Palm Beach Sandals vs Jack Rogers: Which Is Better?

The major differences between the Palm beach sandals and Jack Rogers are that Palm beach sandal has more quality than Jack Rogers as it made of premium leather, unlike Jack Rogers which is made of both leather and synthetic material.

Palm beach footbed offers more arch support than Jack Rogers which provides less amount of support.

Also, Palm beach come in different attractive colors while Jack Rogers has color limits. Both sandals have similarities too, like durability, comfort, and stitching.

Let’s take a look at these sandals.

What does the first glance say about these Sandals?

Looking at these sandals for the first time, what exactly comes to your mind? What hits you first about them? Is it their color or their pattern? Let’s have a quick look at what these sandals really are.


Palm Beach Sandals vs Jack Rogers

  • 100% leather
  • Luxurious footbed
  • Handcrafted
  • Stitched round
  • Fashionable
  • Soft
  • Comfortable

This sandal is made of 100% premium leather and sustainable material. It has a luxurious footbed for added comfort.

The uppers are made of supple leather and its sole helps to cradle your feet with a padded toe grip. This sandal is meticulously handmade and offers comfort and luxury.

It is an iconic sandal that is silky comfortable and as well incomparably durable. The sandals mold your feet and keep it in place while you walk.

The sandal feels snugger than the typical shoes, it stays true to size and eases up for you in such a great way. It has stood the test of time. It usually comprises two colors, all made of leather.

The insole is 100% soft leather and this makes it quite durable for walking on any type of surface. It molds to your feet and makes them extremely comfortable. It is made for people that love fashion and stylish outfits.

It is stitched all the way around on the sole even into where the heel is, this means that it is really sturdy. It has a nice cushioning to it which makes it really comfortable.

Palm beach sandal also has a double layer of cork which is so soft. The upper layer has a double layer of leather which is very soft on your feet for durability and comfort.

It is breathable and your feet would not sweat in it. The thong holding the straps is made of leather.


Palm Beach Sandals vs Jack Rogers

  • Leather and synthetic
  • Handwritten size
  • Comfort
  • Slide on
  • Durable
  • All occasions

When you say Jack Rogers, you think of vacation and fun, and it’s all about a gorgeous-looking sandal. It is made of top-quality materials and hand finishing.

It is worn by fashionable people or people that value stylish things. It is one of the most iconic summer sandals that will not wear out.

It is a full leather sandal. It has all-round stitching. It has a comfortable toe post and it is durable. It can last for a pretty long time. The inner part and footbed are leather lined too.

Jack Rogers sandal has padding in the heel, the heel is about three-quarters of an inch. There is texture underneath the heel for traction. The inside of the sandal has a breathable lining and a lightly padded footbed.

This sandal becomes extremely comfortable once you break them in. the size of the sandal is handwritten on it. The size of the sandal is handwritten inside the sandal. It is suitable for any kind of outfit.

It features a leather upper and a round toe post, it has a cushioned footbed to keep you comfortable all day long.

It has reinforced stitching for durability and is flexible for all-day wear. Its outsole is grippy for a slippery surface. It has a thin leather sole with synthetic materials.

Palm Beach Sandals vs Jack Rogers: Comparison

The Palm beach sandals and Jack Rogers iconic sandal will be compared based on the following technical features;

  • Colors
  • Making/construction quality
  • Durability
  • Footbed support
  • Outsole quality
  • Comfort
  • Place of production
Features Palm beach sandal Jack Rogers
Colors It usually combines two colors for beautification and style It maintains just one color
Making/construction quality It is fully hand made and leather It is half leather and half synthetic man-made material
Durability It is more durable It is less durable
Footbed support It has good comfort and support It is less comfortable
Outsole quality It has a thick layer of leather for high support and comfort It has medium level support and is made from a single layer of synthetic material
Comfort It is very much comfortable due to 100% premium leather It is comfortable but not 100% comfortable because of the combined material
Place of production USA Florida


Palm beach comes in varieties of colors to enable you to pick whichever you would prefer. The colors are so attractive that you would not want to buy just a pair.

Jack Rogers comes in limited colors. Unlike Palm beach sandal that combines two different beautiful colors, Jack Rogers sandals are fully made of a particular color.

Making/construction quality

Palm beach sandal is crafted by hand and made of 100% supple leather both inside and outside with durable and comfortable soles.

Jack Rogers is partly made of leather and partly made of synthetic man-made material. The footbed is stitched to the outsole.


Palm beach sandals are highly durable as they are fully made of 100% leather.

Footbed support

Palm Beach offers a high level of arch support due to its high-quality leather lining. It also provides higher breathability as your feet will not sweat or stick while putting this sandal on.

Jack Rogers offers less arch support and comfort, the sandal usually gets sweaty and sticky. The arch is also stiff due to the synthetic material

Outsole quality

Palm beach sole is made of leather. It is fully stitched around the heel. The outsole has a metal shank that molds your feet.

Jack Rogers sandal sole is less durable. It is partly stitched. The outsole has a stiff wood shank that does not conform to the feet.

It has a thin leather sole which is combined with synthetic material, providing the feet with less comfort.


Palm beach sandals are superior to Jack Rogers when it comes to comfort. This sandal is made from genuine leather and 100% premium and supple leather material.

The footbed and upper provide a high level of comfort for the feet due to the high-quality leather used in making the sandal.

The sole of the Palm beach sandal is made from premium leather and it is designed with a double layer of leather. This gives your feet a higher level of cushioning and comfort while standing or walking.

Jack Rogers sandal combines quality leather, plastic, and vinyl material together. This combination results in poor support and poor comfort to the feet. it offers less arch support.

Place of production

Palm beach sandal is produced in the USA while Jack Rogers sandal is produced in Florida. Though, Jack Rogers now has its headquarters in New York.

Why should you buy Palm Beach Sandals?

Palm beach sandals are handcrafted with comfort in mind. It is made in varieties of colors to suit the preference of the wearer.

They look so beautiful, iconic, adorable, and stylish, the sandals match any fashion style, whether you want to go to the beach or hang out with friends. This sandal offers you a very high level of comfort, durability, and a super stylish look.

It makes every foot look pretty and beautiful while walking or standing.

The sandal comes in varieties of pretty color combinations like the platinum/gold combination, medal/silver combination, white, black and so much more.

It is well made and would last you for a pretty long time. Your feet will not sweat in this sandal compared to using synthetic materials that could really be trapping and uncomfortable to wear all day.

The strap comes through into the sole which shows that this sandal is truly handmade and would not fall apart. The thong is also wrapped in leather which is an indication that it would be soft against your feet.

One main reason why you should get the Palm beach sandal is that it can be worn to any occasion and with any outfit.

Why should you buy Jack Rogers Sandals?

This sandal is handcrafted and stitched round. It is beautiful, elegant, and adorable. It is simply the best for a casual outfit, vacation, or hanging out.

It is made purely of 100%  leather. It comes in varieties of colors like; white, gold, platinum, blue or Jackie blue, blush, black, floral, and many more.

It features a little heel at the back for a small boost. Purchase of the sandals comes with free shipping.


It’s a Palm beach sandal for me!

I picked this sandal as my overall best because it comes in so many gorgeous colors that attract attention.

I get to pick my favorite designs and colors and this has made me own multiple sandals of different attractive colors and keep my feet always looking beautiful.

Also, Palm Beach sandals have a very high level of durability, comfort, quality, and support. Who would not love a sandal that can last pretty long or a sandal that offers maximum comfort for all-day wear?

The sandal matches all kinds of outfits and any event.


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