Viakix vs Chaco: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Viakiz and Chaco is that Chaco sandals stand out from the crowd because of their adjustable, pull-through straps and anatomical LUVSEAT footbed, while Viakix has a thick comfortable EVA foam midsole, more cushioning, and less stress on the joints.

Chaco sandals are a famous choice with a large following. Chaco sandals are prominent because of their adjustability, traction, and underfoot support.

They are also a popular choice among adventure travelers, and they are frequently used for hiking even the most difficult terrain.

Chaco also has sticky rubber outsoles that are capable of handling almost any path– this makes it best for hiking especially n rough terrains.

Chaco is heavier compared to Viakix sandals, which is something to keep in mind because most people love to travel light. Chaco sandals also rank higher as one of the best hiking sandals compare to Viakix.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that Viakix sandals have a shank stabilizer and an ergonomic outsole. This will imply that every step of the way, it screams “comfort.”

They also feature excellent traction for when you are walking on rocks or in other situations where extra grip is required. EVA foam helps relieve pressure on your joints and provides cushioning, and luckily, it is found on Chaco sandals.

I do not know about you, but finding a sneaker that is both comfortable and stylish is so difficult for me. Both – fortunately – are present in these!

Viakix vs Chaco: Which is better for hiking?

Any time you bring up sports sandals, someone is bound to bring up the age-old question – Chaco vs Viakix.

Which are the best hiking sandals amongst these two?

Which one is superior? It is such a longstanding disagreement among outdoor enthusiasts and hikers that we are dedicating almost an entire buyer’s guide to the topic today.

Are you a Chaco person?

Or a Viakix lady?

In my opinion, I say Chaco sandals are better. To understand how and why let us take a look at their qualities together.

Brief Review of Chaco Sandals

Viakix vs Chaco

Chaco sandals are designed to be an all-around durable travel sandal. Chaco, which are able to withstand both long hikes in the backcountry and casual strolls through town.

These heavy-duty sandals are ultimately designed to keep up with the adventure wherever,  and whenever it takes you.

You can choose from double, or single strap models, several sole styles, as well as the most hotly debated feature– toe loop or no toe loop.

Chaco sandals (like the Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal) are not designed like every other sandal out there, either. Everything about them is designed to be durable, highly functional, and comfortable – even after hours of trail use.

The straps are not stitched to the sandal’s sole but rather run directly through the sole in one continuous band.

This would  enhance adjustability, and also ensure your shoe sandals longer

When comparing Chaco vs Viakix, each sandal has many features that set one another apart. But the main features of Chaco that you’ll notice right away are the Z-strap pattern, sturdy sole, and single buckle

Qualities of Chaco sandals are highlighted below:

Arch support

Arch support is essential for maintaining normal foot alignment, maintaining good posture, and keeping your feet comfortable while traveling for days on end.

Although many of the highest-ranked women’s hiking sandals provide some level of arch support, some folks require more.

This is not the time to ignore any of your feet’s unique needs. And Chaco is known to possess a good arch support

Deep Heal cup

Viakix vs Chaco

Chaco possesses a deep heel cup. If you want the most comfortable hiking sandals, look for ones with a deep heel cup that will keep your heel in place and support all sides.

This is crucial if you are walking on uneven ground and do not want your heel to roll all over the place.


Chaco are easier to pack since they are lighter. This is also to bear in mind because airlines are rigorous about maximum weight limitations for check-in and carry-on bags.

Water-resistance capabilities

Waterproof hiking sandals are ideal for the outdoors. The best waterproof hiking sandals will keep your feet dry no matter the weather conditions.

This is especially important to note if you are hiking in areas where rain is almost a guarantee or if your trip may include crossing tiny streams or muddy puddles.

Women’s waterproof hiking sandals will either have a waterproof inner membrane or a waterproof chemical treatment added to the sandals to make them really waterproof.

Gore-Tex (commonly abbreviated to GTX in shoes) is a prominent waterproof material found in some of the top women’s waterproof hiking sandals.

Material of Chaco

The textiles are clearly high-end. The upper is made of tough PU leather.

Sole & Grip

Both Viakix and Chaco have changed their sole rubber and grip pattern a number of times over the years.

No matter where you stand, the Chaco vs Viakix debate, on both the sole, is going to last you a long time. Particularly if you pick up one of the more robust models like the Chaco Grip pattern, people don’t always agree on.

