Converse vs Toms: Which Are Better Shoes?

Converse and TOMS shoes are both popular shoe brands with a good number of products under them.

However, many of us are left a bit indecisive when it comes to picking out shoes, that might be the best fit for us.

Today, we’ll be looking at this article, which is an in-depth comparison between Converse shoes and TOMS.

One striking difference between Converse and TOMS is definitely the look. While Converse shoes appear more trendy and stylish, Toms are simpler and are intended for a very casual look.

The Converse shoes are mostly sneakers and are tapered to athletic needs (although they can be worn casually), while the Toms are not athletic and generally can’t be regarded as sneakers.

Converse vs Toms
Low-Top Converse
Converse vs Toms

History of Converse shoes

Converse shoes are produced by the company “Converse”, which began in the year 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, in Malden, Massachusetts, and has been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003.

Converse was well known for its production of athletic shoes during the war and after. Prior to the emergence of different companies and footwear brands, Converse footwears were very dominant and you couldn’t go a day without finding an individual spotting a pair of the trendy kicks.

The Converse has been a household name for a long period of time. Under this company, there are a variety of products such as:

  • The converse high-tops
  • The converse low tops
  • Chuck Taylor All-star AKA Chucks (this is the most popular footwear from this brand)


  • The Converse shoes, particularly Chucks are very nice to look at. They are flashy and go great with just about any outfit, from skinny jeans down to dresses!
  • They are relatively affordable
  • They make a good canvas for art. Most people are free to design their Converse sneakers however they like, making it ideal for the expression of one’s personality artistically.
  • Converse shoes are vintage, but still appear modern: Converse shoes have been here for a long time, which makes them Vintage. However, this attribute doesn’t change how appealing the shoes look.
  • Converse shoes are durable.


  • Converse shoes lack arch support and over time result in stress fractures in the feet if worn for a very long time.
  • The round-arched toes make it very uncomfortable for people who have wider feet.
  • Chucks aren’t ideal for walking long distances as it causes huge discomfort, especially when you are breaking it in for the first time
  • Some of the Converse shoes are heavy
  • The midsoles are flat
  • The shoes are not so breathable
  • Not optimal for most of us, as it has a curved, snug fit at the back of the heels.

History of Toms

Toms are shoes that became popular in the year 2006, when Blake Mycoskie founded a for-profit company in California, USA.

The design of the shoes was based on the Argentine alpagarta (Canvas slip-on shoes). He believed that lack of shoes was a huge contributor to diseases in children, and so began his shoe distribution amongst shoeless children.

The One for One movement of TOMS simply means: Buy a pair, donate a pair. So for every shoe the company sells, a new pair of TOMS is given to a shoeless child.

The canvas slip-on was the most predominant design of the company. However, presently, the company is trying to sneakerize the alpagarta and has given it a thicker sole. We haven’t seen or heard so much from the company though.


  • One huge advantage of the TOMS over the Converse shoes is how cushioned and comfortable it is. It feels great around your feet and people wear them sometimes as indoor footwear, simply because of how cozy it is.
  • When you buy a pair of TOMS, you buy a pair of shoes for a child without one. So buying a pair of TOMS means you are contributing positively, and making a difference in the life of an impoverished child.
  • TOMS look really great with skinny jeans as well as dresses and skirts. You can as well pair your TOMS with shorts for a casual summer look. TOMS are great for going to the beach.
  • TOMS come in a variety of shapes and designs. They come in a lot of vibrant colors and you are free to add designs to your pair as well.


  • TOMS are terrible for traveling on your feet. If you have to sit in a car for long hours, then by all means slide on a pair of your favorite TOMS. But, getting out of the car and walking a good number of miles in those shoes is a NO-NO.
  • TOMS get practically unbearable when they are wet. This means you can’t wear them out on rainy days, and you better pray you’re not wearing them when the roads are ridden with puddles. Not only do the shoes get ruined, but they also smell horrible when they are wet, so horrible, that you might not be able to take them.
  • You can’t exactly wear socks with TOMS, because let’s be honest, that combination would look awkward, and when you sweat a lot and can’t wear socks, the shoes are bound to stink after a while. If you must wear socks though, that’s fine (Do you). You could try out ankle socks that don’t look so obvious
  • You cannot throw your TOMS into the washing machine because the dye will run out and the glue will get destroyed.
  • The soles are made of smooth rubber which can induce slipping, and when they get wet, the edges start to irritate your feet
  • If you have wide feet, you probably won’t be able to wear them because TOMS don’t offer a wider range of options for wide feet
  • It isn’t so durable
  • TOMS are relatively affordable, depending on where and the kind of TOMS you get.

What are the similarities between Converse and Toms?

