Reef vs Rainbow Sandals: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Reef sandal and the Rainbow sandal is that Rainbow sandals need to break in before it becomes comfortable, meanwhile, Reef does not need any break-in process at all, it is comfortable straight out of the box.

Rainbow sandal feels tight when it is first worn and requires continuous wear for them to properly mold the feet. reef sandal feels comfortable and nice from the first day of purchase.

But this isn’t all about these sandals, let’s delve in for a deeper understanding of both sandals.

What does the first glance say about Reef and Rainbow Sandals

When you see both sandals for the first time, you would notice that they look alike in a way.

Their physical appearances look the same, but what really makes each sandal unique and different from the other. Let’s have a quick look at what these sandals really are.


Reef vs Rainbow Sandals

  • Nubuck leather
  • Nylon thread
  • Box stitched toe box
  • Nonslip rubber sole
  • Rainbow logo
  • Slip-on style
  • EVA midsole
  • Fully waterproof
  • Thin and Thin version

This sandal’s motto is “Repair, Reuse, Recycle”.

This sandal is super durable and very comfortable especially after breaking them in. It is made with the highest construction and top quality material which enables it to be very durable and as well stylish.

The construction used in making this sandal allows the sandals to be repaired, this is the motto of Rainbow and it is taken seriously.

The sandal is hand-made with special glues to keep all the parts together, this helps the sandal not to fall apart and keeps the straps locked and in place.

It is made of leather and can be really hard but after wearing it for some days it can be very comfortable. It is good for any type of foot and can break-in.

It is super industrial and can last for a really long time. It comes in two versions; the thin version and the thick version.

The difference between the two versions is that the thicker version will mold your foot, it has a lot of cushions.

The thinner version will not really mold your feet that much, though some people prefer this version because it is thin.

It incorporated a non-slip rubber sole, arch support, a midsole that is a closed-cell high-density rubber, and a top layer made of top-grain nubuck leather.

The sandals have two straps which allow for slip-on styles using a stitched toe box construction to keep them locked in place.

The straps have a bonded nylon thread that lets the leather straps mold your feet without having a big slide forward.


Reef vs Rainbow Sandals

  • Bottle opener
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber outsole
  • Slip-on style
  • Leather upper
  • Soft EVA
  • waterproof

This sandal features a bottle opener underneath. This unique feature has made the Reef sandal very popular.

With Reef sandal, you can open a bottle of beer or any drink comfortably with ease. The images below explain exactly what I’m talking about.

Reef vs Rainbow Sandals

The sandal has a thong-like synthetic strap. It has a non-marking rubber outsole, this outsole has long-term durability and support. The sandals have a lot of cushioning. It has a slip-on style and it’s very flexible.

Its soft EVA footbed offers good arch support and long-term comfort. It features a non-marking rubber outsole that provides good traction.

This sandal is water-friendly, which makes it suitable for the beach. It is very flexible with built-in arch support to provide support while walking or standing.

It has a toe post in front with a lot of cushioning with a durable leather upper. Reef sandals can be trusted with comfort, durability, style, and quality.

Reef also comes in varieties of styles and colors giving you multiple choices to pick from.

Comparison between Reef and Rainbow sandal

Reef sandal and Rainbow sandal will be compared based on the following technical features;

  • Break-in period
  • Footbed quality
  • Comfort
  • Size and fitting
  • Versatile usage
Features Rainbow sandal Reef sandal
Break-in period


This sandal takes a few days to break-in This sandal does not take long to break in as it becomes comfortable from the first day
Footbed quality


Low-quality footbed High-quality footbed
Comfort Good but slow comfort Quick comfort
Size and fitting


It does not have a great fitting It has a good fitting and size
Versatile usage It has a versatile but restricted use due to its color Its stylish designs and colors make it versatile

Break-in period

Reef sandal offers an out-of-the-box comfort, it does not need to break in as it tends to be very comfortable from the first day of purchase.

All you need to do when you get your new Reef sandal is to put it on and enjoy its comfy nature.

