Pharmacy Technician Dress Code at Walgreens: What You Should Know

At Walgreens, their dress code includes khaki pants (dark), sneaker shoes, and recommended Walgreens polo shirt. The shoes should be casual or business casual.

The dress code policy has been updated with a new dress policy starting from October 2020.

In their company’s general statement to their employees, Walgreens states the importance of conducting business in a professional atmosphere that is both conducive and comfortable to both employees and customers.

In this regard, Walgreen initiated a standard dress code policy, uniform guidelines, and appearance expectations that fulfill the stores’ directives.

Walgreens dress guideline permits employees to work comfortably while appearing in appropriate clothing suitable for the workplace and to establish a positive company image while increasing total customer satisfaction.

The mission at Walgreen is to create a work environment that is safe from work hazards, ill-mannered behavior, and any kind of harassment.

Pharmacy technician dress code

Pharmacy technicians are mandated to wear company-issued trousers and grey scrub tops.

  • Shirts; shirts must be given by the company and sporting the Walgreens logo. Pharmacy technicians however are allowed to wear their personal white short-sleeved t-shirts under the scrub, or they wear a solid white, black, or gray long-sleeved t-shirt under the scrub top.
  • Pants; pants to be worn should be of the correct fit and size and shouldn’t touch the floor. They may vary in length and pharmacy technicians can wear skirts for either religious purposes or as part of a reasonable understanding.
  • Shoes; the appropriate shoes include closed-toe shoes or business casual shoes in solid white or black sports shoes are allowed.

Technicians in the pharmacy team can also wear over uniform approved track jackets, bomber jackets with the company logo while working their shift.

Designated hitters stationed in Puerto Rico are permitted to wear the recommended company grey scrub tops and trousers. A solid white short-sleeved t-shirt can be worn under the tops and you can swap the solid white for a black or grey long-sleeved scrub top.

Pharmacy Technician Dress Code at Walgreens

Walgreens dress code guidelines statement

Every member of each team working at Walgreens has the responsibility to exercise common sense and proper judgment concerning the choice of clothing they choose to appear in while in the workplace and always dress according to these guidelines.

Generally, every employee is expected to be clean and neat in appearance while at work and dress in a manner that is appropriate for the work being performed and the environment in which the work is done.

Furthermore, the use of strongly scented perfumes, deodorants, cologne, and lotions should be avoided due to team members and customers who may be sensitive to such scents.

Also, any clothing with logos that promotes any other brand, organization, vendors, competitors, schools, and colleges should not be worn to the workplace.

Any member of the team that is found to dress in a manner that doesn’t meet the required standard of the organization as described in this guideline would be asked to leave by their team leader and returned when the correct piece of clothing is adorned.

Take note that the time spent by any worker sent to change into the recommended cloth, would not be compensated by the organization while away. Disciplinary actions would be passed by the store leader if the repetition of the offense occurs.

These rules are meant to guide in accordance with the company’s goals and policy and not to infringe on the right to dress of any team member in accordance with their preferences or religious orientation.

Anyone with such beliefs can place a special request to the management and considerations would be given in accordance with the Religious Accommodations guidelines of Walgreens.

General dress code standards

  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19 all team members are mandated to wear face masks while in the store.
  • Due to the CDC guidelines, all team members must continue to wear disposable face masks to prevent disease spread.
  • Face covering is not recommended for interns, pharmacists, designated hitters, and technicians when performing tasks according to the new CDC guidelines.
  • Every day disposable face masks would be made available for the pharmacy team members, while those working at the front end would be provided with reusable cloth face coverings.
  • Those front-end team members assisting in the pharmacy are required to wear disposable surgical face masks while performing duties in the pharmacy.
  • Every team member should display their name badge at all times while carrying their duties and each name badge must include team member name and position code.
  • Pants required by every team member except pharmacy technicians must be Solid black and Skirts that are knee-length or longer and must be in solid black.

Skirts and pants permitted are those made from cotton, wool or polyester any pant or skirts that have a blend of blue jean or denim fabric does not pass the company requirement.

For footwear you can wear any of your choices as long as they fit the following; neat sports shoes or closed-toe dress and business casual shoes, unless they are permitted by the administration for your team, do not wear any other kind.

Guidelines for store non-leadership team members (front–end)

Front-end team members who aren’t associated with store leadership positions and duties are required to wear the company’s standard grey polo shirt with the company logo during their work shift.

Every team member of the beauty advisors has the option of wearing the company-issued smock along with the standard company pink t-shirt worn underneath or the issued black long –sleeve dress shirt accompanied with a gray t-shirt underneath.

The beauty consultants however have the option of wearing the recommended beauty tunic issued by the company with a brush belt that is company issued too or wear the black long sleeve dress shirt with a company-issued gray t-shirt underneath it.

Non –management and non-leadership self-service team members may wear the company standard shirts during the promotion of Walgreen products, events, or services during administrative or corporate designated periods.