  • Both shoes are from popular brands
  • They are both affordable
  • They use eco-friendly and non-animal materials for most of their products
  • You cannot wash both shoes in the washing machine
  • They both look great

Let’s get into the comparison between Converse and TOMS

First glance

Converse shoes

  • Logo patch with company insignia
  • Rubber patch on the heel labeled ‘Converse All-Star’
  • Rubber sole
  • Smooth rounded toe
  • Matte (not polished) eyelets

The converse shoes are identified by the logo patch which has the label ‘Converse All-star’ written around it, and the Chuck Taylor signature (in the case of the Chuck Taylor type) with a five-pointed star in between.

Converse vs Toms

The converse Chuck Taylor sneaker has a rubber patch on the heel with the label or inscription ‘Converse All-Star’.

Converse vs Toms

Converse toe caps are made of solid rubber material.

Converse vs Toms

The sneakers have a waffle-patterned sole which looks like a mixture of patterns.

Converse vs Toms

The eyelets are usually neatly aligned and not shiny.

Converse vs Toms

There are riveted holes in the sides for ventilation.

Converse vs Toms


  • Insoles with an inscription
  • Company logo on the heel area
  • Rubber outsole
  • Narrow looking

TOMS have insoles with the inscription ‘With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One’.

Converse vs Toms

It has its company logo boldly printed on the heel area.

Converse vs Toms


Converse shoes

Converse shoes are made with vegetable-tanned leather and non-animal glues, making this brand vegan friendly.

The Chuck-Taylor has a sturdier leather, which is quite comfortable and durable. The leather is also easy to clean.

Converse vs Toms


Only a few TOMS such as the core alpagarta are made of leather upper. They also have a collection of vegan shoes which use materials like mesh, synthetic fibers, or sustainable cotton.

Most TOMS are made with sustainable cotton. The brand is not 100% vegan.

Converse vs Toms


Converse shoes

The soles of most Converse shoes are made of rubber and a material that can be described as “fuzzy”. This fuzzy coating around the edges of the sole and arch helps reduce the chances of slipping.

Most people aren’t aware of the fuzzy layer. The longer you wear the shoes, the less apparent this part of the sole is.

Converse vs Toms


The soles of TOMS are made of smooth rubber.

Converse vs Toms

Durability and quality

Converse shoes

A typical pair of converse is said to last about 18 months, but might last longer depending on how its worn.

Sometimes, Chuck Taylors last up to 5 years if care is taken. The rubber soles add to its general durability.

Of course, how long your pair of shoes last depend on a good number of factors like: how often you wear them, your weight, and the number of steps you take in a day.

Moisture also affects Chucks in the long run. Casually worn pairs of Converses last longer than pairs used for sports or rigorous activities.


Toms are generally not as durable as Converse shoes. In fact, they are not great for walking great distances, as they are likely to fall apart after a while.

These shoes are not worn every day and definitely cannot be worn out to damp places. TOMS last for about 6 months depending on how careful one is with their pair.


Converse shoes

Converse high tops’ prices go for about $21.99 on Amazon. The overall price range is $50 to 130, depending on what type of Converse shoe you are getting and where.

You can find authentic converse shoes at a number of online shopping platforms such as the Converse Official website, Amazon.


Toms go for $44 to $140($54 being the mode), depending on what type of shoe you get and where.

You can visit the TOMS website or Amazon through this link.


Converse shoes

Converse shoes do not have removable insoles. The insoles of Converse shoes are thin and quite uncomfortable.

Generally, most people devise ways of inserting more comfortable insoles. However, that might be tricky as the current insoles are irremovable.


The insoles of Toms are sewn in, but well-cushioned. This makes it very comfortable to wear.


Converse shoes

Converse shoes are not true to size. They are about half a size larger than your regular shoe size. It’s usually best you consider this and size down half a size, so the shoes aren’t oversized.


Toms are true to size and feel very snug.

They grip your feet, which is good for people who don’t like having the feeling that their feet are about to leave their shoes, but can be quite suffocating for individuals who like a little room in their shoes.

TOMS are quite narrow but are said to stretch after a while. Unfortunately, they do not have so many options for wider feet.

Conclusion: My verdict

I’m certain by now most of you have already made your decision based on the information from this article. Here’s what I think:

Personally, I’m a sneaker lover, and I like how well Converse shoes go with almost any outfit. The Converse provides a variety of shoes, which I myself am a fan of. The TOMS have great options as well.

The TOMS appears to be great for a nice sitting in, perhaps in the car or a casual outing, but definitely not for walking around for so long (of course most shoes leave our feet sore after a long time). I will definitely keep a pair of TOMS for comfort.

Overall, you would find me leaning a bit more toward the Converse family.

However, this decision depends on your own preference. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to keep both shoes in handy. I know I will.

Made your decision yet?

Click these links to get yourself a pair of Converse shoes and (or) TOMS.


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