Are Woodland Shoes Good for Trekking?

Woodland shoes are so durable like other trekking shoes are supposed to be, they are also sturdy. But when it comes to being used for trekking I would not recommend it because it is not the best for trekking.

Woodland shoes are not usually the best for trekking because they are usually made to be very heavy, when you wear them to trek for long distances, you are definitely not going to enjoy trekking with them.

You should not use woodland shoes to trek, they are not built basically for trekking. Also, while you are trekking, because of how difficult it is for the shoes to bend due to the thickness, it would make you not enjoy trekking with the shoe.

When you compare the weight of this woodland shoe to other trekking shoes, you would see that woodland shoes are heavier and are not the best for trekking.

Reasons why it is not advisable to walk in Woodland Shoes

There are several reasons why woodland shoes are not the best for trekking, it is good you are aware of these reasons before you set out to pick the type of shoes you want to use for trekking.

Take a look at the various reasons why you should not make use of Woodland shoes for trekking.

  • They are too heavy
  • Woodland shoes have poor grip
  • Woodland shoes hardly bend
  • Woodland shoes are not good for long-distance trekking
  • They perform poorly on slippery ground

They are too heavy

From my experience with the woodland shoes that I have owned, the first thing that you notice when you lift them up is how heavy the shoes are.

When you compare the weight of woodland shoes to other trekking shoes, you will see that there is a huge difference. If there is any shoe at all that you want to use for trekking, it is very important that the shoe should be lightweight.

If the shoe is not lightweight you are not going to enjoy making use of it to trek at all. It will be too heavy for you to carry it along as you are trekking.

That is why this woodland shoe is not really a good shoe that you can use for trekking. The weight of the shoe alone is enough to discourage you from using it to trek.

You will notice that you have only trekked a short distance and you are already tired, simply because of how heavy these woodland shoes are.

Woodland shoes have a poor grip

Woodland shoes are not known for giving you a very firm and stable stance when you are walking. That is why they are not the best shoes that you should wear for trekking.

While you are trekking, it is very important that the shoes you are trekking on have a very good grip, the good grip that the shoes have is what is supposed to keep you standing firm as you are walking.

However, this feature is not present in the Woodland shoes. They are known to have poor grip.

It would be a bad idea if you are making use of a shoe with poor grip for trekking, especially when it comes to a situation where you need to stay firm on the rocky or imbalanced ground, this shoe will disappoint you.

When it cannot keep you standing firm, it may result in you having injuries.

Woodland shoes hardly bend

Woodland shoes are shoes that are known to be very strong, also very thick, and difficult to bend.

If you are trekking you need shoes that can bend easily and it will return to its normal position. But this is not the situation for woodland shoes.

Woodland shoes are so thick that it will take a lot of effort for it to bend as you are trekking. This will make trekking so difficult for you and you are not going to enjoy it at all.

Because of this feature, woodland shoes are not advisable to be used for trekking at all.

When you compare it to other shoes that can be used for trekking, you will notice how the other shoes bend easily when you walk.

If your shoes cannot bend while you are walking, how would you even walk properly, this is not possible.

Woodland shoes do not provide the comfortability to walk long distances

Woodland shoes are not the best when it comes to shoes that you want to use for long trekking. That is why it is not advisable you make use of woodland shoes for long-distance or extended trekking.

They are not very comfortable when you make use of them for long distances trekking.

While trekking long distances, you need shoes that you can walk comfortably in so that trekking will not be a problem for you at all.

Woodland shoes perform poorly when it comes to making use of them in long distances, that is why you are not to use it for trekking.

They perform poorly on slippery ground

One feature that is needed a lot in shoes meant for trekking is the ability of the shoe to perform excellently on slippery ground.

One way or the other, while trekking, you are going to walk through some part of the ground that is slippery.

While on slippery ground your shoes are supposed to be able to keep you firm and standing strong so that you do not fall.

If you are on slippery ground and you fall, you could get injured and this is not a good thing at all.

If you compare these woodland shoes to other types of shoes that can be used for trekking, you will find out that other shoes are better when it comes to how well it performs on slippery ground.

Are there woodland trekking shoes?

Yes, there are some Woodland shoes that can be used for trekking, that is what I will explain and review in this section of this article.

Take a look at these woodland trekking shoes:

Woodland rust-brown hiking Shoes

Why I like this woodland boot is that despite how thick the boot is, it can still be used for trekking.

