12 Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks (Reviewed in 2022)

The Amusement Park is a place that features a lot of mind-blowing activities. Activities such as games, rides, and others, all for the sake of entertainment purposes. Being in an amusement park can be fun and risky at the same time.

We have falling objects, people stepping on us, tripping, and sometimes we get tired to the point of removing our shoes because they hurt right.

In order to be at ease in an amusement park, you should wear shoes that will not only protect you but guarantee you comfort that will let you enjoy your time in the park.

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks Unique features Rating
Adidas Cloud Pure Foam Women Shoe Lightweight & easy on easy off 4.5/5
ASICS Women Shoes Shock Absorbing Sole 4.5/5
Women Clarks Sea Breeze Flip-Flop EVA sole & Unfading color 4.5/5
Teva Mush Women Flip-Flop Flip flop with arch support 4.5/5
Dr. Scholl’s Madison Women Shoes Handmade sole for flexibility 4.5/5
Lugz Men Clipper Shoes Canvas upper & Vulcanized outsole 4.5/5
YHOON Air Cushion Walking Shoes Woven upper for improved breathability 4.5/5
Mishansha Men Walking Shoes PU+ Air Cushion Rubber Patch sole 4.5/5
Women Foot Suite Walking Shoes Knitted upper & Removable Insoles 4.5/5
Lite Adidas Running Shoes Sock Light fit & Cloud sole Midsole 4.5/5
Roxy Rory Women Shoes Quality, Durable & Hidden Stretch Pattern for slip-on ease 4.5/5
Arbolcret Breathable Women Walking Shoes Superfit & Versatile 4.5/5

Detailed review of my top 12 shoes for walking around the amusement park

Adidas Cloud Pure Foam Women Shoe

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

These vegan shoes are made with soft fabric and rubber material all to ease comfort and enable you to stand long with no side effects. This makes them perfect for amusement parks.

In a park, you will need to wear a shoe that can guarantee you comfort because you are not going there to spend minutes rather hours. Standing for long is something you should come prepared for.

The surface has a length of 0-3 inches which makes it thick enough to offer you the required protection and also lets your feet feel the natural air around because of the breathability.

They are having enough space which makes them roomy and comfortable.


  • Made of vegan
  • Surface measures up to 0-3 inches
  • Boot opening measures up to around 6-12 inches
  • Specific fit for girls
  • Memory Cloud foam textile lining and sock liner
  • Easy on and off for everyday runners
  • Hugs tight the foot does not pull off while in use


  • Quality might differ from different stores
  • They do not have arch support
  • They are not water-resistant

ASICS Women Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

The park can be a very busy place with constant movement by you sometimes to clear out of the way for a moving vehicle or even other people.

Some other times we get so excited that we jump to show our excitement, the outcome of this jumping does not always end well as we sometimes end up with twisted ankles or even plantar plate tears.

The design of this shoe makes sure to counter and prohibit such kinds of accidents from happening. The sole is made with an enhanced rubber material which enables shock absorption.

This lets you engage in rigorous activities and allows you to walk around receiving absolutely no stress from your feet as a result of the soft cushioned material used to embed the inside of these shoes.


  • Shock Absorbing Sole
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Has double toe overlays
  • Top-rated cushioning for enhanced shock absorbing
  • They are flexible shoes with flexible shoelaces


  • These run a little narrow
  • They are not water-resistant
  • Least versatile

Women Clarks Sea Breeze Flip-Flop

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

A number of people rather go with the Flip Flop to visit the amusement parks. They find it suitable for the weather and the environment because it is lightweight and very easy to pull off when you get tired of walking or even standing for long.

This Flip Flop is made with EVA which is short for ethylene-vinyl acetate. This lets the flip flop absorbs shock waves that might have caused further stress and strain to your feet.

You can actually wash these flops several times and it won’t change a bit as the colors do not fade.

Even though I won’t recommend a flip flop as the best for Amusement parks, this one managed to take my heart and it has landed itself on the list of best shoes for walks around amusement parks.

