10 Best Dance Shoes for Jive (Reviewed in 2022)

Have you ever danced jive? Or maybe salsa? Ballroom? Ceroc? Lindy hop? If you are into any of them, you will notice that jive dance has something about the others mentioned above.

The thing is modern jive is now a combination of a part of all these dances. Since not just any shoes would do, let’s look at the best shoes for jive dance.

Here is a table with each of my 10 shoes for Jive and its unique categories.

Name Feature
Capezio Women’s 700 T-Strap Character Shoe Great dance shoe for Bunions
Dynadans Leather Jazz Shoe Split sole for swift dancing
Bulunka dance shoes Open toe allows for breathability
Gogodance Dance Shoes for professionals High arches for feet support
YYTing Ballroom Dance Shoes for women Lightweight for easy movement
Bloch Oxford Leather Soles Dance Shoes Great leather sole for resistance
Women’s Jazz Sneakers Rubber sole for slip-resistance
CLEECLI Dance Shoes Great for wide feet
Linodes Dance Shoes Flat soles for fast movement
BeiBestCoat Women Leather Dance Shoes Dance shoes with heels

A detailed review of my top 10 dance shoes for modern jive

BeiBestCoat Women Leather Dance Shoes

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

Most people would advise you to go for no-heel dance shoes but it is completely up to you.

Dance shoes with short sturdy heels like BeiBest are stylish and they can help with comfort if you have very high arches.

BeiBest is also known for its contour that is beautiful on the outside and very supportive on the inside.

Made with high-quality environment-friendly premium leather, the shoes conform to your feet so that they fit fine and you don’t have to worry about them slipping off. They are closed-toed and waterproof.

These shoes are also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about the heels slowing you down. They are very comfortable with the original insoles.

To prevent accidents and injuries, the heel is thick and very sturdy. For closure, it has a traditional lace-up that helps to adjust fit.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy heel
  • Offers support
  • Breathable
  • Available in half sizes


  • High heel
  • They run small
  • They come in only black

Dynadans Leather Jazz Shoe

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

Split soles have been around for a while and they are truly amazing. They are more flexible than other dance shoes and the shoe of the arch of the feet. This helps dance moves look better.

Aside from the leather split soles, Dynadans dance shoes have an upper that is a combination of soft genuine cow leather and neoprene material.

The neoprene material makes it waterproof and water-resistant so the leather doesn’t get damaged by moisture. It also increases its durability and makes it flexible to move in.

For the interior, these shoes feature a fabric lining that gives comfort and makes them very smooth. There is a neoprene stretch insert for flexibility, fitting, and support around the arches.

The heel is a small 0.4 inches (1.01 cm) and it is flat. This gives traction and ensures stability while dancing.

For sizing, each pair comes with the equivalent men’s and women’s sizes. For example, a men’s size 12.5 is a women’s 13.


  • Flexible
  • Arch support
  • Easy to wear slip-on
  • Water-resistant


  • No laces or closure type for fitting
  • Available in only black and brown
  • Not breathable

Bulunka dance shoes

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

Many people are skeptical about getting open-toe dance shoes, especially for energetic dances like modern jive because your toes can be stepped on. Still, they have very good features.

Bulunka dance shoes are not only attractive but are also breathable. Some dance shoes are not breathable. It makes your feet uncomfortable because of the sweat and lack of ventilation.

Thanks to the structure of Bulunka shoes that will be a thing of the past. That’s not all. The outsole of the shoe is made of suede material.

The sole itself is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm), wide and thick for stability. The latex midsole is elastic for flexibility and free movement while dancing.

On the midsole is the moisture absorbing insole that removes any form of discomfort by absorbing moisture including sweat.

The shoes have a breathable lining allowing the passage of air even through the materials.

The closure type is a buckle that ensures fitting and grip on the feet so it doesn’t fall off easily.


  • Great heel counter for support
  • Buckle closure helps to adjust the fit
  • Breathable structure and insoles
  • Available in half sizes


  • The open toe and side leave your feet open to be stepped on.
  • They are made strictly in US sizing so you have converted correctly
  • Only nude and black colors are available.

Gogodance Dance Shoes

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

Do you have high arches? Are you in dire need of arch support? Well look no further we have Gogodance Dance Shoes for you.

Arch support is very important because arch support ensures that your feet are balanced and are well supported. Since the arch is where the transfer of your weight is, it can get strained easily.

The heel of the shoes is 2 inches (5.08 cm). They are wide and the leather and suede soles are shock-absorbing. This way your arches or feet do not feel the impact.

The insole of the shoe is well cushioned for comfort. Aside from all these that aid the arches, the heel counter is very sturdy and difficult to crack giving your ankles support.

The upper of these shoes are made from quality leather that absorbs moisture. The shoe is designed to give you an elegant look as they can pass for formal shoes.

For a nice adjustable fit, there is a lace-up closure.


  • Water absorbent
  • Sturdy heel counter
  • Quality leather
  • Elegant look
  • Shock absorbent


  • They are strictly for dancing
  • Low shaft

Ballroom Dance Shoes for women

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

These are our lightweight shoes and well you know how lightweight shoes don’t hold you back or seem like a burden to you while dancing.

From the satin upper to the suede outsoles these shoes are made of quality materials. The satin upper gives it a stylish look and even though they are open-toed, the sides are covered and they protect your feet.