Personally, I have always thought that Chaco had a more durable and stickier grip. A couple of minimal models sacrifice some of the durability in the sole in exchange for lighter weight.

Review of Viakix Sandals

Viakix vs Chaco

Viakix offers far more cheap, attractive outdoor sandals and shoes for people who enjoy sports and pleasure.

Their high-performance footwear is built to withstand trail hikes, mall visits, and any other activity that keeps you on your feet.

Viakix offers a wide range of valuable and fashionable hiking and walking sandals for men and women.

A cushioned, ergonomic sole is included on the Viakix sandal. The EVA foam midsole provides excellent support and cushioning.

When I walk, I can even feel the foam compress a little, reducing the tension on my joints. On the other hand, the sandal provided excellent support for my foot, including arch support.

The Samara Viakix walking sandal (on Amazon), for example, has a thick, robust rubber outsole and a great, sticky tread that makes it easy to navigate trails, sidewalks, and even water.

The Samara sandals, for example, have elastic webbing straps that wrap pleasantly around your foot. The straps maintained my foot in position as I walked and never grew too tight.

In the event that your sandals get wet, the webbing dries quickly. Viakix manufacturers cleverly included a pad to the heel strap to prevent it from biting into your heel while you walk.

This also helps to prevent blisters on the heel.

Another valid reason why I would say Chaco are better for hiking is that Chaco sandals outsoles are made from rugged rubber outsoles, providing outstanding stability and durability.

These sandals are made to keep your feet well supported and comfy for extended days of walking, so they are ideal for city visits where you will be strolling between sights as well as hiking.

With a solid and durable rubber outsole and textile straps, the Viakix is handcrafted. These sandals have a cushioned foam midsole with arch support that is meant to absorb impact and keep your feet comfy throughout the day.

Chaco sandals fit perfectly no matter what size feet you have, thanks to the fully adjustable straps.

Also, thanks to their quick-drying webbing, these sandals are ideal for wearing during downpours. They are available in stacks of great colors and designs.

What are the Differences Between Chaco and Viakix

  • Viakix are easier to put on and take off
  • The straps of Chaco are more intricate, but they provide you more flexibility in tightening them properly
  • Viakix’s footbed is softer and comfier
  • Chaco offer a more inflexible sole and a supportive footbed with arch support
  • On some Chaco versions, toe holders are included (for added stability and less sliding)

What are other things are Chaco good for?

These Chaco sandals are incredibly fantastic for water activities. In fact, it was for this reason that the company was founded. As a result, they are experts in this field.

These sandals are perfect for hiking through water, rafting, or even using an inflatable kayak because the footbed is designed non-slip.

If you do a lot of water activities such as boating, kayaking, rafting, or other activities where you need a good grip, I recommend the Chaco.

Another thing worthy of noting is that Chaco sandals dry quickly. Furthermore, getting your feet wet after a long climb might help you relax and feel refreshed. To dry, you don’t have to take these sandals off your feet.

Chaco sandals possess a foot arch support that is ideal for long walks. Having said that, I prefer to wear mine only on outdoor trips.

I just prefer to have different outfits for different occasions so that it doesn’t get old too quickly.

What other things are Viakix good for?

Are you looking for a stylish and comfy pair of sandals to wear on your active solo trip? Viakix, which is solely an American footwear brand specializes strictly in comfortable women’s walking sandals and hiking sandals.

Their footwear is not only built for excellent performance, but it also looks and feels good, and it was created with a recreational and sporting lifestyle in mind.

Activities like walking, mountain climbing, hunting, etc can be done with the Viakix sandals

Finding comfortable sandals that you can wear around town or walk-in for hours might be difficult.

Still, Viakix has a variety of women’s hiking sandals, sports sandals, and hiking sandals for women that meet our feminine needs without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

You will entirely forget about your plantar fasciitis (A thick ring of tissue that links the heel bone to the toes becomes inflamed) pain with the Viakix Napali Sandals!

These sandals include a cushioned EVA midsole that perfectly supports your arch and absorbs vibrations while protecting your feet from outside pressures.

I would not, however, wear my brand-new sandals to the beach. That is because I have discovered that the combination of wet sand and sun quickly destroys almost all footwear.


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