What Do Fake Crocs Look Like?

“What do fake Crocs look like?” This question has in recent times been popping up on the internet in different search engines as millions of users seek to find answers so they do not end up getting substandard products for their money.

Original Crocs are made from the Croselite material; it is a closed-cell resin that gives it a soft feel on the skin and general beauty.

However, there are other counterfeit products that aim to imitate Croc patterns and designs.

They are mostly made from rubber and are heavy. If you are not very careful enough, you will hardly ever notice.

Originally, Croc was just designed as a boat shoe. It is mostly worn by beachgoers, doctors, nurses, and people whose job demands that they stand for long hours.

Its comfort especially has helped in its increased popularity in no small way.

Here comes the ultimate question, what do fake Crocs look like? How can you figure them out?

What Do Fake Crocs Look Like

What countries are legally licensed to produce Crocs? Are fake Crocs made in China? What is the list of countries that produce Crocs?

This article will give you tips, and examples on how to spot fake Crocs whenever and wherever you see them.

Our revelations will give you the perfect guide so you don’t end up being ripped off by substandard products.

Crocs are becoming increasingly popular owing to excess heat during summer and the comfort of their shape.

As such, it has been high in demand which has led to the production of counterfeit ones.

Here is a list of things you should know about fake Crocs

Original Crocs has a tag, fake Crocs don’t

One distinguishing feature of the original Croc product is its tag. Each product has its own unique barcode.

If the barcode of any “Croc” is in any way similar to any other product, then it is definitely not genuine and should greatly pass for a knockoff.

A tag must be fastened to each pair of Croc as it is one of the relevant distinguishing features that answer the question “what do fake Crocs look like?”

On the tag is a label that holds information on:

  • Barcode
  • Size
  • Country of manufacture
  • Fit
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Product code

Original Crocs has selected colors, fake Crocs don’t

There are just a few specific colors selected by Crocs for the production of their footwear. Any other color out of that circle is definitely a red flag.

You can check out those colors at the Croc website, www.crocs.com.

Ridiculous small sizes

Counterfeit Croc usually come in ridiculously smaller sizes. And when you check those sizes and compare them to the size printed underneath the sole, they almost always are entirely different.

A user is sure to have a bad user experience as the shoe size printed and the user’s actual shoe size wouldn’t match.

And if they don’t, this could result in several foot problems that range from:

(a) Ingrown toenail

This actually happens when your toenails grow back inside of the skin that guards and surrounds your nail bed.

As such, your nail gets forced back to the skin which surrounds it, and can also result in tenderness, swelling, and inflammation.

Though these could result from times when you cut your nails too short, or extremely rounded, the main culprit of this cause are tighter shoes.

(b) Bunion

What looks like a bump that sits just at the base of your toe may not actually be it. Most times, it is your joint jutting outward from your toes being pressed too much.

Bunions have a number of causation factors, an ill-fitting shoe is one. Other foot problems that could result from ill-fitting shoes are:

(c) Hammertoes

This condition targets and affects your fifth, fourth, third, and second toes. It causes your joint to be abnormally bent.

And you must give your toes the space they need by wearing shoes with a moderately larger toe box.

Lack of circulation nubs

One of the core things Croc prides itself in is its circulation numbs. That is one of its distinct features that makes it comfortable and ergonomic.

You should also note that counterfeit Crocs have “circulation nubs” too. But then, the ergonomic feel is not there.

Original Crocs are designed to have unique circulation nubs underneath your Crocs and you must feel them under your feet.

Since original Crocs are manufactured from Croselite material, it is a mixture of patented foam-resin.

Another name for it is PCCR, an acronym for Propetiary closed-cell resin – this material has zero pores in it, and that is one thing that makes it even and smooth.

It is also lightweight, and odorless too, such that you can never find traces of coloring or sanding.

If the material appears to be plastic or rubber, or if you can perceive any adhesive or chemical, take the nearest exit and leave because it is definitely fake.

The logo is fake

You will always find an embossed Duke logo printed on the footbed of the shoe. Genuine Crocs have the two eyes of the Duke, and at the back, there are six even bumps.

The “Duke” is actually a crocodile logo, it was named after one of Croc’s founders. You can find the original logo printed in more than one place of the Croc shoe. Other times, it is glued to the shoe just like a unique form of an application.

Another important thing to check out for is the original logo; it should be apparent and should have six humps. And the fourth hump that sits above is a tad bit larger than the rest of them all.

And to add, the crocodile arms must be two, where each one of them has three fingers. Be observant enough to know that if any of the aforementioned features are missing, you should know that it is counterfeit.

Note: Genuine crocs are supplied and sold with an attached hanger that features the company’s logo.

“boulder, colorado” is not underneath fake Crocs

Ok, to be safe enough, just to be safe enough, check directly opposite the Croc address to see if there’s “boulder, colorado”, note that it is always written with a comma and never a full stop, and it must be present on the sole.


Original crocs always come inside a branded bag—it could either be transparent plastic or one made with white paper. It is never sold inside a cupboard package or other random packages.

Material’s authenticity

This is the ultimate tip.

The fact that genuine Crocs are made from the Croselite material makes the product to be lightweight and exudes other qualities too. Some of which are slip resistance and durability.

When a Croc is made with rubber, it is sure to be weighty and slippery immediately it comes in contact with a wet surface. The quality and the finishing speak volumes of non-originality.

NOTE: To be on the safer side, whenever you intend to buy any Croc product, here are the places to get it from as mentioned by www.croc.com

  • Official outlet stores.
  • Croc concept stores
  • Official Croc sale events.
  • Authorized retailers

It is inarguable that Croc stands on the zenith by all sane analyses in the hierarchical order of quality footwear due to their unusual style, comfort design, and super fit.

