Are Amoji As Good As Crocs?

Amoji is one of the best alternatives of Crocs, but they do not possess the qualities that make them better than Crocs. Amoji clogs are a brand of lightweight footwear that looks similar in appearance to Crocs.

Crocs shoes are cherished for their design, unique construction materials, and comfortable features it is known for. Although many may see and call Amoji imitations, they provide maximum comfort and top-notch traction.

Are Amoji As Good As Crocs

They come in different designs, colors, and styles, no matter your size there is a style that suits your fashion sense.

Amojis produced clog with a unique style that is close to a croc in looks but not just the same overall. Amoji has a special rubber design made from superlight EVA rubber that is lighter and softer than Crocs footwear.

They have good traction and remain firm on most surfaces. Amojis are famous for their textured insoles which makes them safe to wear in water without fear of slipping off.

They have specially designed holes in the structure of most models that allows for air to flow and reduces foot sweating to the minimum.

One great addition is that they are ultra-lightweight even lighter than Crocs. Their rubber is made from EVA resin material that is responsible for this weight reduction.

In addition, they offer the best comfort of the two due to this factor.

Their arch support is significantly increased with a softer rubber footbed that molds after your foot and isn’t too stiff.

One additional reason you should get Amoji is that they are way cheaper than Crocs, you would be getting a good deal in paying relatively half the price of Crocs for a more comfortable pair of clogs.

One advantage of foam clogs is that they provide a very comfortable feel and support for your foot. They help in spreading your weight across soft footbed covering the widest possible surface area, this reduces pressure and absorbs shocks from impacts.

Their simple basic design delivers just the right amount of arch support for your feet allowing you to spend long hours on your feet without feeling foot fatigue or painful sensations.

Also, they are favored by various professionals for these amazing features they offer. They have models that are designed with fleece and suitable for cold weather.

You are left with loads of color variants to select from they are bright and attractive, keeping up with modern trends of fashion. They have good fitting and protects you from slipping accidents. Many users have reported that Amoji is very wear-resistant, this means they are durable and last a while before you decide to swap them out.

Their EVA sole is unique patented rubber that has superior anti-slip properties, and very ideal for wet environments like pool areas, gardens, and bathrooms. Extra support comes to a wide toe box area that is wide enough for your toes to wiggle.

Similarities and differences between Amoji and Crocs

Similarities Differences
Rubber-like EVA foam composition Different sized drainage holes in both
Multiple styles, colors, and design The price tag differs in the two
Slip-resistant properties Weight slightly different in both design
Used by many professionals The raw material is differently produced
Good comfort and support Textured insoles in Amoji

Difference between Amoji and Crocs

Drainage holes

Amoji has unique designed hexagon holes that make them more breathable than Crocs. Crocs’ total surface area isn’t filled with as many holes as Amoji, having fewer holes may lead to restrictive airflow and increased sweat production.

Amoji is more breathable in design than Crocs. Their thick sole is designed to relieve stress and ensure you feel comfortable always when you have them on. with a reduced heel slippage, you can be assured that it’s capable of staying affixed all day to your feet.

They are stylish in design to having more intricate patterns incorporated in their design.

Price difference

A major difference between Amoji and Crocs is the huge price differences. Crocs are pretty much expensive costing about $50 for a simple pair while Amoji can go as low as $20 for similarly designed clog footwear.

This cheap pricing means you can pay less for a suitable pair and have extra money left for even another pair of Amoji. Buying a pair of Amoji means you are paying less for greater comfort and also reputable construction design.

Their strap design keeps them securely fastened to your heel without feeling too tight or restrictive.

Lightweight design

Amojis have an outstanding super-lightweight structure. The EVA foam resin accounts for a drastic reduction in weight and it’s said to be lighter than Crocs footwear in every aspect.

They don’t feel like a burden on your feet, despite this reduced weight they offer optimum safety features protecting you from injury and discomfort.

They are very water-resistant and do not change shape or size when subjected to or immersed in water. Every model has an ergonomic construction, keeping up to date with modern fashion trends and styles.

Raw material

One significant difference between Amoji and Crocs is that they may be made from a similar-looking rubber material, but each has it’s a unique quality that gives each product its unique design.

Crocs are manufactured from a patented unique synthetic fiber called Croslite. This Croslite material is similar to rubber but it isn’t rubber or plastic.

It’s an advanced closed-cell resin produced by the company and its proprietary material. Amoji is produced from a specially manufactured EVA resin, with the special formula locked away as a company’s secret.

Overall, these materials are non-toxic and do not keep moisture for long preventing the buildup of mold and fungus that leads to odor.


In their design and outward appearance Crocs and Amoji may pass for similar footwear but they aren’t so similar upon closer inspection. Finer detailing and finishing can be spotted on Amoji while Crocs have a simpler and plain look.

The surface of Amoji may appear and feel thin to the touch while Crocs may slightly be firmer, this is all due to the difference in production material. These materials are eco-friendly and don’t contribute to pollution in the surrounding environment.