One admirable feature is the high and sturdy heel counter of these shoes. The suede insole is moisture absorbing and it has a flexible lining too.

As for the midsole, it is made of suede material and is a bit padded for comfort. The suede outsole features a 1.5-inch heel that is high enough for stylish functionality.

The suede material makes it easy to do spins. These shoes don’t have laces or a buckle. They are a simple pull-on with elastic around the ankles for fitting.

One thing about these shoes is that unlike other dance shoes the sizing is the same as street shoes so you have no issues with sizing or measurement.


  • Sweat absorbing insole
  • Suede sole helps to spin
  • Breathable
  • Available in half sizes
  • They come in different colors


  • Open toe
  • Elastic pull-on may be too tight

Bloch Oxford Leather Soles Dance Shoes

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

You would almost pass these for evening shoes. Well, they are dance shoes with leather soles. What makes these shoes special is that the leather soles, whether soft or hard, last longer and give you in-built all-around support.

Bloch oxfords also make it easy to spin and glide and move your feet. The upper and outsole is made of 100% quality leather while the interior is well cushioned and padded for comfort and shock-absorption help them more than other shoes with suede soles.

The heels of these shoes are short, sturdy, and stacked. This helps you relax more as the heel is not too high and it is strong.

For closure, these shoes come with reinforced eyelets and laces so that they can adjust the fit. It also gives them a grip.


  • Shock absorbing
  • Well-cushioned
  • Easy to move
  • Durable


  • It is more difficult to tap in leather soles than in suede soles
  • The short heel may be difficult to dance in for people used to heel

Women’s Jazz Sneakers

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

These shoes may seem like normal sneakers or trainers but there is a reason they are good for dancing, particularly modern jive.

These have rubber soles and unlike most sneakers, they do not have too much grip or reaction that make your shoes stick to the floor.

They also have a spin spot on the rubber outsole that helps you do spins better. The upper is made of breathable textile material and the toe is boxed for occasional stands.

For comfort, it offers arch and Achilles support. The collar is padded to give relief to your ankles and make it easier to wear and take off.

It also comes with an insole and a midsole of breathable EVA memory foam. All this makes it very cushioned so that your feet don’t deal with the impact.

The arch between the split outsole is ventilated. To avoid the soles sticking to the ground, the shoes are quite bouncy and have a big of traction.

This also makes it more durable.


  • Breathable
  • Durable soles
  • Arch support
  • Split sole
  • Padded and cushioned


  • Low shaft
  • Not die, professional dancers,

CLEECLI Dance Shoes

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

These shoes feature a satin upper with thickened straps, open-toed, made of breathable material. It is very soft and padded.

For comfort, it has a suede insole that absorbs moisture, an elastic midsole made of latex, and a suede sole. Although the heel is thinner than the other on our list, it is sturdy.

Now, if these have the same features as the ones above, what makes them different? They are ideal for wide feet. If you have wide feet then these are good for you.

The shoes are lightweight, elegant, great for dancing and it is a good option for a formal shoe. The closure type is a trap buckle that holds the feet well, giving it grip and ensuring it doesn’t fall off or seem loose.

If you have dainty ankles, this upgraded version has more holes in the strap and a great heel counter. So what do you think? Great.


  • Allows ventilation
  • Sturdy heel counter
  • Great for wide feet
  • Strap buckle for an adjustable fit


  • Strictly made according to US sizing
  • The heel may be too high for some dancers

Linodes Dance Shoes

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

These simple pull-on shoes are flat soles. This is for all you dancers who don’t like heels or jazz sneakers. These are made with 100% genuine leather.

It has a glossy look and elastic at the sides that makes it easy to wear and take off. The elastic also serves as a form of grip on the feet so that they don’t slip off.

The flat soles are made of manmade material and they are approximately 0.4 inches. That’s really small. The advantage of flat soles is that it keeps you closer to the ground especially when you are learning tricky steps.

The shoes have a lining that makes them comfortable to wear and the split sole gives the dancers grip and support. It is also lightweight and flexible, allowing free movement.


  • Comfortable lining
  • Genuine leather
  • Arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Best for beginners
  • Elastic doesn’t provide enough grip

Capezio Women’s 700 T-Strap Character Shoe

Best Dance Shoes for Jive

And last but not least. These shoes are for dancers with bunions. Most shoes won’t let you live your passion but these shoes are specifically designed for bunions.

Normally, it is advised to avoid heels if you have bunions because they tilt your feet and put pressure on the bunion but these shoes are padded to cushion your bunion without pain.

The toe box is wide enough for the bunion, and the water-resistant upper is made of 100% leather. The sole is also made of leather and the heels are not so high allowing you to dance without putting pressure on any other part of the feet.

The closure type is a buckle for fitting and the shoes come in wide, narrow, and regular sizes.

Do you like them?


  • Wide toe box
  • Comes in wide and narrow sizes
  • Water-resistant
  • No elastic to put pressure on the feet
  • Padded insole for comfort


  • They are available in only two colors
  • There is a small range of sizes
  • It is not breathable


And those are the best 10. I really hope they suit your needs. Like I always say, before purchasing, be sure the shoes check off everything on your list.

You don’t want to deal with return policies later. If you have questions or comments drop them below and I will see you in the next article.


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