How Can You Tell Fake Woodland Sandals?

If you’re presented with an original and fake Woodland Sandal, how can you tell? Fake Woodland sandals have polluted the market, and as it stands, it is almost overpopulating the genuine ones out there. It is a common occurrence for copycats to spring up when a good brand makes an uncommon and significant stride. This … Read more

Can You Get Reef Sandals Wet?

Can You Get Reef Sandals Wet

The reef is a brand popular among beachgoers and surfers. This brand was originally intended for the beach and you may be wondering if you can get it wet. Yes, You can get these beach sandals wet, but they are not to remain in the water for too long. Reef Women’s Ortho coast sandals What … Read more

Can Rainbow Sandals Get Wet?

Can Rainbow Sandals Get Wet

Rainbow sandals are a staple for summer and beach outings. While some people are of the opinion that they are waterproof, some people think otherwise. So, can rainbow sandals get wet?  Yes, Rainbow sandals do get wet. A recent study conducted by a team of experts at the University of Arizona found that rainbow sandals … Read more

Are Jack Rogers Sandals Comfortable?

Are Jack Rogers Sandals Comfortable

Jack Rogers sandals are very comfortable as it gives comfort right out of the box. It features a molded footbed that is designed to follow the contours of your feet and luxurious leather that is soft to ensure maximum comfort. It also features a rubber sole that helps you walk with confidence and style. Jack … Read more