer. These insoles offer way more benefits to your feet than the typical Adidas Ultraboost insoles.

It is made with premium EVA material that is perfect for shock absorption. The texture of these insoles will surely make your feet feel cool and also help to relieve any foot pain.

Seigneer has equipped these insoles with a deep heel cup that is there to help your feet maintain the right foot positioning.

This heel cup also does a wonderful job of protecting your heel from the heavy landing impact it faces whenever you walk, run or jump. With this product, your foot is assured of stability like never before.

The Seigneer orthotic insoles are a very durable product and it offers you long-lasting comfort. It has arch support that improves the alignment of your foot and leg.

This arch support offers many more benefits like enhancing comfort, helping to ease the stress and pain that may be caused by flat feet, bunions, arthritis, even diabetes.

You are also provided relief from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and ball of foot pain.

These insoles were designed to be used for your everyday activity. This means that you wear it on any footwear and for any activity whatsoever.

It provides moderate control and support in your walking shoes, casual shoes, hiking shoes, work shoes, boots, or any footwear at all. The comfort and cushioning in these insoles are just top-notch!

FootActive Orthotic Workmate Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

This insole from Footactive is very special because it was designed by Podiatrists for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

You can call this insole a medical insole because, unlike other insoles that help you when you engage in activities like running, this insole is particular about protecting your feet and keeping them in good shape.

Podiatrists specially designed these insoles for the treatment of painful foot conditions like heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, and Achilles tendonitis.

In addition to that, it also corrects over-pronation, which is the inward rolling of the ankle or foot.

This insole is fitted with medium arch support, shock-absorbing heel cushioning, and finally soft padding for the forefoot as well.

3ANGNI Medical Functional Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

This is one of the most widely used replacement insoles by users of the Adidas Ultraboosts. Like the name suggests, this product is more than just an insole for your Ultraboost, it is a medically-enhanced and functional orthotic.

This insole is made of premium EVA foam and other high-quality materials like the skin-friendly anti-slip velvet fabric.

Along with that, a high-density PU foam and a high-polymer foam were also used in its making. All of these raw materials play their role in making this insole a delicate, soft, and breathable one.

These materials were specially chosen to be used because they provide good cushioning and elasticity which are necessary to reduce shocks and also help to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day.

Another specialty of this insole is the three-point mechanics design. In the making of this insole, the manufacturers paid special attention to three parts in the ergonomics design: Metatarsus, Arch, and heel.

The mechanical design of the arch is creatively done to help you reduce arch pain and improve bad walking posture as well.

The heel design is done in such a way that it provides stability to your feet, keeps the bone in your feet vertical, and finally, reduces the friction that may occur between your feet and shoes.

The metatarsus design serves the purpose of relieving pains from sore foot pressure and fatigue.

Using these insoles in your Ultraboosts guarantees you lifelong durability and comfortability.

It is a certified medical insole and it is therefore ideal for all foot problems like flat feet, foot valgus, plantar fasciitis, feet fatigue, pronation, and many others.

Samurai Unisex Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

You can never find a replacement insole for your Adidas Ultraboosts that is better than this and that is because these insoles from Samurai were specially created for the Adidas Ultraboost. It caters to every need of your feet and your Ultraboost.

The Samurai Unisex Insoles were made from cloud foam pillows that make the insoles the ideal one to use to relieve pain from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain.

They were designed by professional podiatrists and are tested and trusted to provide the comfort you need in your Adidas Ultraboosts.

These insoles come highly recommended because they are made from medical-grade materials that provide the best orthotic support.

Spenco Comfort Thin Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

Looking for insoles that will fit your Adidas Ultraboosts like a glove? Then this super-thin and well-cushioned replacement insole from Spenco is the perfect one.

Although they have a thin and lightweight design, these insoles still provide just the right support and comfort your feet needs. They are also fitted with lightweight cushioning but the shock absorbency is like no other.

Size is not a problem for these insoles as they are available in a range of sizes, so you will surely find the perfect fit.

These insoles go a step higher by helping you fight germs and odors. The four-way stretch fabric of this insole is treated with a silpure antimicrobial treatment that prevents all odors and any kind of germs from developing.

One major concern about this insole is that it may not be great for people with wide feet.

The insoles were made to be quite narrow so people with wide feet may not enjoy the comfort and support as much as they may want to.

Sofsole Athletic Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Adidas Ultraboost

The Adidas Ultraboost is athletic footwear, so you would agree that it is best to use an athletic insole with it.

No other replacement insole is as athletic or provides the best athletic support as the insoles from Sofsole.

These insoles fit perfectly with all types of athletic shoes – especially the Adidas Ultraboost. You also have the option of trimming it to any size should they not fit in the footwear you want to use them for.

This insole is made from the popular implus foam because it provides superior comfort and shock absorbency. The insole can also be called an orthotic because of its suitability to running or walking.

Contours are added to the design of this insole alongside neutral arch support. These features make the insole an ideal one for almost every shape or type of foot.

The most interesting feature of this insole is the hydrologic moisture-wicking lining that helps to keep your feet dry. This lining also plays a major role in managing the odor and temperature in and around your feet.

The Sofsole Athletic Insole may be lightweight but it is equipped with just enough cushioning for the adequate comfort of your feet.

In addition to that, there is also a gel pad in both the heel and forefoot area to keep your feet stable and comfortable.


It is not a new thing that many people replace the insoles in their Adidas Ultraboosts. The worry for many people has been finding that great replacement insole that offers much more than the ones in their Ultraboosts.

This is why we have curated a list of different types of insoles to consider, each with its own peculiarity.  I believe that after reading this, you have been able to highlight one or two insoles to fit in your Ultraboosts.

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