Converse vs Doc Martens: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Converse and Doc Martens is that Converse is an athletic shoe while Doc Martens is a therapeutic shoe that can help foot pain and other foot conditions.

Converse is made of vulcanized rubber while Doc Martins is made of leather and wool. The vulcanized rubber makes the shoe tough and durable while the leather offers incredible comfort.

Converse sneakers are perfect for winter, whereas Doc martins are not very good for winter but can withstand a little rain. Let’s take a look at which brand is better.

Which is the better brand?

Converse is a casual footwear, they are made of soft cotton and a rubber sole. It is also known as Chuck Taylor.

They are great athletic shoes you can have in your closet. They are durable, comfortable, waterproof, and breathable. It is made of vulcanized rubber that offers durability and makes them last long. It also features an excellent slip-resistance sole.

However, Doc Martens are therapeutic work boots. It is for tough terrain and hard jobs. It features a classy rubber sole that is thick and also soft. It is comfortable and highly durable. It is made of leather which is gotten from meat industry animals.

Are you searching for an athletic shoe or a shoe that is stylish, comfortable, and also durable? Then you should get Converse shoes.

Meanwhile, if you are in need of a work boot for hard jobs which is comfortable, very durable, rugged, and quality, Doc Martens is the shoe to get.

Why I think Doc Martens shoes are better than Converse

Converse vs Doc Martens
Dr. Martens Women’s Nappa Mid Calf Boot

Doc Martens is the perfect work boot for those that are always on their feet. It is highly recommended for people with foot pain.

It prevents ankle slipping and suits people with high arch pain by providing support. It can accommodate different types of feet and arches. It is designed with laborers and workers in mind. It is made of durable premium leather.

It is also highly durable, can last up to 10 to 20 years if maintained properly. It is made of quality leather which is derived from animals.  This leather does not provide enough ventilation for the feet.

Doc Martens shoes have removable insoles alongside a steel toe design that prevents severe feet injury. It features a rubber sole which makes the shoe slip-resistant on slippery surfaces.

It has a GripTrax sole that offers grip and traction. This anti-slip sole ensures safety when wearing the boot, its air-cushioned element adds comfort to the feet.

Though Doc Martens is quite expensive, it is very much worth its price.

Similarities between Converse and Doc Martens


Doc Martens is very soft and as well-cushioned and this makes the feet feel very comfortable. Though it may feel tight when you wear them for the first time they do not make you uncomfortable.

It was produced with the comfort of workers in mind. It is explicitly for long walks. However, if you want your Doc Martens to be very comfortable and enjoyable to wear, you can break it in, though Doc Martens takes about 3 to 6 weeks to break in which is a lot of time.

Rubber soles

Doc Martens have an air-cushioned sole and GripTrax tread which offers a good grip on the slippery floor. Converse has a rubber sole that makes the shoe non-slip.

Slip-resistant shoes

Doc Martens are made factory life and hazards in mind and this makes the shoe slip-resistant. It has a strong and rugged outsole that gives firm traction for stability while walking on the slippery floor.

Doc Martens are made of GripTrax tread which makes them safe and non-slip. Converse features excellent surface contact. Due to its rubber outsole, it offers a great and excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

Expensive shoes

Doc Martens shoes are quite expensive due to the fact that the company producing them moved from being a family-owned local factory to an international fashion brand.

Despite all these, they are still worth the price as they last for years due to their quality construction. On the other hand, Converse is also expensive due to the different materials it is made with.


Doc Martens have a cushion layer that makes the shoe warm. Converse has good cushioning and shock absorption. Its removable insole helps to offer underfoot cushioning.


Both shoes have eyelets that can be made from metals like steel, brass, nickel, or aluminum.


Both shoes have shoelaces for a secure fit.

Differences between Converse and Doc Martens

Converse Doc Martens
It is an athletic and fashionable shoe It is a therapeutic and rugged shoe
It is breathable It is not breathable
It runs big It is true to size
It is made of vulcanized rubber It is made of leather and wool
It is durable It is highly durable
It is perfect for winter It is not so good for winter
It is waterproof It is not waterproof

The uses are different

Doc Marten is a therapeutic shoe for the feet. It is the best shoe for people suffering from foot pain, though not for all foot types and conditions. It is also built for rugged and tough activities.

Whereas, Converse is an athletic shoe that can be worn for running as well as walking. It is also fashionable and suits any occasion.

Converse shoes provide better ventilation than Doc Martens

Converse are breathable, it has extra holes for ventilation which allows the feet to breathe well. It has a breathable mesh that is designed to keep the feet cool. Meanwhile, Doc Martens leather does not provide enough ventilation.

Converse runs big while Doc Martens are true to size

Converse runs big and due to this fact, customers are advised to get a size smaller than their normal size. Doc martens are true to size.

Different leather used in making the shoes

Doc Martens shoes are made of leather and wool. The wool is gotten from non-mulesed sheep. However, this material is called “non-synthetic material”.

Leather is derived from animals like cows, pigs, sheep, and goats and it is used to make the upper layer of the shoe. Whereas, Converse is made of vulcanized rubber. This rubber is used to make the shoe durable and as well versatile.

Doc Martens shoes have more durability

Converse is quite durable, the vulcanized rubber offers pretty long-term wear. The shoe is made to withstand hard and tough terrain and harsh weather conditions. Converse can last for at least 18 months and more when worn daily.

On the other hand, Doc Martens is the most durable and long-lasting shoe you can ever have. It can be worn for about five to seven years and still have its premium leather and insole intact.

Some customers went further to say about 10 years if used with care.

Converse is great for winter while Martens are not

Converse is perfect for winter as it has a wool lining that helps to keep your feet warm. You can wear your pair of converse in winter and not worry about having wet feet or frostbitten feet.

Meanwhile, Doc Martens keeps the feet warm but it is not so good for winter, this is because it has a thin leather lining which makes it not ideal for snow.

Even though it is not insulated, it can keep your feet warm when you wear socks with it.

Why not try out these Doc Martens shoes

Martens Sinclair Leather boot

Converse vs Doc Martens

This is a durable and hard-wearing shoe. It is built like a tank with an impressive quality for heavy-duty. It is knitted with a removable jungle zip.

It has a visible yellow welt stitching. It is designed for tough and rugged activities, made of 100% leather and 100% PVC. This shoe is made using the Goodyear welt construction.

Its upper and sole are properly sealed and sewn together. It has a rugged and military-style look.

Martens Pascal Mid-Calf Boot

Converse vs Doc Martens

This boot is made of 100% leather. It has 8 eyes and visible yellow stitching. It is also made using the Goodyear welt construction i.e the upper and sole are sealed together to provide exceptional durability.

It has an Airwair sole which is slip-resistant. It is built to last and for tough activities. It also features a zipper. One unique feature of this boot is that it has proven to be water-resistant and very easy to clean also.

Why not try out these Converse shoes

Converse All-Star Madison Top Sneaker

Converse vs Doc Martens

This sneaker is made of 100% fabric and a rubber sole. It has cushioning, a padded collar, heel, and tongue made of white rubber. It has an ortholite insole for incredible comfort. It features a lace-up closure.

It is very much affordable and fashionable. It suits athletic activities and can as well be worn to any casual event.

Converse All-Star Dainty Sneakers

Converse vs Doc Martens

This sneaker is lightweight and looks delicate. It is a classy and low-top sneaker that features an EVA insole for great cushioning. It has an ultra-low profile for maximum flexibility. It has a scaled-down toe cap and also features a lace-up closure.

This sneaker is the thinner and lighter version of Converse.


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