Havaianas vs Reef: Which Is Better?

As long as customers’ preferences are concerned, the “Havaianas Vs Reef flip flops” comparison will always linger.

The major difference between Havaianas and reef flip flops is that Havaianas is made from latex, the natural biodegradable type, while, Reef flip flops are made with the durable EVA material.

Reef flip flops are foot-friendly and require no break-in period. It is beach-friendly and flexible. Havaianas don’t use animal glue and the rubber used is in line with FSC standards. This is the home of durable, simple, and minimal design, yet relatively expensive.

The Havaianas flip flop is comfortable and bouncy for energy return. Reef flip flop has amazing traction and it is pretty affordable. Well, this is the power of EVA material. Most of the Reef flip flops are built to be three-layered and amazingly soft.

Let’s see more about them.

Havaianas vs Reef: Which Is Better?

Havaianas is better. Like coca-cola, Havaianas has a secret compound they use for their design that has been off the public eye for years.

More often than not, quality thrives in secrecy. Constantly, they tweak this compound and refine it to make sure it is one of the best out there in the market.

Why is Havaianas better?

Havaianas is better because it suffices more than Reef flip-flops in the two core areas that account for customers’ satisfaction; durability and comfort.

Although Reef is relatively cheaper and has more designs, it is quite good too. However, in a head-to-head comparison, Havaianas takes the lead. 

The Havaianas formula makes their flip flops distinct such that there is hardly a copycat of their designs. And as such, they stand out.

Havaianas vs Reef: Similarities?

Sure. The brands have got an extent of conformity.

  • Quality
  • Traction

1. Quality

Even though Havaianas flops are more quality than Reef, both are still very durable in the pool of flops out there.

For example, there is a review from a 28-year-old customer who showed the state of his Reef flops that he got when he was 14. The flop seems ageless.

2. Traction

Both Havaianas and Reef flops have great resistance against sliding. This means they are usable on different terrains without the fear of a fall.

More importantly, there is balanced traction on these flops as their designers are experienced enough to know that too much traction can lead to injuries too. This results from restricted movement. Great designs here.

Havaianas vs Reef flip flops: Comparison

1. First glance

(a). Havaianas

Havaianas vs Reef

The first thing you must notice upon sighting a Havaianas flip flop is its simple design. You would also spot the authenticity logo; it is one of the ways to tell fake Havaianas.

The flops come in eccentric and beautiful designs. It is very easy to tell Havaianas flops apart from other flops.

They do not smell. The material is a witty blend of therapeutics and quality. Little wonder it has a wider user range even though its price is supposed to serve as a hindrance. Well, whoever tastes quality would always want to stick to it.

(b). Reef

Havaianas vs Reef

Upon seeing a Reef flop, it is easy to tell its full EVA footbed and its fine nubuck upper. The straps are a tad larger than most flops straps.

The toe area and the heel size are made to have a slight slant pattern that ensures that your feet are offered a balanced arch, it is easily noticeable too.

Checking the sides, one can easily see the three-layered design – each component intelligently structured to serve a purpose.

One thing about Reef flop is that it covers a larger ground on the variety of foot agreeableness. It is clear that the Reef flop is classic.

2. Price

Havaianas flops are costlier than Reef flops. The margin is a tad wide even. Well, Havaianas is worth every penny though because of the stress and time it takes to come up with the material for their design. 

Basic Havaianas flip flops sell for $25. Other Havaianas flip flop models go for as high as $50. In-between, there are some that go for $35-$40.  It boils to the exact model on which your preference rests.

Basic Reef flip-flops on the other hand sell for $20. While the other iteration sells within the range of $35-$40.

When it comes to pricing, these flip flops are all worth their respective prices. Here, one is sure to get value for his money.

3. Material

(a). Havaianas flip flops

Havaianas vs Reef

Havaianas uses a very unique type of latex rubber for their flip-flops design. It is natural and biodegradable.

One that they have chosen to keep private for years. They do not include animal gum. The material is durable and up to the FSC standard.

There are more than 500 five-star reviews on Amazon by shoppers on the Havaianas flip flops. And thanks to the latex (yet secret) material used.

(b). Reef flip flops

Havaianas vs Reef

Reef uses durable EVA material. It is very durable and foot-friendly. Some of them have a synthetic nubuck upper. They are handcrafted to be adventurous.

The straps are designed to be very soft for all-day comfort. EVA has always been the “go-to” guy when it comes to creating footwear that serves as the home for comfort. It does not easily lose its effect.

4. Fit/sizing

(a). Havaianas

Havaianas come in different sizes. They are true to size and have an amazing feel under the foot.

The straps are made slim to have your feet feel less of a disturbing effect. This is one flip flop with a bouncy feel that keeps you on the go as it has a great energy return.

(b). Reef

Reef is true to size too.

You may want to consider Reef because its straps do not rub the wrong way the way most flops do. Reef flops have a good fitting and it is light.

5. Maintenance

Both are very easy to maintain. They’re not demanding. A simple wash with a bar of mild soap will do. But more care needs to be paid to Reef flip flops while washing.

This is because there are some of its components that are held together with glue, those parts might get weakened and soften to go apart. Both shoes dry easily and do not hold water. Especially Havaianas.

It is also noteworthy that simply using a damp towel to wipe off dust when it is not very dirty is ideal. Constant and unnecessary washing will easily wear them out.

Note also that they are not machine washable. Only hand wash is advised here.

6. Comfort level

As regards comfort level, both are big on this. It is only a matter of relative comparison that Havaianasss takes the lead. And this margin is not big for a noticeable difference.

The EVA material has always stood out to give comfort in numerous shoe designs. It only takes an intelligent polymer engineer to come up with a material that beats it.

7. Construction

(a). Reef

Havaianas and Reef flip flops have different structures. The straps of Reefs that sit above the foot upper are way larger than that of Havaianas.

Their shoes are very distinguishable too. Reef is very soft as it is three-layered.

This may interest you; do you know that the Reef fanning flip has an opener that is built into the sole for opening bottles?

Havaianas vs Reef
Reef Cork Opener

Yeah, on the beach on a sunny afternoon, grab a cold drink, you got an opener underneath your feet. Cool!

(b). Havaianas

The toe area of Havaianas is bigger than the far end of the shoe. Meanwhile, the toe area and the far heel end of Reef are of almost the same width.

It is a minimal design and simple. The thin sole and straps have made Havaianas flip flops the ideal choice for trips and warm weather. It is a great dress-up flop too.

Not only are Havaianas flip flops constructed to cushion the feet, but the flops’ textured outsole is also the engine house behind its excellent traction. In a shopper’s review, he wrote; “It is pretty difficult to find flops as comfortable as this.”

Havaianas vs Reef: Advantages and Disadvantages

Havaianas vs Reef
Havaianas Flip Flops



  • Havaianas has lovely and simple designs
  • Extremely lightweight and foot-friendly
  • Great for warm weather and trips
  • Can be packed easily


  • Relatively expensive



  • Comes in a variety of design
  • Relatively cheap
  • The Reef flop fanning iteration has a built-in opener
  • It’s very comfortable
  • Has great traction


  • Their built-in openers leave traces and scurf marks on tiled floors and wood surfaces.


The Havaianas vs Reef flip-flops are a thing. Both brands are great and have been going head to head for years now.

Many reviews have said that Havaianas and Reef have been paving inroads into the world of flip-flops.

They are similar in a few ways, albeit, they have their differences buried in their respective uniqueness. Havaianas takes the lead though.



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