Rainbow sandals take a few days to break-in in order for them to be comfortable. It tends to be tight when you try it on for the first time, but that’s pretty normal, just because they feel tight doesn’t mean they do not fit.

Rainbow sandals are made from premium leather material, this is the reason why it takes a few days to break in.

After wearing it for some time, it molds your feet and becomes very comfortable and as such it is advisable to put on your Rainbow sandals around the house as often as possible when you get it for a quicker break-in.

This is because it needs some time to stretch out properly and conform to your feet.

Footbed quality

Research has shown that Rainbow sandal causes excessive sweating and slipping. The footed of the sandal is usually sweaty but once it break-in process happens, the footbed becomes more comfortable to wear.

Reef sandals are not sweaty and slippery, they give a good grip on slippery terrain. The footbed is well-cushioned such that it has a high energy rebound for optimum comfort.

The rubber sponge outsole does all the stressful heavy lifting so as to provide good comfort. The footbed is also bouncy for all-day support.


Both footbeds are comfortable, their arch support, footbed, strap fitting, size width, and length are solid proof of this.

Reef has a high level of comfort due to the fact that it does not need any break-in process. It starts to offer comfort from day one. It is known to offers immediate comfort as well as grip on slippery surfaces.

Rainbow sandal offers comfort too but it comfort tends to come after the sandal breaks in.

Once you get past the break-in process which allows the straps to be more comfortable and the sandal sole molds your feet properly, you will get the best comfortable sandal ever.

Just remember to go for some long walks and wear them around the house as often as possible,

Size and fitting

Customer reviews have shown that Rainbow sandals do not have great wide feet fitting but are great for narrow feet.

Reef sandals usually come in wide varieties of sizes, shapes, and fits.

Versatile usage

They are both versatile as they can be worn anywhere depending on the preference of the wearer. The only difference is that Reef is more versatile because it can be submerged in water for as long as possible.

Rainbow sandals can get wet but they must not get saturated. This is because the sandal has oil in it when it gets dry, the water begins to evaporate and the oil will evaporate with it.

To prevent this damage, try not to get them wet frequently or avoid them totally if possible.

Why you should buy Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow makes some of the best sandals out there, this sandal molds your feet and gives a nice and comfortable custom feeling.

Though it may not be comfortable and the straps may feel really tight when you try them for the first time but not to worry, it is pretty normal.

After constant wear, the straps would mold to your feet and flexes where your feet flex and the sandals will become very comfortable.

The sandals come in both men’s and women’s sizes. The men sizes are larger and wider at the footbed and the women’s sizes are a little bit narrower.

It has the single-layer and the double layer which was earlier mentioned as the thick and thin version.

The single-layer has a classic sandal look, it has one layer at the footbed, it is best for a standing position or need of ground feel when walking.

The double-layer has more cushioning, it has two-layer and it’s best if you prefer heavy strides or an increase in height.

Rainbow single layer sandal
Rainbow double layer

Why you should buy Reef sandals

You should get a pair of Reef sandals if:

  • You love stylish and simple sandals
  • You are in need of long term comfort footwear
  • You love going to the beach or the pool
  • You usually go for an evening walk
  • You need durable sandals
  • You normally take beer and other bottled drinks

Reef sandal is the best sandal to wear when going for a walk or the beachside as it is water friendly. It is quite durable and very much comfortable.

It has an instant perforation and an anatomic footbed to ensure your feet are always comfortable with every step taken.

It is classy and stylish and can be worn with a casual outfit, it features a bottle opener on the sole for people that love to drink. Reef sandal is also very affordable to get.

If you really need one, check out the sandals from Reef which are available on Amazon.


Rainbow sandals are great but Reef sandal is the best.

This is because Reef sandals come in different colors, sizes, and pattern. This variety of production enables you to choose whatever pattern or color you would like.

It also gives maximum comfort right from the first day. It fits perfectly and does not need some days to break in.

Lastly, one more thing I love about Reef sandals is their designs, especially the bottle opener on the sole. It is so unique.

You sure know what it feels like to pick up your nice-looking sandals and pop open a drink, just imagine the shock on people’s faces when they see that.


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