Why Are My Birkenstock Slimy?

Slimy Birkenstock is usually occurring as a result of so different factors. The principal reason is usually due to dirt and moisture. When dirt, debris, dust, and sweat have combined and accumulated onto the footbed of your shoes, they can become slimy and sticky.

Continuous wearing of Birkenstock shoes without proper cleaning causes dirt to build up and sweat is mixed with such buildup of dirt on the footbed turns this dirt slimy.

There is usually a presence of dark coloration on the footbed when this starts to get slimy.

Another reason may be due to residues of cleaning agents like baking soda still present on the footbed after washing them.

These residues cause the footbed to become very sticky and once you sweat in them they start to become slimy, this leaves an uncomfortable feeling and reduces comfort.

One way to avoid this is to make sure you wash off excess remains of detergents and other cleaning agents, dry them properly.

One other reason that can be responsible for this happening is due to constant moisture being present on the footbed regularly.

How to clean slimy Birkenstock

Birkenstock model footwear is very comfortable and this is the major reason it’s usually worn regularly by many users.

Well, we should know that with regular wear you have to also have them cleaned too. Dirt and other substance like sweat can lead to bad smells and dark coloration appearing on the cork footbed.

This can lead to your feet getting stained every time you put them on. getting them cleaned is not a difficult or tedious task and can be done properly with simple household supplies and finesse.

The cleaning process usually involves the use of baking soda, vinegar, and water all of which are used individually or in a combination.

The first step explained here would be the baking soda method


  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Stirring spoon/stick


  • Put about 2/4 of a cup of baking soda in a bowl of water.
  • Let the water be little and stir into a paste.
  • If the mixture is too watery, add more baking soda to get a paste consistency.
  • Gloves can be worn for better protection.
  • Use a brush or spoon to apply the paste across the footbed.
  • With the brush spread the paste using a circular motion for maximum effects.
  • Let it dry, then with a damp rag wipe of all residue from the footbed completely.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the result, simply have the process repeated.
  • Ensure that you wipe all the paste, leaving no residue remaining on the cork footbed.
  • Place them for 24 hours in a shade, let them be airy, and avoid direct sunlight from striking them.
  • If you can’t find baking soda have borax instead used.

Cleaning the straps of Birkenstock sandals

The straps of Birkenstocks also need to be cleaned regularly to stay fresh. Depending on if they are leather or Nubuck strap design you can clean them by following the instruction below.

  • If you have leather straps on your Birkenstock, wipe them clean with a damp towel or small cloth. For better results make sure you the Birkenstock cleaning kit.
  • For suede or Nubuck straps, use a brush to first remove dirt hidden in them. you can brush more firmly for tougher stains.

Using vinegar


  • Cleaning brush
  • Eraser
  • Vinegar
  • Damp microfiber cloth


  • Take the brush and remove any stain from the Nubuck footwear or suede Birkenstocks
  • Make sure you brush with grain gently.
  • For persistent stains and scuffs use the suede eraser in fort and back motion to remove deep marks.
  • Switch between the eraser and the brush to remove completely dislodged dirt particles.
  • Any stains that are left after this process is cleaned with vinegar using the cloth.
  • Pour little vinegar onto the microfiber cloth to dampen it and rub against the Birkenstock.
  • Repeat the process for any stubborn stain and leave it to dry.

 Pro tips you should know before cleaning your Birks

  • Direct sunlight has adverse effects upon the sole of Birkenstocks shoes. They fade the color of the shoes, and long exposure to sunlight light can lead to shrinkage of the sole causing your Birkenstock to deteriorate at a faster rate.
  • If you have purchased leather Birkenstock that are patented, having them cleaned by a professional is the best option to prevent damage from happening to them yourself. Some of these home remedies can lead to the reduction of the shiny nature of the Birkenstock shoes, a professional would know what to do.
  • It’s good to develop a regular cleaning habit when it comes to your Birkenstock shoes, especially the uppers as they are the ones to benefit most from this. Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of your Birkenstock shoes.
  • Know when to wear them. We all can attest to the comfortability that Birkenstock shoes provide so the trendy to wear them every day may arise. However, it would be vital for you to avoid wearing them on rainy days or situations where mud and grime would be present.
  • Make sure you invest in a proper Birkenstock cleaning Kit, you can get other products offering the same cleaning solution but Birkenstock Kit would do better in cleaning them.

One great way you can make sure our Birkenstock last long is by making sure that they don’t get submerged in water for long periods of time.

This constant exposure to moisture can make them wear out quickly and reduce the quality of the shoes.

Examples of Birkenstock that gets slimy

Some Birkenstock shoes are prone to getting slimy and sticky compared to others. This may be due to the kind of material that the Birkenstock was manufactured from.

Every pair of Birkenstock is made to be extremely comfortable to wear and walk around. This is because the footbed is designed to take after the shape of your shoes after prolonged wear. They are extremely comfortable and breathable and they come in a style that stays in fashion for a long time.

They are produced using cork in particular which is an eco-friendly product that has significant elasticity and good cushioning and provides excellent heat insulation.

They easily go with any kind of clothing style you choose to wear fitting and matching nicely. Some best Birkenstock you can purchase have been listed below;

Birkenstock Arizona

Why Are My Birkenstock Slimy

This brand of Birkenstock footwear is highly rated by many users giving it five stars for performance. Its design is the best associated with the brand.

Furthermore, the footbed is roomy enough to allow your foot to balance out well. The toe box is spacious to give room for your toes to wiggle, this promotes positive posture and good foot alignment as well as a good heel cup that cushions the foot and keeps the natural arch of the foot secured and well supported.

They are unisex in their design and come in a wide range of colors and style that fits well.

Birkenstock Gizeh

Why Are My Birkenstock Slimy

This Gizeh brand is one of the best-designed Birkenstock available in the market now. They have adjustable buckles that allow you to comfortably set the correct fit for your feet.

One reason it’s loved by most users is that they mold perfectly into the shape of your feet, this gives comfort and extra support when walking. Their cork footbed is standard offering the best quality the company is famous for.

Birkenstock Mayari

Why Are My Birkenstock Slimy

This footwear is popular among traveling tourists and theme park visitors. They are extremely comfortable and have a raised toe-box that is spacious enough and doesn’t put a strain on your feet when you walk.

Pain and foot fatigue is reduced due to these unique designs, the contoured footbed offers the most comfortable experience and they are suitable for those with plantar fasciitis condition.

Their double strap design is thin and secures your foot properly.

Birkenstock Florida

Why Are My Birkenstock Slimy

Florida Birkenstock is designed with strappy slides and has a leather covering made with vegan fabrication. They have an ultra-comfortable footbed due to their contoured footbed and an extra toe room and a raised bar.

Its design is very trendy and conforms to modern fashion styles and trends. People with foot problems have been known to use this footwear as a remedy for foot fatigue and a common foot ailment.

Birkenstock by Papillo

Why Are My Birkenstock Slimy

This Birkenstock footwear has good height clearance and is still very comfortable. Their opened-toe design fits well with most dresses and pants.

They are suitable for long hours of wear with their footbed molding perfectly with the shape of your feet. This provides increased support and promotes positive alignment and good weight distribution.

Birkenstock is a very efficient footwear brand with a unique cork footbed that provides significant comfort due to the molded contours the cork footbed provides.

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