Crocs Duet vs Classic: What’s the Major Difference?

One major difference between Crocs duet and Crocs Classic is in the ventilation holes. Classic Crocs has more ventilation ports than the Crocs Duet, and this is noticeable when you see both clogs.

Also, the Crocs Duet has two different colors, one at the upper part and the other at the lower part.

Other differences between Crocs Duet and Classic Crocs

Crocs Duet vs Classic
Crocs Duet
Crocs duet Crocs classics
2.    It is made of two different colors It has one particular color
3.    Ventilation ports helps to improve airflow Ventilation ports add breathability
4.    It is made of durable outsole It is made of a non-marking sole
5.    It has a soft footbed for comfort It has a croslite footbed for arch support

Crocs Duet clogs is a mix of two different colours while Classic Clogs is made of one colour per clog

It has the combination of basically two colors, one at the upper layer and the other at the lower layer. For instance, it may have an orange color upper and the lower part would be black, this gives the crocs a unique look.

Whereas the Classic Crocs are made of one whole color for both the upper part and the lower part of it has multiple colors, this is also a unique design.

Crocs Duet ventilation ports help to increase airflow in and out of the shoes

Classic Crocs’ ventilation port helps water to drain away from the shoe, the holes also help remove debris and dirt that enter the shoe while walking.

Though, Crocs Duet does not have more holes, unlike the Crocs classics that have many holes and can accommodate Jiibbitz.

Crocs Duet is made of a dual-density design

This offers a more durable outsole and a tough outer shell which makes it durable. It also has a pivoting heel strap for blissful support all day long.

Whereas, the Crocs classics have a non-marking sole that is made of rubber and is lightweight. The sole is made to be slip-resistant and helps to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

The footbed and croslite foam of Crocs Duet is both soft and offer maximum comfort. Its croslite foam helps to give cradling comfort to the feet.

Whereas, the croslite footbed of Crocs classic offers arch and heel support to the feet. The croslite material is fully molded and provides good and long-lasting comfort.

The Classic Crocs are very easy to clean and quick to dry.

Crocs Duet vs Classic: Which brand was manufactured first?

Crocs Duet vs Classic
Classic Crocs

The Classic Crocs is the first and original design of Crocs, it was first manufactured in the year 2002 while the Crocs duet was first manufactured in the year 2012.

The revolutionary material called the “Croslite” technology was introduced too in the same year 2002. It gave the crocs a unique feature of allowing the crocs to perform in both water and dry land effectively.

In October 2006, Jibbitz was introduced for the holes of the crocs, to beautify them and personalize them for individuals.

The first pair of Crocs was sold for about $30 for a pair. The crocs were born out of the economic boom, they felt good and lasted longer too.

Why did Crocs introduce the Crocs duet clog?

According to a Crocs’ representative, Crocs introduced the Crocs Duet in 2012 because its customers love a unique variety of designs, hence, the introduction of the Duet clog.

The Crocs Duet clog was inspired by the Classic clog.

Which brand is more popular out of Crocs Duet and Crocs Classic

The most popular brand of Crocs is the Classic Crocs, this is due to the fact that it has a lot of positive reviews online and offline.

It is among the first few types of crocs that are recommended for people to buy, this is due to the unique and outstanding qualities that make it different from other brands of Crocs.

From various reviews, fans of Classic Crocs have concluded that Classic Crocs are “all-around perfect”.

This crocs is loved by so many reviewers because not only is it very comfortable, but it is also very supportive too. Some call the Classic Crocs “go-to shoes” while others call it “the comfiest shoe in the game”.

Some even said that the Classic Crocs are an excellent addition to their wardrobe. The Classic clog comes in more than 20 colors and they can be personalized using the crocs charms which are called Jibbitz.

These crocs have the Croslite technology incorporated in it for comfort and durability. It is lightweight, comfy, waterproof, easy to clean, and cheap, these features make it more popular than other brands of crocs.

What brand should you buy?

The brand which is advisable to buy is the Classic crocs. You should get the Classic clogs because it incorporates exterior softness, it possesses the warmest lining that makes it feel more like a slipper.

It is also available in 14 different colors, and it comes in women’s whole sizes 6 to 12 and men’s whole sizes 4 to 13. It has a special-edition holiday version for the festive period.

The Classic Crocs are among the first few types of crocs that people are recommended to buy.

This brand is recommended for buyers because it has been seen as an all “round perfect” shoe for everyone.

They are the best for outdoor activities and adventures due to the fact that they are comfortable and breathable.

They can easily be slipped on and off and dirt can be removed with ease when it gets dirty or dusty due to the environment.

For this reason, this Crocs brand is the best for kids. They are lightweight and very easy to pack and can be put in a backpack for a quick change of shoes as well.

The Classic Crocs are both overly comfortable and excessively supportive. It features a strap behind the heel which is very adjustable to ensure comfort and support for long-time wear and can easily be shifted or moved upwards to make it look or give it a mule style.


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