You should take note that you might have to do more of pulling off and on with the flip-flops as they are unadvised for rides.


  • These are made with Eva Footbed
  • They have a well-cushioned soft comfort technology
  • The heel measures up to 1.18″
  • They are extremely lightweight
  • They are perfect for wide footers
  • The color does not fade


  • Run big for small footers
  • Might pull out during a roller coaster ride
  • Not suitable for standing long because of hard surface
  • Might cause foot pain

Teva Mush Women Flip-Flop

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

I’d like to be focused on the fact that these flops have arch support, it is amazing as not every time you come across flops that have arch supports.

The arch support is a feature that allows you to stand long on your feet with no side effects, rather it helps you by making your feet have a balanced distribution of energy flow instead of just leaving the stress of walking on the heel or toe area.

For long walks around the park, this flop is the best because of its benefits. This will be the last flop we will be reviewing here as they are not the best-recommended shoes to be worn in parks, even though a small number of people will go with the flops instead of more protective footwear for reasons best known to them.


  • These pair of Flip Flop have Arch Support
  • The sole is half-inch thick
  • A perfect fit for those with wide feet
  • Have an easy touch on the toes


  • A bit too expensive for Flip Flops because of (Made in Vietnam)

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Women Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

For pregnant women who don’t want to let the whole idea of being a new mother keep them at bay, these are comfortable shoes you can wear all day long, all week long, and hell, all year long.

They are soft, well-cushioned and they have arch support to distribute the walking stress all around.

This was made specifically with the aim of giving comfort while standing for long and having no side effects at all.

It is extremely light and made with recycled rubber which allows it to have a shock-absorbing feature.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Remarkable offers of comfort and support
  • Made with Faux leather for enhanced comfort
  • Made with human-made recycled rubber materials
  • Sustainable comfort


  • Not slip resistant
  • Not waterproof

Lugz Men Clipper Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

This is a great buy. Selecting a particular shoe to wear to the park is sometimes not as easy as It might seem. There are lots of things to consider like how long you plan to stay there and the kinds of activities you plan on taking on.

In most cases, the shoes we wear are very important and in some cases, we all have our preferences. This for instance is a slip-on sneaker, it has no shoelace and it is extremely soft more than your regular shoes.

It has a well-cushioned insole that makes it suitable for long hour standings, it has a breathable lining that will let the air keep refreshing your feet for as long as you have them on which is one thing you need while walking around the park.

Even though the sole tends to eat up on regular use, these are cheap and will serve you longer if you buy two or more pairs for shuffling.


  • This has added comfort because of the well-cushioned insole
  • It has a canvas upper
  • They come with a vulcanized rubber outsole
  • They have a breathable lining
  • They come with a padded collar for a comfortable fit


  • Not functional
  • Sole tends to eat up on regular use
  • Not water resistant

YHOON Air Cushion Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

Let’s dive into the reasons why you should buy this shoe. First of all, their woven upper allows you to wear them out with no stress at all. it is more of a stylish sock shoe that goes with any outfit you chose to wear.

You can wear these to different places with the park not being an exception. The collar is followed with elastic which gives it a strong grip on your legs, this makes them fit perfectly and lets you enjoy even tougher adventures with no worries of them pulling out.

It has a high heel that is embedded with arch support that keeps your feet protected and supported. It is flexible and versatile just like we have discussed.

You should get a pair or two of these with the intention of looking classy and enjoying your walk.


  • They have woven upper
  • They are proven to be comfortable and flexible
  • Made with MD sole for enough buffer between feet and ground
  • Very versatile, incredible use for many occasions
  • Perfect fit to size


  • Not water resistant
  • Don’t put them in the dryer

Mishansha Men Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

These shoes improve athletic performance and offer outstanding protection and comfort to you. They let you enjoy every bit of the adventure you are engaged in.

They have an air cushion at the lower part of the heel which reduces pressure on the vulnerable part of your feet and prevents injuries such as sores and ulcers.

This shoe is convenient for long-hour usage, it is embedded with the parts and materials that will ensure you have a good time.

