Why Do Skateboarders Wear Vans

We all have that friend or family member that spends more hours on the skating rink or park. If you look closely you will notice that good shoes are part of their skater’s outfit.

Skateboarding is real fun and an athletic sport with fans and participants spread all over the modern world and Vans shoes are top-rated by most skating professionals as the best choice.

You might have asked yourself why Vans is commonly used by skateboarders all over the world. Firstly, it is worn by many active skateboarders for various reasons dating back to the company’s history and the emergence of skating as a popular sport.

In the 60s many people in the skating community started wearing Vans as a preferred choice for grinding on the board. This is because Vans company comes with one of the best soles that are perfect for handling all the rigors of skateboarding.

Over the next Decades Vans designed shoes that were essential for skating, with improved durability and advanced sole technology. In this post, we are going to highlight some of the good reasons why vans are most preferred by skaters. Let’s begin!

Reasons why Vans is preferred by skateboarders

Van is constructed with high-quality construction materials

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Vans

Every piece of Vans shoe is designed and constructed with high-quality materials selected for their practicality, style, and toughness.

These materials are sturdy and made with high-end leather or canvass that can resist any wear and tear induced by the strain of skating.

Suede cover material is ideal for its strength and durability, while canvas guarantees a very breathable and lightweight option.

The suede material offers a soft and stretchy feature when you put them on, comfortably wrapped around your foot.

It’s manufactured from the softer parts of animal skin with a rough surface that is resistant to abrasion and other friction-induced damages.

Canvas on the other hand can be used for various purposes. They can be worn on the go requiring little breaking in ensuring you have a much lighter shoe.

The canvas design usually features a leather patch to reinforce areas that are prone to damage from performing tricks and frequent use.

Gives Great padding

For the most part, padded shoes have seen high acceptability among skaters and Vans is no exception. the insoles, tongue, heels, and collars having various variations of padding.

Padding of shoes increases comfortability and is practical in performance. When trying to select a padding design you should go for those that have great functionality and fit, good fit equals great comfortability and support as in your skateboarding.

The insole is made with advanced EVA foam technology that increases its lightweight structure. The stitches pattern used on the canvass or suede covering is firm, sturdy, and perfectly lined.

Gives a firm Grip

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Vans

One great quality design feature that Vans is known for is the kind of grip offered by Vans footwear. It has a unique waffle grip pattern outsole that ensures every time you use to go out to skate you have all the traction you need.

Tricks are performed confidently and contact with the board is more, this is due to the kind of grip every van’s shoe has.

This grip is a result of the outsole design which is made with a vulcanization technique. In this method, Sulphur is mixed with natural rubber before heating it, this leads to a chemical reaction that alters the composition of the rubber leading to a more resilient and durable sole.

While skating grip is very important as this builds confidence, support, and traction while you enjoy a good day at the skating ground.

Vans has beautiful Colors and design

One awesome thing most people love about Vans shoes is that they come in so many styles, colors, and designs.

Different models and types all have multiple design styles from checkered, painted, camouflaged and so many other unique styles. this gives many skateboarders the widest fashion ranges to choose from with its various designs suitable and appealing to many fashion senses.

These shoes come in fantastic colors that can fill the whole color spectrum with bright and neon colors displayed for you to choose from.

Skating with colorful patterned shoes and design is common among skaters. They can pair matching outfits or have uniquely styled Vans shoes to show some sense of their fashion.

Artist, street fashion, and skaters intersect in this community with the skating scene having a culture that imbibes the wearing of vans.

Vans are very comfortable to wear

Protecting your feet is what Vans is known for as they are very comfortable and well stuffed to give you all-around protection as you skate and perform hard tricks on your board.

Every landing on your board is cushioned, and impact pressure is reduced leading to increased stability and support as you grind on your board.

Skating models feature special inlaid liners that make them very breathable with an upper section designed to divert moisture away from the shoes and also circulate air within positioned vents in the shoes.

The fitting is also good and perfectly glued to your feet always as you perform intense tricks and skating. Nobody wants to wear shoes that can slip off whenever you are rolling down the yard.

The lace design in most skating models has protectors’ loops that protect them from damage. With wide-width insoles giving room for your feet to be comfortable.

Vans are affordable

Affordability is another lovable reason Vans is widely accepted as a skating shoe. It is relatively inexpensive for a shoe that offers great quality features which include durability, comfort, and protection.

Skaters find it that obtaining a good pair of Vans footwear doesn’t warrant one to break the bank or dig into savings, with many people admitting the price range is unmatched with the kind of guarantee that every shoe offers.

Popular among skating community

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Vans

For new skaters joining the skating community and learning the culture, it’s common to discover that majority of skaters use Vans as the most preferred choice when selecting a pair of skating shoes.

