Are Fake Crocs Just As Good As Real Crocs?

No, all fake Crocs or imitations can’t compare in quality to the original pair of Crocs manufactured from the company.

Since the increase in popularity of the Crocs shoes and footwear, it has become the best option among those working from home or those wearing them s modern fashion statement.

A lot of celebrities and entertainers have added to its fame by wearing them as a signature pair and some are even endorsed by the company as ambassadors.

Its rise in popularity has many copycats in the industry making replicas and designs similar to that of Crocs. These copies however are usually subpar in comparison to Crocs.

The company has been involved in legal suits with some of these industries making fake replicas of their products in order to keep their originality and name.

These cheap knock-off brands may look and even feel like original Crocs shoes but they aren’t as made of the same high quality or have the same durability the Crocs patented croslite material is made of.

These fake Crocs are known to deteriorate faster and quickly with their construction material shrinking after minimal usage. So if you ever want to purchase some Crocs for yourself make sure you obtain the original quality pair.

Ways you can tell the difference between a fake Crocs and the original Crocs

We have listed out some ways which you can use to identify fake Crocs from the original;


Are Fake Crocs Just As Good As Real Crocs

Every pair of Crocs created by the company has its own unique model barcode. If this bar code is scanned it shows a specific tag that is unique to that particular footwear and not shared by another.

If you notice the barcode is identical to another Crocs shoe model, then you can tell it’s a definite knockoff.


Are Fake Crocs Just As Good As Real Crocs

Visit to see the available colors Crocs have specified for their range of shoes, any other color not listed on their website is definitely a replica and you should be wary of purchasing such.


The size of imitations or fake Crocs are usually not the same as what is indicated on the sole of the shoe. It’s usually smaller or too big than the printed size.

Circulation nubs

Are Fake Crocs Just As Good As Real Crocs

Every pair of original Crocs designed boasts of its circulation nubs that make it comfortable and ergonomic. Fake replicas have this circulation nubs’’ but lack the ergonomic feel it provides while you have them on.

If it’s an authentic pair you should notice the unique circulation nubs that rub against the underside of your sole.


Are Fake Crocs Just As Good As Real Crocs

Crocs have their logo embedded in every footbed of their shoes. This Duke logo proves its authenticity and must have the two eyes of the duke visible and six even bumps on the back.

Count the bumps and you will notice that the fourth bump from the top is slightly larger than the rest. Furthermore, the Duke’s two hands have three fingers shown, both fingers are shown to be holding the edge of the box.


Crocs Authenticity is born from its patented croslite foam material that is used to manufacture their multiple footwear. This unique technology makes it lightweight, durable, and highly slip-resistant.

The common fake Crocs are made from a rubber material that is stiff and heavy, becoming slippery when in contact with wet surfaces. The quality of the finish isn’t as detailed and clean as you would observe on an authentic pair.

The Crocs brand has created a standard name in the footwear industry that is synonymous with quality and comfort, their products include sandals, casual footwear, and other merchandise.

The Company is based in the U.S in Colorado with high usage among young people and students opting to use them as their regular day-to-day shoes.

Due to factors like accessibility, affordability, and other circumstances, some people have been buying the fake substitutes wearing these fake Crocs because they just can.

Although many people do not intentionally opt to buy these fake Crocs, they may have unwittingly bought them thinking they are Authentic pairs.

Due to the increase in demand for Crocs shoes, they have expanded their production factories from Canada spreading their network of factories to multiple countries including Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Italy, and Bosnia.

One authentic feature is that the logo of the original Crocs is accurately drawn and shiny while the knock-off just has a logo sticker on the bottom of the shoes.

In addition, the original pair of Crocs are sold and supplied with branded hangers that feature the company logos. Furthermore, there come labels that hold information about the Crocs you have purchased which includes, size, model frame, materials, and more.

Finally, authentic Crocs have information stating their size and manufacturer logo in the middle and even the web link on them. All these are what you can use to recognize original quality Crocs.

As for new pairs you always purchase them in a branded bag, white paper, or transparent plastic, not inside a card box. Also original are soft and mold after your feet while the knockoff is stiff and lacks proper flexibility.

Reasons you should buy original Crocs

There exist many reasons why you fake Crocs aren’t as good as an authentic pair of Crocs the obvious reason being that they aren’t the real thing.

Crocs are made from a material called Croslite and this unique compound is responsible for all its likable qualities.

The fake Crocs don’t come close to replicating this material as they are usually stiff and heavy. Today we are going to give you a few reasons why Authentic Crocs footwear are better than the fakes.

Designed to give optimum comfort

Many fans and users alike can agree that Authentic Crocs offer a kind of comfort you can’t get in other footwear. This Croslite material is designed with the only intention of giving you maximum satisfaction every time you wear Crocs shoes.