Trekking shoes are supposed to be comfortable to the foot when you wear them, and this boot is not any different from it.

This boot has a superior quality that provides durability on the shoes. The upper leather build is made with a wear-resistant Nubuck upper in omtilb finish.

The anti-corrosive metal fitting and the extra cushioning tongue add to the comfort of this shoe.

It has a grippy rubber outsole that works to keep you firm on the muddy ground.

The shock-absorbing midsole works perfectly in keeping you cushioned and to help reduce the impact your feet will have with the ground while you are walking.


  • Anti-corrosive metal fitting
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • EVA midsole
  • Full insole
  • Good shock-absorbing feature


  • No arch support

If you would be making use of this shoe for trekking, it would be comfortable for you because of the extra features that it comes with in order to make this boot comfortable for you.

This shoe has an EVA midsole which is considered to be more comfortable while you are making use of it to trek.

The worry-free warranty that this boot comes with will enable you to trust this boot the most. You will not have any regrets in buying the boot.

Woodland Olive green hiking Shoes

Despite the fact that this boot does not have a high top like every other boot, it does not mean that this one is less effective, it is very much effective and it will serve you so well if you want to make use of it for trekking.

This shoe has features that will make you enjoy trekking with it. The grippy rubber outsole on this shoe has deep lugs which give the shoe the perfect grip that you need on surfaces.

You will not have any fear of hitting your feet anywhere. You are secured and rest assured of safety. The rubber outsole helps with a more powerful grip that will keep you standing firm even when you are trekking on slippery ground.

The full insole padding that comes with this shoe is an added advantage in the sense that it contributes to your comfort while you are making use of the shoe.

It supports your ankle so well because of the supportive and firm wrap comfort it provides.


    • Durability
    • Lightweight
    • Ankle wrap comfort


  • Rubber sole grip
  • Well-cushioned


  • No ankle protection due to low shaft height

This boot is crafted out of wear-resistant Nubuck material. This material build ensures that you stay protected while you are trekking with this Woodland shoe.

I so much love the ankle wrap comfort that this shoe comes with, it will keep your ankle comfortable and also protected while you are making use of it.

Since the shoe has a low shaft, it does not offer full coverage for your ankle, this ankle wrap will help keep your ankle protected and comfortable.

You will love the rubber sole which has a very good grip that will keep you standing firm while you are trekking with this shoe.

This woodland shoe will serve you a whole lot if you are using it for trekking.

What are woodland boots great for?

It is important that you know what your woodland boots are great for before even thinking of purchasing one for yourself.

That is why I will explain in this segment of this article what woodland shoes are great for.

You do not just go out to purchase Woodland boots without being sure of what exactly you want to use it for.

Woodland shoes have a variety of uses, here are what you can use woodland boots for :

  • For forest adventures
  • For mounting climbing
  • They are also great construction shoes

For Forest adventures

While you are going to the forest, perhaps to hunt or just to go on an adventure, you need thick and durable shoes like that of the woodland shoe. They help keep you protected in the forest.

You are likely going to come across some harmful things in the forest, this boot is capable of crushing anything that comes in your way as an obstacle. It is also waterproof, meaning you do not have to bother or worry when it starts to rain.

The best foot companion that you can go for is this woodland boot. It will not disappoint you at all.

For mountain climbing

You cannot go mountain climbing in regular shoes, you may end up getting yourself injured. That is why you need boots like this woodland boot.

It gives you overall protection and also makes it possible for you to comfortably climb the mountain with ease. Due to the grip that the durable rubber soles have.

The shock-absorbing feature will also help reduce the impact your feet will have with the ground while you are mountain climbing, you will have a more cushioned experience.

This is what this woodland boot does for you. Woodland boots are your best bet when it comes to either mountain climbing or forest adventures, these boots are known to give you the best experience


In general, woodland boots are not usually the best shoes to wear for trekking, they are not naturally built for trekking.

Trekking requires that you make use of lightweight and comfortable shoes so that you can go for a long-distance without feeling it so much.

Heavy shoes do not make good trekking shoes. However, there are a few of these woodland boots that you can use for trekking.

I have already reviewed them above in this article, it is left for you to make a decision on the exact one you want to go for.

Take note that if you want to buy woodland boots, do not buy them just for trekking alone, I would rather you get them if you want to go for a forest adventure or mountain climbing.

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