Can You Get Reef Sandals Wet?

The reef is a brand popular among beachgoers and surfers. This brand was originally intended for the beach and you may be wondering if you can get it wet.

Yes, You can get these beach sandals wet, but they are not to remain in the water for too long.

Reef Women’s Ortho coast sandals

What Happens When You Get Reef Sandals Wet?

Reef sandals are made with leather and synthetic material and although they are designed to freely surf the beach, many are hesitant to get them wet.

Getting your Reef sandals wet helps them to break in quickly.

At first, when you purchase your Reef sandals you may not be comfortable walking in them. The leather is either too hard or it will need to conform to your foot size.

If you soak your Reef sandals in water properly, the hard leather will loosen after you walk in them for a while.

This makes your sandal more comfortable to walk in. And also, it keeps your feet safe from blisters and irritation.

However, you are to note that getting your sandals wet too often is not healthy for the sandals. So in general, you can get your Reef sandals wet and you can play in the water with them, but avoid doing it frequently.

Getting your Reef sandals wet, put the leather at risk of getting stiff and cracking. So, you should dry your sandals immediately you get them wet.

Your sandals may curl up after they are dried, but they will loosen up after you walk in them for some time.

How To Take Care Of Reef Sandals

Your Reef sandals need proper handling to make them last longer. The following are ways to take care of your Reef sandals.

Clean your sandals

Cleaning your sandals regularly will make them last longer. To clean your synthetic sandals, use a dry soft cloth or bristle brush to wipe off excess grime.

Mix a small amount of laundry soap with warm water. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the mixture and gently clean the areas affected.

Clean off the excess soap on the sandals and dry in the sun or you can air-dry. To clean your leather sandals, wipe off excess dirt with your soft bristle brush or cloth.

Use a leather cleaner or saddle soap to clean the sandals with a soft cloth, then wipe clean with a new soft cloth wet with water.

Avoid washing your Reef sandals in the washing machine. If you must, make sure the machine is kept in a delicate setting. And also, avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your sandals. It can damage the fabric.

Let them dry after getting wet

After getting your Reef sandals, make sure you dry them immediately. You can dry them in sunlight for a few hours.

You can also use a blow dryer, but you will have to be extremely careful to ensure you don’t bring it too close to the leather material to avoid damage.

Avoid using them too often in the rain

We have agreed you can get your Reef sandals wet, but remember we have also said you don’t need to do this often.

So, minimize using your Reef sandals in the rain. Constant usage in the rain will quickly wear out the leather.

Also, while on the beach you can play in the water in your sandals, but at all costs, this also should be minimized.

How To Remove Smell From Your Reef Sandals

With constant usage on the beach and surroundings, your Reef sandals can develop a foot-related odor from the accumulation of bacteria and sweat.

To remove this unwanted odor, you should do the following:

Place outside in the sun

Placing your sandals under direct sunlight will help do away with the odor. The ultraviolet rays of the sun plus the fresh away will do a great job of lifting off the odor and keeping the surface fresh.

Make sure the sandals receive at least 8 hours of direct sunlight.


The effect of vinegar on dealing with odoriferous bacteria cannot be overemphasized. This acid is not only good at removing stains, but it also helps neutralize foot-related odor from your sandals.

To use, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a large bowl. Place the sandals face down in the solution. Make sure the part that comes in contact with the foot is touching the solution.

Allow the sandals to sit for close to 8 hours before removing them. Place outside to air dry.

Baking Soda

This is a very powerful powder that is very effective in removing odor from your sandals.

To use, place your Reef sandals in a box and sprinkle this powder in large quantities over all the areas the foot usually comes in contact with.

Cover the box and leave for 5 days or a week, after which you remove and your Reef sandals are ready to be worn.

Enzyme cleaner

This solution is very powerful in dealing with odor-causing bacteria on your Reef sandals. Pour this solution into a large bowl and place your sandals face down in the solution.

Allow sitting for close to 8 hours before removing and getting them ready for use.

Rubbing Alcohol

This alcohol does a job of neutralizing the odor from your sandals. Moisten a paper towel with this alcohol placed in a bowl.

Then carefully place the paper towel on your Reef sandals, on that same spot your foot comes in contact with. Allow to sit for about 8 hours before removing the paper towel. Your sandals are good to use.

Note: Before cleaning your Reef sandals, you call also use Paxton’s sandal saver to remove the smell. Spray this solution on your sandals about four times, specifically on the area you want to clean.

If you are going to clean the whole sandals, you can soak the sandals in the spray.

Allow to sit for about a minute before using a soft cloth to clean the entire sandals until you have removed the dirt and the spray oil. Allow the sandals to dry.


Are Reef Cushion Bounce Sandals Waterproof?

Yes, Reef cushion bounce sandals are waterproof.

These classic flip flops are made from recycled materials intended for your comfort while you enjoy the best lifestyle on the beach.

The cushion bounce foam provides a high energetic bounce for more cushioning as you walk. It features arch support to keep you relaxed and comfortable all day.

They are made water-friendly and water-resistant. The outsole is made of rubber and the strap is made of high-quality vegan leather.

Go on and dive in the pool, surf on the beach, or wade in the lake without worry.

How Long Do Reef Flip Flops Last?

Reef Flip flops generally last up to six months, but with more careful handling, they should last longer.

Reef Flip flops and sandals have a warranty period of one year. Products will be replaced at REEF’S discretion if gotten from authorized dealers only and if the following happens:

  • There is loose weaving on straps of new sandals only
  • The straps or buckles pull out if the soles are not severely worn
  • Where there is delamination of layers (repairable)
  • Glue on the strap rubs off of the sole for new sandals only
  • When stitching comes undone on the logo (new sandals only)
  • When Stitching comes undone on any part of the sandal straps

Are Reef Sandals Orthopedic?

Yes, Reef makes different designs of sandals that are orthopedic. Orthopedic sandals are specially made to support the structure of the foot, ankle, and leg.

The Reef Men’s Fanning slide sandals are the best summer orthopedic sandals designed to give your foot the best posture and comfort it deserves.

It has an air-cushioned footbed that’s anatomically constructed to fit the shape of your foot.

This easy slip-on for men is rubber made with anatomical arch support for easy relaxation as you slip your feet into the flip-flops.

The Reef Men’s Ortho coast sandals and Reef Women’s Ortho coast sandals are also orthopedic sandals good for your foot.

Do Reef Flip Flops Smell?

Yes, the Reef flip-flops smell. With frequent usage on the beach and dirty surroundings, your flip-flops accumulate germs and sweat that cause them to smell.

They can also come in contact with odor-causing bacteria, causing them to smell.

This smell can be neutralized. So do not be quick to do away with your flip-flops when they begin to smell.

Do Reef Sandals Break-In?

Yes, Reef sandals break-in. This happens when you buy sandals that are too tight for your feet.

These sandals don’t take time to break in. They either break in naturally when you walk about in them or you soak them in water and dry immediately.

You can also wear your socks and walk around in them until you feel comfortable walking in them.

Can Reef Leather Sandals Get Wet?

Yes, Reef leather sandals can get wet. You can use them on the beach or soak them in water to allow for breaking in.

However, this should not be done often, as too much water destroys leather.


Your Reef sandals can get wet. People soak their sandals in water to loosen the leather so they become more comfortable to walk in.

But as earlier stated, too much water will destroy your Reef sandals. So a lot of caution should be applied when getting them wet.


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