How Can You Tell Fake Woodland Sandals?

If you’re presented with an original and fake Woodland Sandal, how can you tell? Fake Woodland sandals have polluted the market, and as it stands, it is almost overpopulating the genuine ones out there.

It is a common occurrence for copycats to spring up when a good brand makes an uncommon and significant stride. This has made many people not have value for their money. And this is very heart–wrecking.

But how would you feel if you get to know that there is the possibility of putting these fake Woodland sandals to light such that you can tell of their ingenuity with much ease at a first glance?

Yes, there are ways through which you can be spared from buying fake Woodland sandals. This article promises to reveal many channels through which you can spot these counterfeit woodland sandals just so you can avoid them.

In this article, we will give you easy tips on how to spot them. It is carefully written to serve as a guide to so that you end up with your desired choice at the end of the day

Ways you can tell fake Woodland Sandals

  1. Observe where the logo name on the sole is located
  2. Observe the stitches and material of the sandal
  3. Observe the button of your Woodland sandal
  4. Rexine or Leather
  5. Product code
  6. Good warranty period
  7. Finishing and pasting
  8. Check out the footbed inscriptions
  9. Check out the sole rigidity for flexibility

Observe where the logo name on the sole is located

As most shoe manufacturers do, they make an imprint of their brand’s name and logo on their shoes to give a sign of authenticity to their customers.

(a). Where is the logo situated?

How Can You Tell Fake Woodland Sandals

Every imprint of logo and name by shoe manufacturers is unique to them as these names and logos have different locations on the shoes.

As a potential buyer, observing the part of a shoe a logo is, also helps in determining whether or not the said shoe is genuine.

For example, the Woodland sandal logo is printed on the strap or underneath the sole. This should serve as a red flag when you see a supposed Woodland sandal having its logo on the side of the sole. Just take the nearest exit and leave.

(b). Observe the color and give a scratch test

Copycats are usually not good at copying from the original products. It is important that a potential buyer checks for the color of this name and logo. The Woodland logo and name inscriptions are usually done in green color.

This means any other color, other than green should serve as a fake Woodland sandal alert.

Secondly, the fact that the Woodland brand uses quality materials in all components of their Sandals, the logo inclusive, makes it difficult for this logo to fall off or easily get worn out.

With this, you can give a supposed Woodland sandal a genuine test by giving the said logo a mild scratch. If it comes off easily, then it is not an original Woodland sandal.

2. Stitches and material of the sandal

How Can You Tell Fake Woodland Sandals

Genuine woodland sandal leather is not exactly very strong nor are they very soft. They’re just mildly soft and have good foot friendliness. Note that.

What you should know and look out for also is that there is blake stitching and there is blake rapid.

Blake stitching is one of the earliest mechanized stitching methods in shoe making. Here, the thread goes through the footbed and the outsole.

The drawback of this is that it needs thinner and low density soles to happen. Woodland sandals are not done in this manner. Instead, it adopts the Blake rapid stitching pattern.

The Blake Rapid is a combination of both Goodyear Welt and Blake. This method is done by keeping the blake stitching just at the insole.

Plus, here, there is an added midsole that is stitched together with the outsole, and it is done with a machine and not by hand.

This means, if you see any “woodland sandal” with Blake stitching (especially if done by hand), take the nearest exit and don’t look back.

Also, you should buy from the Woodland store known as Flipkart. You can also get genuine Woodland sandals from e-commerce websites like Amazon.

Telling the authenticity of a Woodland sandal through its material and stitching is one of the simplest methods.

3. Buttons

You must know that Woodland sandals designers are not very aesthetic-driven, although their sandals look pretty nice and classy.

Nonetheless, the Woodland sandals still have moderate good looks. And that is that for that.

It is a common thing with fake Woodland to have colorful and heavy buttons on them. They are very eye-catching and appeal nicely, but then, they are fake.

Those shiny buttons should serve as a deterrent to keep you away from them. The track record of Woodland as a brand gives them good sales daily.

This is goodwill in play. So these knockoffs, in a bid to promote sales too, make these shoes with much attention paid to looks and less attention to quality. Hence they come with colorful buttons.

4. Rexine or Leather?

You’d find it easy to tell a fake leather if you’re used to buying shoes made of genuine leather.

Woodland makes use of original leather. And the leather type they are pretty tough, albeit a bit flexible. You can tell of the quality by a simple feel.

Fake Woodland sandals on the other hand are made of Rexine. So this becomes easy to see through this ingenuity and save yourself the ache of having to deal with the hurdles that come with using fake Woodland sandals.

For example, they are very uncomfortable.

Rexine is not really bad, but it is not as good and quality as real leather. Rexine is synthetic leather that does not match the quality of good leather.

To tell apart Rexine from real leathers can be deceiving sometimes. This is why it is very important to pay attention to details.

