Is The Birkenstock Cleaning Kit Worth it?

Yes, you should own a complete set of Birkenstock cleaning kits to keep your Birkenstock shoes clean and in the best of conditions.

The cleaning kit is most effective in cleaning and preserving the original condition of the upper material your Birkenstock footwear is made out of, repelling water, or sealing the cork of the shoe against moisture.

The cleaning kit comes with multiple cleaning solutions that can be applied to both leather, Nubuck, or suede upper. This means you can purchase a different model of Birkenstock shoes and have them all cleaned and cared for in a single kit package.

Why is the Birkenstock cleaning kit worth it?

Birkenstock footwear is used by so many individuals today and so many love the comfortable cork bed that molds to your feet shape.

It’s worn regularly as a go-to shoe for those who love them and if you fit this category then you know cleaning them after a day out is vital in retaining their original quality and appearance.

Manufacturer’s recommendations

The cleaning kit is worth it because it’s designed and recommended by the Birkenstock company itself. Using water or other harsh chemicals to clean your Birkenstock footwear may not be the best option, this is because you might end up damaging your upper material or cork with the wrong cleaning agent.

High retaining properties

When using the kit, you are assured of the quality retaining properties of the Birkenstock cleaning kit. It not only cleans out dirt but shines and improves the appearance of the footwear. For any questions on whether you should get the kit, I highly advise that it’s the best option to follow.

Constant wear of your Birkenstock footwear can diminish the glossy nature of the cork making it appear dull to appearance and this isn’t suitable for you. We all want our shoes to look shiny and bright as we go out.

With the reliable cork sealant in the Birkenstock cleaning kit, you can restore the cork to its original gloss by simply applying a layer of sealer around the cork. This should be done regularly, preventing cracks and rot from affecting your cork.

One factor that all Birkenstock owners look out for is moisture. No one appreciates their Birkenstock shoes getting wet but this is almost inevitable if you wear them constantly as you are bound to encounter rain or other elements getting moisture on your Birkenstock footwear.

Prolong exposure to water isn’t recommended for your shoes because it attracts dirt and other debris which leads to a dirty appearance and smelly shoes.

The kit has a brush that can be used to loosen the dirt and most importantly a water and stain repellent solution is contained in the kit.

This offers additional protection from moisture and dirt, keeping the Birkenstock in its original condition always.

Regular use causes the accumulation of sweat and dirt to build up in your Birkenstock footwear. This may lead to an offensive smell and stains appearing on the footwear over time.

Excellent removal of dirt

With a refresher and cleaner, you can have your Birkenstock footwear good as new. Wipe the dirt and sweat to restore the natural condition of your favorite footwear.

When trying to remove tough and stubborn stains you can use old fashion lukewarm water and mild soap to scrub off this stain.

Always make sure you dry under a shade and away from sunlight or a direct heat source such as stove, dryer, or fireplace as this will irreversibly damage your footwear.

Tips before you clean your Birkenstock footwear

  • Avoid getting your Birkenstock under direct sunlight to dry. This crack and shrinks the sole plus the color of the footwear fades at a quicker rate once it is exposed to sunlight. prolonged and constant exposure to sunlight causes them to deteriorate much faster.
  • Take them to a pro especially if you have leather upper covering your Birkenstock shoes. Better to give a professional than you attempting and ruining your footwear for good. A pro would know what to do.
  • You may tend to focus all your cleaning on the uppers of your shoes and treating them with care when you find a stain or dark spot. But you should also not limit this to the uppers only as the footbed can benefit immensely from regular cleaning.

What can be found in the Birkenstock kit and what do they do?

Is The Birkenstock Cleaning Kit Worth it

Items found in the complete set of Birkenstock kits include the following;

  • 2oz water and stain repellent
  • 2oz Footbed cleaner and refresher
  • 5oz cork sealer
  • Suede brush and Nubuck block

The Birkenstock care kit comes with products that are essential in keeping your footwear fresh and good-looking throughout the year.

If you wear your Birkenstock shoes about 10 to 15 times, it is important to use a cork sealer to prevent cracks from appearing. The cork sealer prolongs the life of your Birkenstock.

With regular wear, oils generated by our feet seep into the suede footbed which makes your Birkenstock becoming slippery and you begin to notice the footbed of your shoes becoming dark.

To prevent this from progressing you use the cleaner and refresher spray bottle to clean any unwanted stain you might find.

Spray the cleaner onto the footbed of your Birkenstock shoes and use the brush provided in the pack t bush in a circular motion, this will remove the oils and dark stains present in the footbed.

The water and stain repellent helps to prevent moisture and stains from attacking your Birkenstock footwear. Before using this product on your shoes make sure you wipe off the dirt from the shoe surface.

The water and stain repellent can be used every month to keep your Birkenstock footwear in the best of conditions while providing maximum protection.

  • Cork sealer protects the cork footbed from deteriorating by elements
  • The uppers are protected by the water and stain repellent spray
  • The brush keeps dirt away from the suede upper
  • Refresher and cleaner spray cleans and prevents odor

How do you use the Birkenstock cleaning kit?

