How Do I Stop My Boat Shoes from Rubbing

One of the issues you may encounter on using your boat shoes is the fact that they’ll rub your feet causing uneasiness, discomfort and possibly blisters. It is therefore important that you seek for ways to stop these boat shoes of yours from rubbing.

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Top tips to stop your boat shoe from rubbing

  • Wear socks with your boat shoe
  • Get additional insoles for your boat shoe
  • Using plasters also works just fine
  • Put Talcum powder inside your boat shoe

Wear socks with your boat shoe

I have used this several times and I can tell the evident difference. Without socks, my feet rub pretty bad on my boat shoe and this gives me blisters at times. In addition, my toes rub bad and this makes me uncomfortable every time I wear my boat shoe.

However, the moment I started wearing socks, there was nothing like that anymore. The socks serve as interference that stops your feet and toes from rubbing on your boat shoe.

Because of the plastic/rubber material that is used to produce boat shoes, your feet would definitely rub against them.

In addition, if you have sweaty feet, it is possible that your feet would rub against your boat shoe. With socks, you can stop this from happening.

If your boat shoe is tight, I would suggest wearing thin-lined socks in order not to have a tight shoe that would be uncomfortable.

However, if your boat shoe is wide enough, you can wear thick socks. This tested method has worked for me every time. You should do this as well. I spoke about this as a priority because it is very easy to use.

Just get a pair of socks and you are good to go. All the pains and discomfort that come from boat shoes would instantly vanish with the use of socks.

Get additional insoles for your boat shoe

This might not work for you if your boat shoe is tight. However, if you do not have wide feet like me, then this might work. In addition, if your boat shoe runs wide, then this would also be a good option. Wearing socks might make your feet sweaty and this might make you uncomfortable.

Although, this does not happen to everyone. I do not have sweaty feet and wearing socks is fine by me. However, my feet find it easy to breathe well without socks, that is why I decided to try out using removable insoles, and they worked fine.

I got double benefits of additional comfort and no-rubbing problem. You should also try this out. Get a pair of removable insoles and insert it into your boat shoe. You would instantly get relieved.

Whenever you walk in wet areas or on wet days/seasons, then you must ensure that you dry the insoles very well. The boat shoe is waterproof, but removable insoles are not. This is why it is very important for you to always dry the insoles to prevent bad odors and bacteria.

Using insoles works just fine and it prevents boat shoes from rubbing your feet. This is also another tested method that works just fine.

You can also use toe protection, toecaps, or tapes for the spots that rub against your toes

Apply these tapes and you would have solved the problem. I recommended this to a friend some time ago and it solved the problem.

The idea is to have something that comes in between your toes and the boat shoe’s material. Once you have something as an interference, then the issue would be solved.

So, apply for toe protection. The common method in this category is paper tapes.

They work very well and prevent your boat shoe from rubbing against your toes.

Using plasters also works just fine

In order to achieve this, you need to have discovered the spots that rub on your feet and ankle. If you have not discovered these spots, you might not get an accurate effect with plasters.

Once you have discovered these spots, then you can use plasters on those spots. This works well and prevents your boat shoe from rubbing against your feet and ankle that might be uncomfortable for you.

Keep the insole of your boat shoe dry as much as possible

I would recommend using talcum powder for your boat shoe. Powder sucks out the moisture in your boat shoe that might be the reason for the rubbing.

When you use powder, your feet would be dry and your boat shoe would not be slippery. Try this out. However, this is a short-term method and you might experience rub after a few hours of walking.

Most especially if you have sweaty feet. Once you begin to sweat, there is a limit to what the powder substance can do. Therefore, as much as you want to use this method, I would still advise that you either get moisture-wicking socks or a cushioned insole. These 2 methods are very effective and they work just fine.

Why do Boat shoes rub you?

If your boat shoe is new, you should expect this to happen. I realized this when I bought an additional pair of boat shoes. I realized that the boat shoe made me uncomfortable for some days because it keeps rubbing against my feet every time I wear it.

This is mostly caused by the glossy paint that is used on the boat shoe. Because it is new, the surface is smooth and a little bit slimy. This is the reason why it rubs against your feet and toes.