5. Product code

Each Woodland sandal comes with a unique product code that sets it apart from others. With that, it becomes easy to fish out fake ones. 

Typically, the barcodes on Woodland sandals are used for tracking and management of inventory. It brings about accuracy and improvement of real-time data.

While this barcode helps the brand for cycle counts and turnover estimation, it is still one of the core factors that help to tell fake and genuine Woodland sandals apart.

6. Good warranty period

Because Woodland provides a warranty on its products, assuring that their sandals are of good quality and do not contain manufacturer defects that might affect their sandals in the long run, they give a very good warranty period.

This warranty creates a very healthy ecosystem between Woodland and its customers where customers can with their right ask Woodland to deal with unfavorable product issues as written on the terms and conditions of the warranty.

This warranty carries a well-spelled-out product feature (sandal in this case) and the price.

This is one thing fake Woodland sandals do not have. And it is because when substandard materials are used to make a sandal, it surely cannot last for up to the 1.5 years warranty period that Woodland offers.

Besides, designers of these fake Woodland sandals do not have customers’ satisfaction in mind at the time of design.

7. Finishing and Pasting

The finishing and Pasting of Woodland sandals can also serve as a revealer of the types that are not genuine.

The finishing of genuine types comes with a look of near perfection. Every detail is captured with utmost professionalism.

Meanwhile, fake types on the other hand are haphazardly done. This easily gives them out. It is just a matter of careful observation and you can detect most of these things. 

You could see how careful adhesives are used in binding together some of the components where there is a need.

Look out for the stitching too. This stitching especially is a core criterion among the many criteria that give away fake Woodland.


Whatever information you have at your disposal that you think helps with spotting fake Woodland sandals, you must be very careful regardless.

Why is this so?

Many fake Woodland outlets have sprung up recently. And guess what? Fake ones are sold for the original ones at the same price too.

Why it is more convincing is because they have evolved to create an almost replica of real Woodland shoes.

The brewing of hot knockoffs has come to stay, and until buyers are extra careful to cross-examine the woodland sandals they lay their hands on, they will continue to get ripped off. The details below should help you too. Let’s see.

8. Footbed inscriptions

Aside from the aforementioned details above, there are other details that can serve as a guide to tell when a Woodland sandal is not real.

For example; genuine Woodland sands hand a “Woodland Explore More” on the heel side of the footbed of the sandal. Note also that this inscription is not merely written with ink that can easily be wiped out.

The inscription is deep into the material as if done with hot metal and thereafter followed up with dye.

9. Check out the sole rigidity for flexibility

To what extent is the rigidness of a Woodland sandal sole? How rigid must it be to be deemed worthy of being tagged rigid or feeble?

How do I get to know the right rigidity intensity of a Woodland sandal when I’m just checking it out for the first time without prior knowledge of how it should be?

Having said that the soles of genuine Woodland sandals are rigid, there is an extent to this where they do not result in discomfort.

This means if you’re checking it out for the first time, there is the need for a feel and to look out for a little flexibility.

This means, that if there is no balance between rigidity and flexibility, it is not genuine.

Here are some great Woodland sandals you should check out

1. Woodland Men’s Drust Sandal

How Can You Tell Fake Woodland Sandals

This is one Woodland sandal whose main purpose of design is to serve as a true and ideal solution for outdoor adventure freaks.

Most outdoor adventure comes with situations that subject the shoes we wear to not too friendly conditions, hence, this design.

It has a round toe Ste and a flat heel type; all of these to make sure that your feet are kept in the best favorable and comfortable conditions.

While it is true that its look tells it to look weighty, it is in fact, one of the most lightweight of Woodland sandal iterations.

Although one not too good thing about it is that the thread comes out quite easily compared to other Woodland sandal models, you may want to handle it with care.

2. Woodland Multipurpose Sandal

How Can You Tell Fake Woodland Sandals

This sandal can serve both ways; as either slip-on or a normal backstrap sandal. It boils down to how you use the back strap.

This Woodland Multipurpose Sandal model is durable and has a good fitting, plus a great control of traction.

This makes it usable on different types of terrain; whether wet or dry.

It has a buck closure type and is made of quality and genuine leather material.

It comes with a toe protection design as the toe part of the sole is slanted upward so that it serves as a shield to your toes.

As regards its maintenance, you are advised not to sundry, dry at room temperature instead.

This is because the intensity of the heat from direct sunlight can result in wrinkling and shrinkage, and even possible hardening.

Final words

With the rapidity of the influx of fake Woodland sandals in the market, we understand the need to provide people with key details in spotting and boycotting fake types.

While some people can tell the genuine and fake ones from miles apart, some cannot. Burning with the urge to provide people with the right knowledge, we came up with a revealer.

It is our wish that people are equipped with good enough information so that they can get true value for their money.

We hope that you have read through and have had a good understanding of the modus operandi of Woodland as regards their Sandals. This will serve you better.

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