The insoles have unique finishing that matches into your feet and has tiny ‘’ circulation nubs ‘’ to stimulate blood flow. These unique features can’t be replicated in the knock-offs available today. The material fakes are made from isn’t as soft or comfortable

Maximum support

Good footwear gives the best support to your posture anytime you have them on and Crocs has the right kind of support to offer. Their orthopedic design provides a significant level of support and balance.

Professionals who work in environments involving long hours of standing have made Crocs their official footwear for this very reason.

Foot pain is reduced and fatigue is eliminated when you buy an original Crocs. Fake Crocs have low support for your back as their material sink and shrink easily giving you an unbalanced alignment.


The traction found on authentic Crocs is very significant, they stay firm on most surfaces gripping even wet surfaces to prevent you from falling.

They can be worn on polished surfaces and slippery floors like areas around the pool or shower. Fake Crocs, however, are poorly designed have reduced traction and minimal slip-resistance.

Fashion-forward design

Crocs shoes are fashionable and can be worn to make a fashion statement. They have multiple bright attractive colors and have been worn as trendy pieces of clothing.

Most knock-offs come only in dull simple colors with limited range and types. Authentic Crocs has more than fifty unique styles with brands for males, females, children, etc.


Jibbitz is a fashion accessory charm that can be fixed unto the air holes of Authentic Crocs to style them up or simply make them outstanding.

This Jibbitz comes in special designs, alphabets, numbers, and other attractive forms. They are sold in in original Crocs stores and outlets.


Crocs original is waterproof in its design, never retaining moisture and quick to dry. This feature means Crocs can be worn even under the rain and to environments like the beach or water parks.

Their unique construction material prevents water from sticking to its surface, this isn’t the case for fake Crocs. They have the tendency to repel water at a much slower rate and moisture sticks to its skin

Easy to clean

The knock-offs may seem easy to clean but constant usage leaves scuff marks and a dull appearance after every wash, this is because some stains permanently stick to the surface of this low-quality rubber material.

However original Crocs are super easy to clean, and dirt or sand easily comes off retaining its shiny exterior no matter the kind of stain it has encountered.

Proper sizing

When buying any pair of footwear we mostly go for our correct shoe size and Crocs shoes are known to offer the proper size for all their shoe brands.

Fake Crocs do not have this discretion and most of their replicas are made of one size and fit; either small or big. Authentic Crocs take into account the different kinds of feet build either narrow or wide, all of this ant be found in knock-offs.

Superior Arch support

People suffering from foot fatigue or foot ache have been referred to Crocs as remedy footwear while recovering. This is because Crocs offer the best support for the natural arch of your foot.

This is feature is part of what makes original Crocs coveted by most. Cheap knock off have no arch support and can harm your feet with constant wear. So always opt for the original product.


Authentic Crocs offer the best long-lasting experience you can find when compared to fake Crocs. Their unique Croslite material is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Fake Crocs take no time to shrink and wear off, lacking durability with constant wear.

How to spot fake Crocs

Look at the logo

The best way to identify fake Crocs is by paying close attention to their logo to know if it’s the real design or not. The logo is placed at the base of the adjustable ankle strap.

Fake Crocs just put a circle in this spot, due to legal reasons, and branding fake imitations cannot put the actual logo of Crocs in this spot.

Observe the shapes

Taking close look at the shapes on Crocs shoes you can tell that the authentic has fine detailing in its finish with properly-rounded edges and a sleek exterior.

Fake Crocs have no neat finishing with stubs hanging off edges making them appear rough and jagged.

Ankle strap

Another indicator used to spot fakes is the lack of an ankle strap. The strap is essential for support in Crocs shoes and the lack of it is one way to know fakes, original Crocs always have the strap and the lack of a strap is a big indicator you are holding a fake.

Hard material

Crocs Croslite material is soft to the touch and feel, molding perfectly to your feet’ outline. The midsole is flexible and the top allows for your foot to arch properly without resistance improving gait and alignment when walking.

Fake Crocs are known to be hard and rigid, your feet feel locked in, and they are less flexible than authentic Crocs. This is due to the low-quality material they are manufactured from.

Brand information

The Crocs company always place their brand information underneath the shoe. This information includes their website and where it is located in’’ Boulder, Colorado’’

Fake Crocs lack this piece of information underneath them and this way you can easily tell you are buying a fake.


You may have bought fake Crocs in the past and wondering how to spot an original and we have given you the tips to do that.

Fake crocs knockoff may come cheap and look closely in appearance to original crocs shoes but if it isn’t the authentic Crocs you are missing out on the great qualities they have to offer.

Fake Crocs too are also bad for your feet because they are poorly designed and less durable than the original pair of Crocs. If you are going to make a purchase get an authentic pair.

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