Should You Buy Slides A Size Bigger?

Yes, when buying slides it’s advisable to select a size that is half or close to a whole size. The reason is that your foot tends to slide down into the toe box region while you are trying to regain balance or find your footing on the ball of your foot.

This happens even to slides that have high ground clearance, resulting in your toes pinching together from being squeezed tightly into the toe box.

Getting a size or half size bigger for your slides might be the difference between a comfortable experience and a bad one.

When choosing slides for your feet there is usually a lot you need to take into account. From the type of feet, you have to the nature and design of the slides.

Some slides come with straps and this also is a factor in choosing whether you should size up or down or how much is needed to make a difference.

Slides aren’t designed like your everyday shoes, for shoes, your toes, and entire foot is restricted, but that doesn’t apply to slides where you have your toes exposed.

When you size up you save yourself from the fashion blunder of exposing your toes to overhang from the front end of the slides and the heels while significantly reducing pain and discomfort.

You can do this without having any doubt because going half or a size up doesn’t do any significant difference as this is just a fraction of expansion, you can rest assured you won’t have clown feet.

Also, be aware that as they are so many brands of slides and shoes in the market so is the variation in sizes so carefully reading about the size would help make a better decision.

Proper care should be taken into account when sizing up. Read reviews and study the company size chart before selecting a pair for yourself.

Any oversized slides would complicate walking and have your feet sliding off as you move reducing stability.

Also, you can trip over yourself from the slides getting in the way of your strides, making your gait to be messy and wobbly.

Lastly, slides that don’t fit properly cause several foot problems like pain, fatigue, and extreme muscle cramps from being too tight or too loose. Therefore, always ensure you pick out the right size.

Why buying slides that are a size bigger is important

Should You Buy Slides A Size Bigger

Some of the reasons why sizing up in slides are needed are listed below:

Designed differently than shoes

Slides usually have a slightly different size chart than your common shoes, different footwear manufacturers have their personal size scale that may not conform to the widely known size chart.

Your regular shoe size on a slide can turn out to be too small a size so it’s advisable to size up in order to avoid this from happening.

More space for toes to roam

Shoes have a way of tucking our toes and heels in an enclosed space drastically reducing room for our toes to roam. Slides however are different, that restriction doesn’t exist and our toes extend to their full length as well as our heels having the freedom to fully spread out.

If the slides you buy become too small you would find your toes hanging over the edge of your slides and your heels extending out of the soles. This creates an unpleasant site and causes your toes to cramp due to difficulty walking.


Buying a size up gives you more comfort generally. Your toes are properly placed ad no extra force is needed to perform your daily movement.

By giving your toes more room to wiggle you provide yourself with a more comfortable platform to walk in. there is no pain from restricted blood flow or fatigue from discomfort when walking.

More support

If you can move comfortably in your slides this means that your arch support is good. When buying a size up you are directly increasing your comfort in every way.

Your sole balances and spreads out well on your Footbed, and the sides of your foot are giving you more flexibility. With no impediment to movement, you can be rest assured all your feet would thank you.

How to find the right slides for your feet

Finding the right size you’re your slides shouldn’t be a problem for you. Some of us lose opportunities to purchase some lovely pair of slides as we surf the web simply because we are not sure of the size and if they will fit us.

With the guidelines below, buying would become better in these 3 easy steps;

Take a measurement of your foot size

To achieve this, place a white paper on a flat surface then with a pen, pencil, or marker trace out the shape of your feet, ensure that you hold the pencil vertically over the paper to avoid bending at an angle.

Once you have done this place a ruler on the paper and measure the length of the drawn shape. Be sure to count in centimeters.

Repeat the process with your other foot because no two feet have the same length. The length of the longer shoe should be the one taken as a measurement.

Add half a centimeter to the length of your foot

this simply means that you should add 0.5 cm to the measurement you have taken of your foot.

Use a proper shoe size to locate the corresponding slide size

Once you are certain of the correct measurement you compare against a chart and find the correct size in other geographical locations.

Do Nike slides loosen up?

No, Nike slides don’t loosen up after you have worn them so you must obtain a pair of slides that is your correct size.

Nike slides are usually produced with a size larger than your true-to-size fit, so there when you buy your size you are guaranteed to have a slide with enough space and correct fit.