During the winter or cold seasons, every non-management and non-leadership staff working on the sales floor can add a solid color long sleeve shirt beneath their recommended uniform shirt as appropriate clothing for the cold weather condition, these include turtlenecks while excluding hooded clothing’s.

During such weather conditions, team members may dress accordingly to protect from the elements (hooded garments included) when retrieving shopping carts, performing tasks that do not require them to work on the sales floor.

Aside from the Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Shift Leader, Beauty consultant, RXM, Pharmacist, and Pharmacy intern all other team members can obtain and wear over uniform issued company logo track jacket or bomber jacket during working hours.

Designated Hitters(DH) and customer service Associates (CSA) can buy and wear color block unisex half-zip wind shirts or the men’s moisture-wicking polo shirt as a part of their uniform.

Each of the mentioned items can be purchased at Walgreens swag shop and can only be bought by employees and they are not store expensed.

Guidelines: store leadership and pharmacist team members

Members of store leadership (management and shift leads) are expected to adorn the recommended company grey button-down shirts at all times.

Every store pharmacist is required to wear company issued white pharmacist long or short-sleeved lab coat. Walgreens pharmacist seeking to wear their personal clothing should make sure is worn beneath the company’s issued lab coat. (ties aren’t mandatory)

Team members belonging to the pharmacy department and store leadership have to wear solid black colored pants or dress pants, knee-length skirts, and must include business casual or closed-toe dress shoes in solid white or sport black colors.

Guidelines for pharmacy team members

Pharmacy technicians are mandated to put on the company-recommended grey tops and pants, other personal clothing must be either short-sleeved or long-sleeved worn under the top and should come in solid white, gray, or black colors.

Jackets or bomber jackets can be worn by pharmacy technicians as long as they meet the requirement of the company and are purchased from the swag shop.

Pants should be fitted and long enough but not touching the floor. Any team member who has any objections to this due to religious reasons can speak to management for considerations.

Pharmacy Technician Dress Code at Walgreens

Dress accessories and apparel not permitted for all store and pharmacy team members;

  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Denim clothing, jeans or fabric, leggings, and shorts
  • Miniskirts
  • Headwear covering the top of the head unless religious factor in included
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Open tor or open heel shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Excessive jewelry
  • Halter tops
  • Hooded garments
  • Overly revealing clothing
  • Offensive tattoos

Dress code enforcement

The dress code policy at Walgreens is put in place by the administration to bolster a professional workplace atmosphere and enhance the image of the company shedding positive light in their direction.

The total customer experience is above satisfactory and the workplace energy is smooth and free from harassment or offensive behavior of any kind.

Walgreens company shows support for outside groups and organizations by permitting staff members to wear labels, buttons, or pins showing their support for the various movement which includes a fight against cancer and other diseases, LGBTQ and pride month, red nose day, and multiple third-party organizations.

We will highlight some guidelines for clothing and other items that are allowed in the workplace for those part of such movements.

Team members who belong or affiliate with such groups can wear company issued items as part of their dress code these items include;

Dress items supporting non-political groups- this includes ‘’lives matter’’ (black, white, red or All), and the U.S or other recognizes flags (except anything with the confederate flag in it) these mentioned items are not political in nature.

Any material that is degrading or offensive to a group, or persons in a group is not permitted; political propaganda materials (e.g. items signifying political candidates, political campaigns, or party slogans) are not allowed to be worn by any team member. Affiliation with such items does not speak well of the company in regard to political matters.

Any materials that stand as a sign for discrimination of a group based on protected category is strictly prohibited, this includes swastikas, confederate flags, etc.

At Walgreens, the administration takes charge of any situation or incident and reviews in accordance with these guidelines, and any employee or staff member who puts on such items not allowed may be asked to take off such items or sent home, any refusal to this directive would result in disciplinary action.

Those team members who wear materials that have messages following the guidelines of the store dress policy should note the following:

  • Other employees and customers may have personal reactions to their clothing.
  • If offensive statements or insults are exchanged, this should be reported to the management or leadership for proper handling.
  • Any member of the team who cannot conform to the workplace guidelines and maintain a professional standing at all times would be subject to disciplinary actions and can face termination from the company.


Walgreen stores have strict guidelines and policies guarding the dress sense of every team member. This is done in a bid to maintain a healthy and professional work environment at all times.

Pharmacy technicians are required to wear company-issued t-shirts with the company logo. Pants that are dark and shoes with athletic build or closed business casual appearance.

Items of clothing with offensive tags or items that are derogatory are banned from the workplace and any team member who faults is asked to change such items or disciplinary action would be considered.

Walgreens shows support for some groups that are supportive of the general human condition and human rights, while items that identify to political situations or circumstances are totally avoided in work premises.

Every team member is expected to be neat and tidy and can wear personal clothing as long as they are underneath the company-issued polo and made of sold black, gray, or white colors.

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