How To Stop Birkenstock From Staining Feet?

Many ways exist which you can prevent your feet from getting stained when you wear your Birkenstock. Some of you might have noticed tinged or dark coloration under your feet or across your foot, and have struggled to stop that from happening.

To prevent any kind or form of a stain appearing on our feet you simply have to have them cleaned properly. Simple use baking soda found in your kitchen or BORAX from your local grocery store. Mix the powder to form a paste-like texture using little water, scrub, wipe and dry.

How To Stop Birkenstock From Staining Feet

Different ways to stop Birkenstock from staining your feet

To keep stains from your feet you need to do the following;

Protect your Birkenstocks from moisture

Always keep your Birkenstock dry and away from water as much as possible. When they are wet dirt and other substance can easily stick to the insides or fabric of the Birkenstock, accumulating dirt and moisture over time.

This can constantly stain your feet because the matted dirt takes time to completely wash off independently.

Brush Birkenstocks always

To ensure they are properly cleaned, be sure to brush the suede, leather, or nubuck uppers.

Brushing with a firm brush means that all present dirt can be dealt with properly.

Dirt and lose particles are easily removed from the surface of suede or leather covering, so after every outing ensure to brush off.

Apply water-repellent coating

One great way to avoid your Birkenstock from getting stains is by applying a layer of water repellent.

This prevents moisture from sticking to the surface of the uppers, and footbed areas which are prone to getting dirty.

After applying the repellent use a soft brush to gently brush the covering, retaining its natural sheen before drying in the open air.

Clean with water & apply stain repellent

How To Stop Birkenstock From Staining Feet?

Repellent application and water are a trusted way to prevent your feet from staining as a result of your Birkenstock.

The application of stain repellent regularly and some water removes and prevents dirt from settling on your shoes. For stubborn stains like those on the heel and toe areas, water and mild soap can be used to wash them off.

Baking soda and water

This method is effective against tough stains. Firstly, you mix the soda and water into a paste form, followed by using an old toothbrush to gently apply the mix to stained areas on the footbed.

The shoes are then left till the next day, and washed in the morning becoming noticeably cleaner and brighter.

Buy a Birkenstock care kit

How To Stop Birkenstock From Staining Feet
Birkenstock Care Kit

To make this cleaning process faster and properly done it’s advisable to get the Birkenstock shoe care kit.

This kit is created to be used on multiple brand design models. The kit contains a multipurpose cleaner, water, and stain repellent, and a brush-and-scruff eraser.

Dry your Birkenstock away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is never good on the skin of vans shoes, watch out for this when trying to secure a spot after your routine cleaning.

Never throw them into the washing machine as this would seriously damage them, also you should allow 24 hours to elapse before you wear them after every cleaning operation.

You can use different cleaning methods and pieces of equipment depending on the kind of material used to cover the Birkenstocks.

Leather, nubuck leather, and suede upper cover all have unique ways you can condition them for better results and keep stains away from your feet.

Generally, use a small microfiber cloth to wipe or clean the shoes gently. Avoid hard scrubbing that can damage the finish of your footwear.

Why do Birkenstocks stain feet?

How To Stop Birkenstock From Staining Feet

When you wear your Birkenstocks frequently without proper cleaning, dirt accumulates and gets stuck on the footbed of the Birkenstock, becoming grime, which stains your feet whenever you wear your Birkenstock.

Birkenstock shoes do not stain the feet when they are used properly and maintained regularly. Stain from wearing the shoes is primarily caused by the accumulation of dirt that has stuck over time in the fabric and footbed of the shoes and stains your feet anytime you come in contact with them.

Regular cleaning of your Birkenstock prevents any dirt from hiding in your shoes. For some bit of history, I’d like to remind you that this company produces shoes that are made from a combination of cork and latex.

The footbed is uniquely designed to distribute the weight of anyone wearing them at pressure points located at the heels and toes.

The latex reacts to heat from your body warming up during every use, this leads to the cork molding to the shape of your feet with time and constant wear.

This means every piece of Birkenstock is uniquely conformed to the shape, and feel of the wearer delivering adequate support and comfort every time.

Stains from your Birkenstocks simply mean that your shoes are dirty and need to be washed or cleaned. Keep in mind that every Birkenstock comes with its own upper covering which could be leather, suede, or nubuck.

And each of them has different properties and cleaning methods suitable for their material. Moisture is not your friend and you should do more to avoid getting them wet as this enables the accumulation and sticking of dirt to the skin and surfaces of your footwear.

Some awesome maintenance tip includes having the cork sealer replaced after some time. Every new Birkenstock comes with a shiny glaze that is applied from the factory, and over a while, these glaze losses shine into a matte finish.

If this occurs, you have to apply a cork sealant lightly all over the exposed cork to restore its protective glaze and reseal the cork.

You can also routinely treat the leather or nubuck material with water and stain repellent. Applying them often is a sure way to keep and maintain the natural look of the Birkenstock shoes.