It is this facet that has led to their good name which has brought about many knock-offs going by their name.

Original Crocs’ design is different from fake Crocs

The design of each individual Crocs shoe is based on the patterns of the Dutch clogs. The unbelievable success story of the Croc company came through in 2020.

And this is because of the specialty of its design material – the foam-resin. And this is the reason Croc has made massive sales of its product of over 300 million to more than 90 countries.

You can also find more information on the Croc main homepage. That is where you can get information that pertains to the veracity of branches, and dealers, which will, in turn, give you insight on how to spot fake crocs and help avoid them.

What fake Crocs look like: Fake Crocs examples

Amoji Unisex Clogs

They are the best alternative if you must have to replace Crocs. Sold at an excellent price and delivers comfortability.

Their quality is quite impressive too. And their non-slip sole design made from the unique EVA is the chief key behind their ultra-lightweight technology.


A unique EVA sole design: there’s no better choice for wet floors as they are excellently non-slip. Great for activities, especially outdoors; poolside precisely.

Lightweight: The rubber foam technology did a great job here. Cool for people working for longer hours. Helps you to feel light all day.


  • Small in size: It has already been mentioned in some reviews that this could be somewhat too small.
  • Often short straps: You will have problems with this footwear if you’re having a long wide heel. Just have that in mind.

Hobibear Unisex Clogs

Though we have gathered from customers’ reviews that this shoe is great for those with wider feet owing to the awesome roomy fit. But then, there are other features too.

Surprising to gather from other reports that they are even a tad bit comfy than original Crocs. Unbelievable, right?


  • Available in a variety of colors: you can get this product in exactly 9 different colors, here you have the luxury of choice.
  • Breathable: there are good ventilation holes that help for water to evaporate and leave your feet moderately dry.


  • No arc support: The good comfort that soles of Crocs provide is far from what you will find here. It’s very terrible for those having higher arcs. This shoe gives zero arc support.
  • Discomforts the heel: the strap at the back often rub on, and discomfort the heel.

TOLLN Unisex Comfortable Shoes

These shoes are one of the coolest alternatives to crocs in the market out there that could be rocked with your summer outfit to make you come out in an unusual style.


  • Chunky Sole; Its chunky sole gives it the advantage that it is highly resistant to compression. This chunky sole also gives you good enough balance.
  • Awesome design; it has a unique-looking design that comes in cool variations of alternatives. Do you want to move with recent trends? Cool, here you go!


We trust that you trust our quality guides to have stuck with us all the while.

Our reviews are always based on customers’ feedback and personal experiences, but here we haven’t gotten reviews yet.

Nonetheless, they appear great for their price.

SAGUARO Unisex Lightweight Clogs

Of all the clogs that I’ve listed above, the Saguaro is quite different from them all.

This is because its design looks different in its entirety to standard-looking counterfeit Crocs.

They even looked more like a tennis shoe than an actual Croc knock-off because they have a closed back instead of a strap.

They can suffice for Crocs’ comfort but definitely not style.


  • They have good quality material: They have Ethylene-vinyl acetate soles.
  • They are breathable: this is one quality that makes them perfect for use in damp and wet places. There’s hardly ever moisture buildup on its inside.


  • Relative to other shoes, they wear out pretty quickly. First, they begin with little signs of wearing off. And this mostly happens after a few months.
  • Their soles are not very comfortable either.

EAGSOUNI Unisex Clogs

Are you looking for a shoe that is akin to Crocs but one having a mesh upper? I advise that you end your search here.

This is just the perfect alternative, just with a tad different appearance. The softness of the mesh upper adds breathability and comfort to its design.


  • Durable sole: the sole lasts longer, and its straps can also be pulled in a way that allows you to switch it from a sandal-like shoe to one that looks like a slide.
  • Comfort: you get great comfort from its breathable mesh upper. This is one shoe that is big on permitting good airflow. Cool to wear in wet environments too.


  • They are not waterproof; the fact that they are breathable and dries quickly doesn’t cover up for water to not permit the mesh.
  • Easy buildup of debris and dirt; debris and dirt easily build up on the under and ridges of the shoe. To maintain, you have to constantly clean these mentioned parts, almost always after every use.

ChayChax Waterproof Unisex fur-Lined Clogs

This shoe has an unusual style, though it somewhat looks like Crocs, but way cheaper. They have this weird look but are super and great for cold seasons.

Around the house, you can wear them as slides. They’re also cool for dry seasons too.


  • Comfy material: The quality of the material is just perfect that they even passed the non-toxic test for safety.
  • They’re affordable: Aside from being an excellent fashion statement, their prices are pocket-friendly.


  • Absence of style strap; the absence of the iconic Croc pattern strap makes them come off more like slides than sandals.
  • Warm; it is cool for winter when they get very warm, but that is not the case for summer as they cause the feet to be excessively sweaty. This could in turn, make the shoe a home for germs.

FZUU Unisex Breathable Clogs

In terms of design and styling, they’re pretty close to Crocs but then, here’s one cool thing, they’re sold at half the price of real Crocs.


  • Very cheap; for the fact that they’re sold half the price of real Crocs makes them super cheap.
  • Luxury of choice; they are sold in different colors – a total of fifteenth even. Suitable for all genders too. Unlike other clogs without straps, this one has a moveable strap that allows you to convert it to either sandals or slides.


  • Wide: the sizing is very wide and not cool for those with narrow feet. Though it is great for those with wider feet. The EVA material they’re made from also makes them lightweight and comes with some comfort too.
  • No good grip; the shoe’s inside lacked good grip. Let’s say you flip the strap upward just so you wear it like a slide, your foot is sure to slip out easily.

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