Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public?

Yes, it’s okay to wear slippers in public but it also depends on the situation you are wearing in.

We know how comfortable and easy slippers are to your feet but there may be some reservations in opinion about wearing them in some public places and settings.

Slippers can also be worn in public when you have any foot injury as it is easier than tight-fitting shoes. Most millennials see wearing slippers as lazy or even sloppy but this isn’t the case, as others have their individual preferences of what comfort means to them.

Can I wear slippers to the mall?

We won’t advise you to wear slippers to the mall but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them when attending the mall. Slippers are footwear that is low and open, exposing your feet and fingers when you walk in them.

In a mall, there are other individuals moving and bustling bout, trolleys and heavy objects stacked on high shelves and counters, staircases, and elevators all this exposes your feet to injury and slippers won’t provide you with the proper protection from the underside of a hard shoe or trolley tires.

Slippers and all the thousands of styles and designs produced every day by footwear manufactures are traditionally made to be comfortable and soft a possible, offering little weight as a whole.

The idea in its construction is that they should be easy to slip on and off, the soles are soft and offer little protection in the heels. If you spend much time walking on hard surfaces and sidewalks your feet will begin to ache to lead to unwanted pain.

However, slippers are great to wear on many other occasions because they are suitable and provide the best comfort in that situation.

Places appropriate to wear slippers to

During the hot summer, season slippers can serve you well with open toes freedom, avoiding sweat rolling around in your feet. We have listed some places that wouldn’t look at you funny in your slippers;

The beach

The beach is a good spot to wear your slippers too, with tons of sand that impede walking properly slippers would guide you through with ease.  You don’t have sand running through your fingers all the time and also they are usually water-resistant.

The pool

We are familiar with the slippery nature of the pool area and how content moisture is prevalent there. Wearing the right footwear means stability and comfort when visiting the pool. Slippers are ideal when visiting the pool because they are easy to slide off and on.


The shower and bathroom is a significant place slipper should be worn to. This can either be your bathroom or public shower spots in hotel or pool areas and even hospitals. If you have slippers on your feet you prevent germs and dirty substances from sticking to your feet.

Water parks and theme parks

Environments where there would be constant contact with water such as water parks and theme parks. You put off worrying about damage to your shoes by simply wearing slippers in these situations preventing damp socks and feet.

Regular casual wear

Slippers can be worn every day as casual wear for simple domestic tasks and errand around the house and corner store. If the prevailing weather condition isn’t too cold to be out you can wear slippers while heading out to the grocery store or other daily errands.

We have successfully listed the best places you can wear your slippers to and situations that are also appropriate for wearing them, we move on to showing some places you wouldn’t want to wear slippers to. Enjoy!

Places inappropriate for slippers

Wearing slippers everywhere can’t be too appropriate all the time and some situation calls for more formal appearance, safety, and comfortable clothing, slippers don’t cut it in such situations.


Slippers shouldn’t be worn to explore mountain ranges and experiencing the wildlife. Boots that are meant for hiking should be worn in situations like this because they offer solid grip, traction, and adequate protection. Slippers lack all these features and shouldn’t be worn in such situations.


Funerals and other formal occasions where formal attire is expected should be attended without slippers. The dress code for funerals or events should be strictly adhered to and wearing slippers to such doesn’t give the best confidence or speak well about your personality.


If you work in a commercial kitchen or cook in a restaurant slippers aren’t a great choice for you. These environments require closed-toe shoes that offer proper protection from kitchen hazards.

Public transportation

wearing slippers when using the subway or bus can be a struggle. They wouldn’t hold up to the swiftness needed to navigate the busy city street or transportation services and also they leave your toes exposed to harm from other passengers wearing more secure footwear.


Your work colleagues sure don’t want to be disturbed by the squeaky noise that sippers make while performing work duties. So slippers wearing at work or office setting is a no, it makes you appear tacky and too casual.

Date night/music festival

never wear your slippers when visiting a nice fanciful restaurant for dinner with friends or a loved one. They are noisy and would have heads turning in your direction for the wrong reasons. So if you plan on visiting a diner, please leave your slippers at home.

At music festivals or places where there is a significant surge of people attending it is safe for you to avoid wearing slippers, your feet would literally get stepped on to death so avoid at all cost.


A number of bars and clubs have their own dress code policy for every customer. And it usually doesn’t involve the wearing of slippers, they are not ideal for dancing or providing enough heel support for you.

10 favorite slippers that can be worn in public

Many slippers come in different designs and textures with a variation in the kind of materials used for manufacturing them, these may be rubber, leather, EVA foam, etc.