You can obtain the cork sealant and water repellent from your local store or visit Birkenstock online for the complete care kit.

One great care habit is to always make sure they’re not subjected to prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. Birkenstock material is uniquely crafted and very lightweight, durable and comfortable, and not designed to withstand a lot of heat.

The glue that holds the sole and cork together degrades when exposed to extreme heat, leading to the shrinking of the cork which separates the cork from the sole.

To prevent this avoid drying in direct sunlight or leaving them in a hot car during hot summer days. Never soak them in water and if you get wet from rain simply dry them at room temperature and air them naturally.

Do not put them in a dryer as this does more damage and also avoid washing them in a machine at all cost.

Can Birkenstocks footbed be replaced?

Yes, Birkenstocks footbed can be replaced on some of their shoes or sandals. The cork footbed can simply be removed and replaced by hand. Birkenstock sandals and footwear comes in stylish and attractive designs that are durable and last a very long time.

The molded Footbed and simple design are very popular. They get old experiencing wear and tear after long use and exposure to the outdoor environment, once this happens, it doesn’t mean the end as you can change or replace parts that are worn or torn.

Footbed replacement is a popular routine that can be done to your Birkenstock to improve the looks of the shoe. When big cracks or splits occur in the cork the footbed can be replaced along with the sole.

This extends the life of your Birkenstock footwear ensuring that you don’t need to buy new footwear when it gets old or damaged.

To begin this process, make sure that you observe the amount of wear on the sole of the shoe if it’s completely worn down or not and hasn’t caused any damage to the leather too.

In the repair shop, the footbed, lining, and uppers would be kept and a brand new sole replaced. You can choose a new sole with added grip and replace the footbed with more arch support, comfort, and construction which extends the life of the shoes.

Save your sole, and footbed from damage by exposing them to intense sources of heat, and also know having your footbed replaced is cost-effective and environmentally friendly to replace only damaged parts when necessary.

You can choose new styles and colors when replacing new parts giving you a sense of brand new shoes when you put them on.

Do Birkenstock stain when they get wet?

Ideally, Birkenstock does not stain when they are wet, but having moisture on them can dissolve dirt and additional substances forming stains and dampness.

Most people have the idea that getting your Birkenstock wet can ruin your shoes but it isn’t the truth. Although extended exposure to wet conditions is not advisable Birkenstock footwear is durable and lasts a very long time.

Birkenstock is created to be soft, and comfortable and good maintenance culture can keep them durable even if they get wet frequently.

To prevent stains from wetness firstly, do not wear them to areas where you know there is a likely hood of you getting your feet wet.

When they get wet from a day out in the rain or stepping into some puddles, there is a need to dry them properly before you wear them next.

The shoes can be rung out to remove excess water and placed in an area to be air-dried. Avoid using heat sources that are too intense to dry out the shoes. With warm lukewarm water, you can scrub wet Birkenstock with a soft cloth to remove scuff marks and footprints.

How do I make my Birkenstock not stink?

How To Stop Birkenstock From Staining Feet

First of all, proper and adequate hygiene is paramount to avoid foul odor and stink emanating from your shoes. We all know our feet tend to get wet during the hot summer months which leads to an unpleasant stench emanating especially after a long and stressful day.

Never worry about the state of your feet sweating as this is the natural process your body goes through. If you don’t air them properly this leads to the buildup of bad odors.

We’ve got you covered in case you suffer from this problem, and we have some tips below to guide you in order to rid yourself of the smell.

Borax paste

Borax paste is a good way to get your wet shoes cleaned of any stain. The paste is gotten from mixing Borax Detergent Booster and water together.

A paste is formed and a layer is applied to the footbed of your Birkenstock.

Rubbing alcohol

This is an easy fix, especially for those rubber-soled Birkenstock. Applying alcohol can easily remove any kind of stink from the shoes. Ensure that it doesn’t affect other kinds of cover material

Stink shoe powder

Some companies manufacture powder that can be used to reduce or prevent dampness in your shoes. Once moisture cannot find its way to settle in your shoes the chances of stinking reduces drastically.


Birkenstock shoes are made from high-quality materials that are a combination of latex and cork. The Footbed has unique properties that mold to the shape of our feet especially in centers where high pressure and force are applied.

They do not stain the feet unless dirt has accumulated over a long period hiding in spaces in the leather strap and footbed. Constant cleaning and proper care can get rid of this.

Moisture and dampness don’t damage Birkenstock shoes but prolong exposure is not ideal, wetness leads to dirt, dust, and mud sticking and dissolving in the straps and footbed of your Birkenstock which leads to stains occurring.

Over time, your footbed can develop cracks or tear and you might have to consider replacing them. The footbed is easily replaced and the sole is easily replaced in any repair shop with a new sole design or colorful foot bed to increase the life span of your shoes.

Avoid sun drying them or exposing them to extreme heat sources, this damages the glue between the cork and sole.

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