Textured insoles

Amoji has textured insoles and a narrower fit than most Crocs designs in the market. Their narrower fit ensures that they never feel loose on your feet, providing balance and support as you walk.

The textured insoles prevent them from slipping off especially during wet conditions and this quality isn’t verily available in the Crocs designs. Crocs shoes feel chunky and bulky in appearance and fit too, while Amoji is sleek and doesn’t have excessive shape or contours.

Similarities between Amoji and Crocs

Some similarities are shared between Amoji and Crocs shoes;

Lightweight rubber-like construction material

Crocs and Amoji are made from a rubber-like resin material that gives it the lightweight properties they both have. A synthetic resin formula is used to manufacture Crocs while Amoji is made with EVA resin and both materials can pass for each other. Their overall makeup is non-toxic and very environmentally friendly.

They both share the ability to feel light as a feather when you wear them while performing your daily tasks. Amoji like Crocs prevents the build of bacteria that leads to smelly feet and they achieve this by repelling water from the shoes keeping them dry always.


Under the sole of both Amoji and Crocs was carefully designed with unique patterns carved unto them providing excellent slip-resistant properties.

They both remain firm on any surface and have adequate grip for your feet, this prevents you from sliding and falling off them you are exposed to a wet or slippery environment.

They also offer significant support for your knees by letting your foot comfortable settle in their footbed taking the shape of your feet.

They are also both made to be durable and resistant to most wearing and tearing conditions, lasting many long months after purchase, and also very easy to clean too.

Color and designs styles

One good thing they both have is that they have a wide assortment of colors and designs to choose from. With multiple colors of footwear, you can rest assured that something attractive is bound to catch your fancy, and each shoe brand has designs that are suited for different purposes.

Their versatility accounts for their high patronage as they cater to all types of personalities, weather conditions, job types, and fashion sense.

Their designs are so individually unique you have no worry about keeping up with modern fashion trends and style.

Comfort and support

You cannot mention Crocs or Amoji footwear without mentioning the comfort they provide. With soft cushioned footbeds, they are purchased and used by many persons for the luxurious comfort and feel they offer to your foot.

Professionals across different job platforms recommend them both for these qualities because they can protect the fee from common aches and pains associated with spending long hours on one’s feet all day.

They prevent foot fatigue and can also be worn as a remedy for common foot afflictions. The strap designs are unique to both as they both are equipped to stay fixed to your feet always irrespective of the rigorous you put them through.

Other good alternatives to Crocs

Many other shoes and footwear are available as good or better alternatives to Crocs. They are comfortable and made out of durable, comfortable, and protective material some of these are listed below:

Native shoes, Jefferson, kids shoe

Are Amoji As Good As Crocs

  • Water; friendly, lightweight, and fast-drying
  • Odor-resistant
  • Slip-on
  • Easy clean

These native shoes from Jefferson are an alternative to Crocs because they have a similar croc-like design and rubber-like material.

They are a natural pick for kids with their bright and attractive colors. They are manufactured in the US and produced with an injection-molded EVA and a rubber rand.

This makes them odor-resistant and very easy to wash. Their design is breathable and very comfortable to wear.

They are very versatile and very supportive with a suction footbed that sticks to your feet

Puremee women garden clogs

Are Amoji As Good As Crocs

  • Portable ultra-lightweight,
  • Quick-dry holes and breathable
  • EVA material with high flexibility
  • Anti-slip air cushion outsole

These puremee clogs are very cozy and can be worn throughout the house or worn in public with ease. They have extremely lightweight properties and don’t feel like an extra weight when you wear them, flexibility is also offered in this specially designed footwear.

Holes have been perforated in the upper layer that increases breathability and allows airflow to be maximized. The material used in its construction is composed of EVA that is extremely soft and durable protecting it against wear and tear.

The sole is soft and has slip-resistant quality, which is suable to wear in many settings and occasions.

Natural uniform ultralight women clogs

Are Amoji As Good As Crocs

  • Extremely comfortable
  • 100% EVA foam – water resistant
  • Adjustable heel strap for proper fit
  • High arch and footbed support

Although they are similar to Crocs they have a more comfortable design and have a unique shape and style.

They are perfect for work and professionals especially those in the nursing occupation. They are made from synthetic material composed of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate in their sole construction and EVA foam in their footbed for increased comfort.

They offer a good fit, having an adjustable strap design that fits any level you desire. Due to the EVA foam used in the construction, they are slip-resistant preventing you from fall and injury.

They are sophisticated bouncy and also styled with modern fashion in their design.

FZUU men’s women Breathable Garden clogs

Are Amoji As Good As Crocs

The clogs is one of the best alternatives to Crocs and come in multiple different colors, they are very affordable and don’t compromise quality in its design.

It’s lightweight and made from injection-molded EVA material which supports and gives maximum comfort. An adjustable strap gives it a good fit and they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Every pair is easy to clean and maintain and has a non-slip sole for increased traction as you use them daily.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable for a long period of time
  • Non-slip EVA sole
  • Multiple styles and design

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