We have listed 10 of the best you can purchase to enjoy outdoor movement in style while still staying fashionable.

Rock Dove Men’s original foam slipper

These RockDove slippers have been celebrated by many users as an extremely comfortable pair to wear, and this is due to the memory foam cushioning and cotton line in its design.

They are light and breathable which is nice for those who spend long hours on their feet walking around the house and performing routine errands.

Their rubber sole offers a good grip and you have less worry from slipping accidents. Rock dove slippers can even be put into the washing machine for proper cleaning.

Amazon essential men’s leather Moccasin slipper


This slipper is cheap and affordable with great qualities offered in its construction and design. It can get you through colder weather and are very easy to slip on and off.

The comfort they provide is up to par with most slipper designs out there. A lot of users describe the soft suede exterior as very comfortable and smooth to touch.

Acorn Men’s Moc with premium Memory foam

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

This slipper is loved by many users for its moisture-wicking fabric on the inside, they are nice and comfy and can be worn to many public places.

The memory foam provides maximum comfort while giving your feet room to relax. The memory foam is so soft some users describe it as walking on clouds. They are perfect for those who have a foot injury and other feet problems.

Walk – Hero canvass slippers with arch support

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

This walk-hero canvass slipper is rated five stars according to most reviews, it’s very suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. The arch support is excellent for protecting the natural arch in your feet.

The quality of the material used in the construction is perfect and durable, lasting long after purchase and withstanding damage from frequent use.

It’s perfect for all weather types and the plush lining on the insides keeps your feet under the best temperature, not too hot or too cold. They fit well and have a good reduction in noise when walking.

Glerups Model wool slipper

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

Made using high-quality wool this slipper feels luxurious to wear and offers adequate warmth and comfort for everyday walking about.

They are not itchy and hugs your feet perfectly, while the footbed molds perfectly to the shape of your feet. Their design is fashionable and they have the reputation for being one of the best in the slipper market.

Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard sole Slipper

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

These wool slippers from Haflinger is popular than its counterpart in producing wool slippers. Wearing them outdoor isn’t a problem for your feet and you can wear them for long periods without feeling foot fatigue.

They offer the best arch support with their hard sole design. The hard sole is anti-slip and has excellent grip on most surfaces, another important reason is mostly accepted is because of the comfort it gives during hot or cold seasons. They keep your feet warm and breathable too preventing sweat.

Deer stag slipperooz Nordic clog slipper

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

For those with large feet, this is the best slipper for you. They fit those having wide fit perfectly and are also snug for your feet. Socks can be worn with them for better cozy comfort in colder temperatures.

They give good support for any wearer with large feet accommodating all your toes so that none is left hanging over, they also keep your heels within the confines of your slipper.

The footbed is lined with soft cushioning material.

NDB –Memory foam Shearling-lined indoor-outdoor clog slipper

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

This High-end quality slipper from NDB is shearling and is rubber-soled. They are manufactured with the highest quality material that is distinctly durable and offer the firmest support and comfort.

The rubber sole is very sturdy and the interior is soft for outdoor activities and long walks. Many shoppers have been amazed by the quality of experience they derive when they wear these shoes.

You won’t regret spending your money on this piece of slippers. The traction is superior and keeps you upright and confident as you walk or perform your outdoor task in them.

Hanes slipper with Fresh IQ odor protection

Is It Ok To Wear Slippers In Public

Frequent wearing of footwear or slippers can leave an unpleasant odor if they have sweated on and not been cleaned properly. Accumulated dirt and grime also make this difficult to fight, so ensure to always have your slipper cleaned.

This Hanes slipper however has an antimicrobial finish that keeps them smelling pleasant, this is ideal for those fighting foot odor. Sweaty feet allow for the encroachment of bacteria and this leads to smell and discomfort.

With this pair of shoes, you are guaranteed the best protection from any foul-smelling also have a plush comfortable footbed and standard grip and traction protecting you against slips.


Many people have various opinions on the idea of whether slippers are public footwear. There is no restriction when it’s come to wearing slippers in public settings, this, however, is due to individual differences and dress policies of some public environments.

Overall slippers are easy footwear and free to wear comfortably. some places that are populated like concerts and malls aren’t ideal for any slippers wearer. Your exposed toes can be seriously maimed by other people wearing completely covered shoes.

Also, slippers are a very casual piece of footwear and formal settings like offices or important events won’t appreciate you wearing slippers when visiting. Other situation, however, is suitable for slippers, like the beach, pool, and indoor.

Moving about your house can be a more comfortable experience if you always wear slippers, they keep your feet warm from cold floors and protect your heels and sole from cracks while offering major protection from dirt and grime.

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