As you constantly wear it, there is a high tendency that the frequency of the rubbing would reduce drastically. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why your boat shoe rubs.

When you buy a shoe tighter than your size

I have spoken with a few people in the past about this second point. Whenever you want to buy a pair of shoes, always ensure to order for the perfect size.

One of the major reasons why people have issues with their boat shoes rubbing against their feet and heels is because of size. If you order a tight boat shoe, rubbing is expected and it can be very uncomfortable. Avoid wearing small boat shoes.

If you have wide feet or long toes, using a small shoe would bring you a high-level discomfort. Therefore, you must ensure that you order the perfect size of boat shoe whenever you want to order it.

Always refer to the size chart every time before you place the order. This would save you the pain and discomfort that comes from wearing a small rubber shoe. This is another reason why your boat shoe rubs against your feet and heels.

When you sweat a lot on your feet

During heat, your body needs more fluid and as you ingest these fluids, your body finds a way to spread this around. Furthermore, your body has ways of dispersing fluids around and one of these ways is sweating.

This can cause your boat shoe to rub against your toes and feet. If you have sweaty feet, you cannot escape this. Because your boat shoe is rubber/plastic made, sweat automatically causes it to be slippery which begins to rub against your feet and toes whenever you walk around.

Even if you do not have sweaty feet, the smallest amount of sweat can cause this to happen. Therefore, if you fall into this category, this is the reason why your boat shoe rubs.

These are the three major reasons why your boat shoe rubs against your feet and toes. Once you have discovered which one of these reasons is peculiar to you, refer to the strategies I mentioned above and choose what works for you.

You can prevent rubbing from happening frequently if you order a boat shoe that does not run small

Are boat shoes bad for your feet?

How Do I Stop My Boat Shoes from Rubbing

Boat shoes are excellent for the feet. They are one of the best walking shoes around. The designs are casual yet stylish, and they made walking very easy for you. They keep your feet comfortable with breathability and aeration.

Let me explain it more.

Boat shoes are breathable

This simply means that with boat shoes, your feet and toes would be kept in a good condition even on hot seasons and afternoons.

The ventilation ports around boat shoes allow ventilation to occur in your shoe. This helps to keep your feet dry to a reasonable extent and this is good for your feet.

Any shoe that makes your feet sweat is bad because your feet would begin to develop a bad smell and might even be infected with bacteria.

Boat shoes are waterproof and they dry our moist quickly. Therefore, they are good for your feet.

Boat shoes have a very comfortable removable insole that makes your feet comfortable

With these insoles, your feet and toes can relax and not feel any pain. These insoles also have an in-built technology that absorbs pressure that might want to cause pains in your arches and heels.

This is also another reason why boat shoes are good for your feet and toes. A shoe that offers arch support is a good shoe for your feet and boat shoes offer this to the highest measure.

The soles are very firm and stable

This prevents your feet from slipping and being injured because of falls and slides. Boat shoes have slip-resistant soles that make walking around firm, stable and secure.

The BROWN OAK men’s casual boat shoe is an amazing boat shoe for men. You should give it a try if you are looking for the best boat shoes. It comes at a very affordable price.

The SKECHERS women’s go-walk boat shoe is great for women and it comes at a very affordable price as well.

Are Sperrys good for flat feet?

How Do I Stop My Boat Shoes from Rubbing

Sperry is good for flat feet. Sperrys offer good arch support and this is a major criterion for an effective shoe for flat feet.

An example of this is the SPERRY TOPSIDER men’s boat shoe is one of the best shoes for arch support that is produced by Sperry.

The outsoles are very high and they substitute for flat feet. Furthermore, the insoles are orthotic in nature that is great for those with flat feet. The arch support is very effective and you will not pains or strains after a long day walk.

Are Boat shoes really necessary?

Having a pair of boat shoes is not going to hurt. In fact, you are going to enjoy wearing boat shoes if you have never worn one before.

Boat shoes are a good pair of shoes to wear for everyday activities because of the premium features they have. They can double as a typical walking shoe and a boat shoe for cruising. Therefore, this makes them necessary and important enough for anyone to have.

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