Nike slides are very comfortable although, a little pricey. Their sole is a thick and soft Footbed that accepts your foot with ease.

They run narrower but have room for your foot to wiggle and your toes to get comfortable.

One great way to add extra fit if you feel they are too loose is to wear them with a pair of soft thick cotton socks.

These socks would create a cushion effect and fill up the small spaces in between the slide and your feet. You will feel more comfortable as it fits rightly with you.

Are slides and shoes the same size?

No, slides and shoes have a slight difference in size measurement. This answer has some conditions attached to it as the size of different slides would be different or the same according to the brand that manufactures the slide or shoe.

You may discover that one shoe brand with a particular size would fit you perfectly while a same-sized shoe from a different brand would either be too tight and uncomfortable.

Testing them out is a sure way to know if they are right for you or not. Other times the slides or shoes just need time to be broken in before they feel totally fit and comfortable.

Different materials used for the uppers is also a factor that can affect the kind of fit a shoe delivers.

Leather shoes and slides have been known to stretch after some use conforming to the direction your foot is accustomed to.

Always pay attention to the kind of fit your shoes or slides have when buying and is always safer to buy half a size or even a whole size up.

Improperly fitted shoes would mount to your foot sliding down into your toe box region especially when you find yourself losing balance.

How to buy slides that are true to size?

Wearing the correct size that is true-to-size is an absolute necessity. You want your slides to snug you perfectly and be of the correct fit because this directly affects your conformability and how much stability and support you will get when you wear them.

If you want to buy shoes that are true to size, you have to ensure that you know the correct size of your feet. This means the length and width would have to be, measured accurately.

If you ever make a purchase that isn’t of the correct size and doesn’t fit properly ensure to have them returned to the store for a more perfect fit.

Knowing the size of your feet would help you in buying shoes that are of proper fit even if you find yourself buying from a foreign brand with a different categorization scale.

A comprehensive chart can be used to solve this problem and bring a final solution. Below are easy steps you can follow to know your foot size;

Step 1. Arrange your tools

You can easily do this from the comfort of your home with simple home supplies. They include:

  • A large piece of white paper larger than your foot.
  • Pencil, pen, or marker pens
  • A tape or rule

Step 2. Trace your foot on the paper

Find a chair and sit with your feet firmly planted on the piece of paper on the floor, your legs should lean forward from your ankles with your shin ahead of your ankles slightly.

With the pencils trace out the outline of your feet on the plain paper, you can put on a sock to ensure that measurement is accurate for those times you have to wear socks.

The pencils should be held straight and upright without angling of any kind. Trace out the outline of your foot with the pencil resting lightly on the sides of your feet as you go round. For better results, you can have someone else do it.

Step 3.  Measure the length of your foot

First, you draw a straight line touching across the outmost point of your heels and toes. Next, you use the ruler or tape to measure the length from the top to the bottom touching the lines. You can measure in centimeters.

Step 4. Measure the width of your feet

Some people have more narrow or wide feet than others and taking this width measurement would help to get the correct fit. Measure the distance of the outmost points of the sides of your outlined foot.

Step 5. Locate your shoe size

Make sure you repeat this measurement process on both feet to get the best result. This indicates which of the feet is larger and one to take as the main size.

Find a size chart and compare the size against those on the chart to know what is your correct slide size.

How much room should you have on your sides?

Should You Buy Slides A Size Bigger

There isn’t an exact number you can get that is best for your slides due to many contrasting factors, but studies have shown that the recommended optimal space needed for toes in slides is 10-12mm.

Despite this answer, it’s advised that room space should be created in the front for your toes no matter the brand, style, and design.

Slides that don’t fit cause problems when walking or moving bout doing your daily activities. When not worn properly badly fitted footwear can deform your feet, don’t allow your toes to struggle or be squeezed together in any slides you own.


Always ensure you buy a size up when it comes to any slide shoes so that you purchase the correct fit for your feet.

One more thing you can do is to make sure you test them and see the fitness before making any purchasing, and if you are shopping online make sure you read up on reviews.

You can also buy slides that are true-to-size by knowing the correct size f your feet. Never forget to buy slides with good traction and comfortable footbed.

Arch support is also great to increase comfort and have you enjoy every minute in your slides.

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