Converse vs Airwalk: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Converse and Airwalk is that Converse is made of vulcanized rubber while Airwalk is made of petroleum rubber.

By vulcanization, the physical properties of natural or synthetic rubber materials are improved. This helps to increase its hardness and durability.

Converse shoes are true to size as they run big while Airwalk is not true to size due to the fact that they are small. For Converse, customers are advised to get smaller sizes while for Airwalk, getting a bigger size would be a better option.

Since we know a little about their differences, let us take a look at both brands and see which is better.

Which is a better brand?

Converse is an American footwear brand that designs, licenses, and distributes sneakers. The sneaker consists of a toe cap that is made of white rubber. Its materials consist of rubber, leather, synthetic dye, metal eyelets, and adhesive.

Airwalk brand is known for making quality apparel for men, women as well as children. It offers a variety of shoes and styles in different sizes and colors.

They strive to make shoes that last long, are fashionable, and have great-fitting. Airwalk is built for four simple and essential concepts.

These are; Quality, Value, Comfort, and Style. This concept makes the brand create nice and valuable footwear such that there is something for everyone. This brand is also quite affordable.

If you are in search of a quality sneaker, that is fashionable and at the same time not very expensive, Airwalk is that brand. It is the better brand to shop from.

Why do I think Airwalk is the better brand?

Converse vs Airwalk

Airwalk brand focuses on performance-enhancing features. Its sole and sides are made of rubber to withstand hard terrain and tough activities like skating.

Airwalk brand is known for blending fashion and innovation to produce an excellent and outstanding product.

The brand is out to give Quality, Comfort, Value, and style to all its customers. It provides exceptional comfort, style, and freshness.

The sneakers are for different activities like skateboarding, walking, or running. It can be paired up with denim shorts and still look great.

Airwalk is a very popular brand among teenagers because it is very fashionable and goes for a low cost. It is also available in different sizes and colors to appeal to the taste of people.

Airwalk shoes have a synthetic and textile upper that can be washed to maintain their new look.  Its sole is made of rubber and it features some stitching around the upper. Its rubber outsole provides superior traction while walking and increases flexibility.

It has an EVA footbed and a dual-density midsole. This sneaker comes with a cushioned insole for a comfortable walk.

It is lightweight and keeps the feet warm on cold days. This sneaker is quite affordable and very comfortable, it is the best for winter days. It offers a great amount of support too. It has laces that are adjustable according to the wearer’s foot width.

Similarities between Converse and Airwalk shoes


Converse offers tremendous comfort, you can carryout your activities with ease and no discomfort. Converse keeps you going all day long.

Airwalk has a soft padded collar and an anti-skip flex outsole that makes it quite comfortable to wear.

Lightweight shoes

They are both lightweight. Converse has a light sole that keeps you moving, it has a lightweight and breathable mesh which is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Its removable cushioned insert and rubber sole make it lightweight. Airwalk sneakers are also lightweight and breathable.


They both make quality shoes with top-quality material. From their laces to the sole, they are all quality. Airwalk makes quality apparel for men, women, and children.


The brands are very versatile, they can serve multiple purposes. The versatility of the shoes eases stress for those that usually do not enjoy taking a lot of outfits when traveling.

They can be worn for any occasion like skateboarding, running, walking, traveling, camping.


Converse offers maximum cushioning and shock absorption to the feet. Airwalk has cushioning technology. It is the first athletic shoe in the world to have Verus technology incorporated in it.

This Verus technology features a completely solid synthetic structure that helps to absorb impacts and can as well be adjusted to a certain point for high performance.

Lace-up closure

The lace of converse is made from plastic and polyester. Its lace-up style has a mesh upper and a heel overlay for added durability. Airwalk also has a lace-up closure as well.

Classic and stylish

They are both made of simple, classic, and stylish designs to suit the users’ preferences. The sneakers come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Differences between Converse and Airwalk shoes

Converse Airwalk
Its sole is made of vulcanized rubber Its sole is made of petroleum rubber
It runs big It runs small
It is expensive It is very affordable
It is highly durable  It is not durable

Different soles

Converse sole is made up of tan or brown rubber. It uses vulcanized rubber to ensure that the shoe is durable. The vulcanized rubber is used in products such as tires and this is the same rubber used in making converse shoes.

Whereas, the Airwalk sole is made of petroleum rubber to offer good grip. It is a tough elastic polymer that is used in the making of the outsole.

Converse is more expensive

Airwalk is the best brand to choose when you need a sneaker at a low cost with good quality. It is not as expensive as other brands and can still offer you the best quality sneakers.

Meanwhile, Converse is quite expensive due to the type of materials it is made with.

Airwalk shoes have a small fit while Converse runs big

Airwalk are not true to size. They are usually small, therefore it is advised that you get a pair that is slightly bigger than you usual shoe size.

On the other hand, Converse runs big, they are true to size. They are usually bigger than your normal shoe size. It is usually advised to get a pair that is a bit smaller than your normal size.

Airwalk shoes are not durable

Customers usually complain of the sole falling apart after a few months. Meanwhile, Converse are highly durable.

Converse are made with thicker, tougher, and rough canvas material, they are made to withstand tough terrain.

They can last pretty long, research has shown that a pair of converse can last typically for 18 months and even longer if they are not worn daily.

Airwalk shoes you should try out

Airwalk Women’s Legace Sneaker

Converse vs Airwalk

It features a textile upper that gives maximum protection to the feet. its midsole is full and padded with an Air-Sole unit, this Air-Sole unit helps to boost shock absorption.

This sneaker incorporates an Ortholite insole that has deep flex grooves for an added amount of flexibility alongside, it is also odor resistant. it has the right amount of comfort and style for everyday wear.

It also features some stitching in the upper. It has a combination of textile/fabric upper alongside a rubber sole which offers comfort. It has a lace-up closure.

Airwalk Boys’ Youth Gusto Cross Trainer

Converse vs Airwalk

This shoe has so many features especially the ones desired by riders. It features a removable and replaceable footbed, such that it can be changed whenever you want. It has a padded upper alongside a synthetic leather lining.

It also incorporates a PU bottom which gives added durability. It is a training shoe that has a sleek and sporty design. It is usually worn for skateboarding. It has a lace-up closure and a rubber outsole.

It offers reliable comfort and support. Its polyurethane midsole gives stability and absorbs shock.

Converse shoes you should try out

Chuck Taylor All-Stars Converse

Converse vs Airwalk

This iconic converse comes in both low-top and high-top styles. It features a stitched upper part, a toe cap made of rubber, and laces. It incorporates an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or EVA technology.

It has thicker cushioning, it is versatile, classic, and very comfortable. It is lightweight and as well durable with medial eyelets to improve airflow.

Comic Converse Chuck Taylor Boot

Converse vs Airwalk

It is a high top sneaker. It has a lace-up closure with so many eyelets. It is quite durable and as well versatile. Just like another converse, it has a toe cap made of rubber and features stitching in the upper material.


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