They have soft liners which make them convenient for long standings and other activities, regardless of the main purpose of this shoe, you can wear them to the park and have a good time plus it will let you enjoy the value of your money as they are durable.


  • Additional knit mesh Upper
  • Anti-Collison toe cap
  • Additional arch support insoles
  • Embedded with a non-slip sole
  • They have soft liners
  • Air-cushioned rubber sole
  • Soft textile upper material
  • They are extremely versatile and comfortable


  • No warranty

Women Foot Suite Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

I personally love these shoes for the kind of comfort they come with, obviously because of the kind of material they are made with. These shoes are great shoes and everyone who has seen me in them loves them.

I have worn them to the park and to many other places and the fact is you will definitely not go unnoticed with these shoes.

I have a number of cases where people would stop me just to ask me where I got them from. I am happy to tell them I got it from. You should give them a try and I promise you too will love them.


  • Suitable for versatile use
  • They come with removable insoles
  • They have PU Air Cushion Outsole
  • They are lightweight and comfortable
  • High knitted mesh fabric like socks


  • No arch support
  • Slippery on the heel side

Lite Adidas Running Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

I just wish this particular shoe was waterproof. With that being the only fault they have, a perfect shoe for comfort and protection to be worn in the park is none other than this Lite Adidas shoe.

It comes in different designs but with the same remarkable feature, that is regardless of the design you chose you are bound to have a comforting running and walking shoe that is designed in the form of a slip-on, but with shoelaces to ensure a perfect fit and grip and they also have superior cushioning that will let you stand for long and not feel tired due to stressed feet or unbalanced terrains.

With a couple of pairs and proper care, these should last longer and let you enjoy the value for your money.


  • Inspired for runners
  • Mesh upper for enhanced breathability
  • Designed in form of slip-on but with laces for easy on and easy off
  • They have superior cushioning
  • Cloud sole Midsole for Fit in comfort


  • Not waterproof

Roxy Rory Women Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

With hidden stretch panels to enable a perfect fit and safety grip to your legs, which is one thing you need when having fun in the park.

Most times there are cases of shoes pulling off from our legs while we take on roller coaster rides and the likes of tough and rigorous activities.

The inside of this shoe is embedded with soft fabric which makes it give you a comforting feeling and the toe box is double padded for advanced toe protection against trips and falling objects.

Even though the size is not exactly accurate, it has a stretchy collar and shoelaces that will let you lace up to a perfect fit.


  • Hidden stretch panels for easy slip-on
  • Has soft removable insoles
  • An advanced style for feminine wears
  • They are lightweight and are very comfortable
  • They have anti-skid grooves at the bottom


  • They are not water-resistant
  • They are not slip-resistant shoes
  • Least durable than expected

Arbolcret Breathable Women Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Walking Around Amusement Parks

This happens to be the best of all the shoes reviewed here. I saved the best for the last. The design of this particular shoe is spectacular and unique in the sense that it has an adjustable lace perfectly laid around in a stylish way that makes you noticeable by all when you walk in them.

They are beautiful and they have arch support to help you keep on your feet for long with no side effects. They come with a knitted upper for breathability and perfect fit.

Regardless of how often you wear them, they are guaranteed to last long, maintaining the shape and quality with which you initially had them with.


  • Adjustable lace
  • High-quality sole
  • Extra soft liners and insoles
  • They have reflective stripes for added beauty
  • They are extra stretchy and durable
  • They have a versatility level of above ordinary
  • They have arch unique support
  • They come with knitted upper to keep your feet cool, free, and dry
  • Value for money


  • No warranty


Walking around the amusement park wouldn’t have to be stressful and risky anymore if you get a pair or two of the shoes reviewed here. They are light, protective and will offer you top-notch comfort each and every step of the way.

It is not normal for you to want to visit the park with a pair of slip-ons, even though it is not advisable for you to engage in some of the fun activities wearing them.

So, what to do is you can wear a slip-on to the park and then switch into a pair of shoes that will not only offer you comfort but protection each and every step of the way.


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