Cleaning your Birkenstock shoes should become a habit if you want them to last long and always appear good. Before you start cleaning your Birkenstock footwear you should note the type of material used for the upper, this is vital because you may damage your footwear by using the wrong cleaning kit or method for cleaning.

The kit comes with a cork sealer, water, stain repellent, a brush, and a scuff eraser. Ensure to let them dry properly after using the cleaning agents on the shoes before wearing them.

Listed below are the different types of uppers and the most effective cleaning method to use.

Cleaning Birko-flor and Birkibuc Birkenstock

Birkenstock Birkibuc and Birko-flor have unique materials made by the company. The former is made from a Nubuck material that’s is leather-like in texture with a soft backing, while the latter is manufactured using PVC lied on the inside with a cushioned breathable layer of fleece.

For this type of upper Birkenstocks have recommended simply using a damp cloth to clean them. Ensure the cloth isn’t too wet to transfer water all over the shoes.

The company advises that using any chemical or cleaning agent could alter the look and appearance of the Birki-Flor or Birbuc footwear

Cleaning suede Birkenstock

Suede finish can be delicate so proper care should be taken into account when cleaning with this method. It shouldn’t be rushed and always make sure the suede is completely dry before any cleaning is done on them.

Normally, the brush can be used to thoroughly clean any caked dirt or accumulated grime and grit present, but stubborn stains might need additional steps in getting them to look brand new.

  • Step 1:  With the brush remove all the excess dirt and grime you can find brushing in the direction of the grain for optimum results
  • Step 2: Use a suede eraser to clean off stains and scuffs. A regular pencil eraser can also do the trick. Once the stain is removed you then proceed to use the brush in removing any loose particle
  • Step 3: Use vinegar for deep stains that won’t budge. Avoid scrubbing as this will damage the suede but use a small microfiber cloth to gently clean a hard stain off. With the brush, you can remove any leftover marks present

Oil stains: If oil gets onto your suede finish, cornstarch should be applied and left to dry for a few hours before using the brush to remove the dried cornstarch. If water gets in them simply wipe with a towel and dry under a shade.

Cleaning leather Birkenstocks

Leather Birkenstocks should be cleaned and conditioned at least 3 times a year for the best result. But if they are exposed to the elements regularly then you should have them cleaned monthly using the leather cleaner.

Cleaners with conditioning agents like mink oil are suitable for this as they help hydrate and protect the leather from drying and cracking.

For oiled and Nubuck leathers

  • Step 1: On a small cloth apply small amounts of cleaner and gently apply on the leather in circular motions for better absorption. Do not use too much of the cleaner as this results in damage
  • Step 2: Use a dry rag to remove any excess cleaner from the shoes
  • Step 3: Another dry cloth should be used to apply the conditioner to the leather uppers by gently applying it on the straps
  • Step 4: It’s best to leave the footwear for 24 hours after application of the conditioner

Cleaning the footbed

We can agree that no one likes our Birkenstock having a dark-looking or dirty footbed. This results in our underfoot getting smudged with dark stains after every wear.

Using a damp cloth to wipe the footbed every week can prevent this from happening. However, if you encounter grass, mud during your day outdoors ensure you have them cleaned immediately you get home.

Tougher stains on the footbed can be cleaned with a formula of baking soda and water.

  • Step 1: Remove any dirt residue with the brush
  • Step 2: Mix baking soda and water until a paste-like consistency is achieved
  • Step 3: Use a clean toothbrush to gently apply the paste into the footbed in a circular motion
  • Step 4: Allow this formula to settle overnight then use a damp cloth to wipe in the morning
  • Step 5: Repeat the process if the stains become stubborn and also use the refresher and cleaner every few weeks to keep it clean
  • Step 6: The cork sealer is used to protect the soles and prevent them from cracks from becoming too dry. This extends the lifespan of your Birkenstock shoes when done regularly and properly.

Can you wash Birkenstock with water?

Yes, you can use lukewarm water to clean your Birkenstock especially when it comes to removing stubborn stains.

This is usually combined with baking soda for better effect and results. Never use excess water or submerge them. After washing dry under a shade.


Birkenstock footwear are durable and comfortable for anyone who owns a pair. Most people lack proper cleaning techniques though for their shoes which leads to damage and deterioration of their Birkenstock shoes.

The company has introduced a cleaning kit with a complete package that is suitable for cleaning and restoring the footwear to its original sheen and looks.

You won’t regret using the cleaning kit as it preserves and extends the lifespan of your Birkenstock footwear. Inside the cleaning kit is a brush that is used to gently remove grit, dirt, and other substances that may have stuck to the shoes and straps.

Water and stain repellents spray ensures that moisture doesn’t easily stele on the uppers of the shoes. This makes them easy to wipe and clean, while the cork sealant extends the life of the cork by protecting it from cracks and shrinkage.

You can use the refresher to restore the original shine and locking in its glossy appearance.

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