This influence is real and affects old and new skaters alike, although in truth the preference may come from the unique design technology of the rubber sole that ensures a remarkable grip not given by any other shoe in the market.

Any popular footwear adopted by many would be the top pick simply by popular demand.

Weather permitting shoes

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Vans

All Vans shoes come to have the potential to protect you adequately from harsh or uncomfortable weather.

Vans shoes keep the temperature of your feet moderately average, making sure it’s warm during cold days and cool on hot days.

I know we all love to skate whenever we feel like, wanting to enjoy the rush of cool wet breeze just after the rain.

Cold feet from dampness doesn’t agree with skateboarding and your toes would become stiff preventing proper traction and grip, however, Vans is specifically designed to keep your feet warm during conditions like this.

The quality of the Vans material keeps out moisture and has well-positioned vents that circulate air, this keeps the shoes cool During hot summer days.

The best part is that the suede or canvas covering has properties that discourage water from entering and getting your feet wet.

They also prevent the sharp sting of cold during winter seasons. So, whenever you are around the block or park getting your groove on you can rest assured that Vans footwear has you covered from the weather elements.

Traction in wet conditions is also guaranteed with its Vulcanized rubber soles keeping your feet glued to your skating board.

Slip-on and lace styling

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Vans

There are vans, footwear widely accepted for their unique qualities separating them from the classical design known with the brand.

They have easy slip-on designs that make them easy to wear and take off. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the shoes, as they still perform 100 percent when required.

A good lacing system ensures adequate fit and a fashionable trendy look. Additional models like hi-top Vans and sk8 Vans models create assurances most people can trust having been tested and performed excellently during any skating drill.

Vans have been accepted as the most wanted when it comes to best skating shoes and this is primarily due to the rugged and tough layout of the footwear.

Nobody wants to wear shoes that fail or can’t keep up with the demanding nature of skating and this is the void that Vans shoes fills, Possessing durable properties and quality of materials in all its brand.

The shoe is flexible and has a midsole that supports the natural arch of your foot. Many popular skaters have had special model designed and sold a few concepts created by them, and they are also shoes that doesn’t select gender or age appealing to consumers of all kinds.

Goes with many outfits

One good thing to realize about Vans is that the company had the sense to make them easily paired with different types of apparel.

You can still afford to be trendy with updated fashion trends and style with a pair of vans significantly improving the style you wear. It can be worn with shorts, trousers, jeans, chinos, gowns, skirts, etc.

This means confidence increase is one added advantage of rocking a pair of vans while skating. They are easy to clean their classical look can endure the test of time.

Skaters in this modern century rely on the assurance of decades spent by producing and making a name in manufacturing durable and supportive skaters’ shoes.

Additionally, Vans don’t have to be worn only for skating. Other events, brunch, and parties can all be attended with a pair of Vans as footwear.

They go well with the most outfit and embraces a timeless and classical design admired by most sports professionals.

Most people feel comfortable with pairing Vans with just about any type of kind of clothing and more often than not the Vans footwear matches perfectly.

Creative outlets

Vans has been a medium for artists and skaters alike to create and join a beautiful artistic culture that constitutes improving modern art and intellectual freedom.

The rise of the skating, community created massive changes in the way people think with different folks coming together for the love of skating.

Once Vans became synonymous with skating culture, a following was started that saw a vast majority of skaters embracing the look and feel of the shoes.

Popular artists, musicians, and sports personalities started joining the wave of Van’s faithful, influencing the increase in the use of Vans among artists and professionals alike.

They have a sporty and simple look, with an outsole that reduces the strain on your feet as you walk.

Many found that they could have their shoes on for longer hours without fatigue occurring, this increased its patronage, especially in the skating community.

Another reason why Vans is most preferred by skaters but these mentioned above are the most likely reason it appears to be so.

Always protect yourself when you go skating on your board, by wearing recommended clothing and shoes meant for the rink. Helmets, knee pads, and ankle pads go a long way in heightening safety for you.

Vans are very durable

Van’s brand of shoes is very durable for skating with some models having advantages and therefore more suitable for skateboarding activities.

The Vans Old Skool Pro is durable and has a strong sole most suited to handle the intense skateboarding activity and still not break or tear.

The build quality of any skater shoe should be top-notch, with tough leather and reinforced canvass good enough to withstand high pressure without damage.

The stitching should be double or triple to eliminate any chance of performance reduction or safety due to weakness in the seams.

The outsole should be constructed from the very best rubber material, hard enough to retain its flat shape after frequent use.

The grip must be superb enough to provide excellent traction with the board for optimum trick performance and riding stability.

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