Converse Hi vs Low: Which Is Better?

Converse are some of the most popular sneakers and the best in the history of sneakers. They have been remade millions of times since the first ones came off the line of sneakers since the forerunners in 1917.

It’s the modern era and its popularity hasn’t let up. Are you considering getting a pair?

Then you should read this article in which I talk about the differences between the Converse high-tops and low tops, their pros and cons, and the better type. But first, let’s get to the major difference between inverse Hi and Converse Low.

The major difference between Converse Hi and Low sneakers is the high ankle detail in the high-tops and the star patch, both of which are missing in the low-top Converse.

Besides this distinction, there is just the Converse overall detail you see. These two details make all the difference if you ask me.

And the reasons are not far-fetched. They are style and personal preference.

You will definitely want to style the shoes differently even though Converse sneakers are extremely versatile shoes.

There’s also the issue of personal preference which suggests that you are likely to cross certain lines with either of the shoes in ways that would be different from what other people would do.

You will notice other significant differences in the two shoes when you line up all the high-tops and lows which include the Chuck Taylors, Chuck 70, Run Star Hike, the Chuck 70 Sherpa, and so on.

However, you can’t deny the timelessness of these shoes, and how much of a gem they are in your wardrobe.

And they are made in enough solid colors to give you the freedom to wear them with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Converse Hi vs Low: Comparison?

First, you must wonder why it is necessary to compare the sneakers.

Well, just like everything in life, no one sneaker will meet all your needs when it comes to style, comfortability, durability, size, and price.

Furthermore, sneaker styles usually come in different types: low-top and high-top. There’s no way to know which you might prefer except there’s information exposing the pros and cons of the sneakers.

Comparisons aren’t always a negative thing so don’t be afraid of what you might learn, especially if you have made up your mind on which to buy earlier.

This comparison is going to be purely educational, or informational.

There are knockoffs of Converse sneakers too. And they are all over the online stores. Articles like this also help you make informed choices when making your order so you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

With this comparison, you can avoid floundering in the void and buying the wrong one for your needs.

Converse High-top pros

Converse Hi vs Low

Every shoe design has its great sides and the Converse High-top is not exempted. Here are the pros of the Converse High-top:

  • Great for long trousers
  • Protection of the ankles
  • The star patch
  • Comfortable

Great for long trousers

The Converse high-tops are some of the best shoes you can have in your wardrobe if you are into wearing long trousers.

This is because of the extra material of the ankle area which reaches up into your pants or jeans.

If the trousers are slim fit – but not too slim – they give a prim, trendy look. And if the colorways match that’s an even more beautiful look.

Protection for the ankles

Converse high-tops feature the extra material that was part of the design that protects the ankles of skateboarders.

Now it doesn’t matter on account of not being a skateboarder yourself, but you can do with a little pampering of your knees too.

If you live a pretty good active life then this protection can come in handy on cold winter days when you need warmth.

The hazards of commuting every day from work to home especially make the high-tops the go-to shoe.

The star patch

One of the cutest things about the Converse high-tops is that they feature the Converse Star and wordmark on the inside of the ankle.

I’d say that’s a fine bonus acknowledgment for being a Converse fan.

I personally consider that star patch a medal from Converse as a significant show of support that I feel goes both ways. When you wear Converse with the star on it, you know you’re wearing original footwear.


One of the pros of this shoe is that it is reasonably comfortable. It features super-soft cushioning in the footbed and the lace-up closure is secure around your feet.

The Chuck Taylor 70 is especially the best when it comes to Comfortability. The upper material is a garment, lightweight for all-day comfort.

Converse high-top Cons

The high-tops have a few downsides to its design though. You may find these downsides subjective or not, but it’s worth mentioning:

  • Can’t style no-show socks
  • Can make you look shorter
  • Less mature look
  • Can feel stiff
  • Can take a long time to get off and on

No no-show socks

If you love no-show socks then the high-top Converse shoe definitely restricts that little fancy of yours. This is one setback for the high-top shoes.

Sometimes you do feel like wearing trousers that are a little fuller, just enough to show off either your skin or your socks. Either way, you are going to have to stick to the low tops to show off your fetish.

High-tops make you look shorter

This is some optical illusion stuff, admittedly. Yet it is what it is. Converse high-tops aren’t like many other high-tops in the market in that they are made of cloth and so are slim looking.

Yet like other high-tops, they have a way of making you look shorter. Something about the extra material over the ankle seems to take away from your height.

Less mature look

The high-tops are more suited for even more casual clothes than you would favor wearing on a Low-top.

One downside for the Converse high-tops is they are a bit limiting in what you can wear them with. In my opinion, this has a lot to do with the fact you can’t wear them with socks.

Can feel stiff

The high-tops can feel stiff because, well, they are high-tops. To get a great fit, you have to lace up properly.

Walking around a day with a lace-up shoe can feel stiff after a while and you want to get them off.

Yes, there are two holes on the sides, but the air doesn’t get all the way up to your ankle area.

They take longer to get on and off

If you need to hurry up somewhere then the high-tops aren’t the best to wear.

Lacing up the high-tops can be a drag if you’re on the clock. This is a downside if you ask me.

Converse Low top Pros

Converse Hi vs Low

The Converse low-top shoes are some of the coolest shoes you can have. And here are the pros:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Classy and mature
  • Comfortable and durable


The low-top Converse is very easy to style with almost anything in your wardrobe. Depending on your preferences and the nature of your wardrobe, you can wear this shoe anywhere you want.

They can be worn with shorts, full-length trousers and girls can wear them with skirts and skinny jeans.

Classy and mature

Here’s one of the edges the low top has over the high-tops. They tend to go with even formal clothes and can be worn to formal functions too.

If you want to appear in mature clothes, you need to put on low tops.

Comfortable and durable

Low tops also feature the soft footbed for right cushioning. You can wear them all day without feeling the stiffness associated with high-tops.

And the vulcanized rubber outsole which is of course featured in the two shoes makes it super durable.

The Converse Low-top Cons

Like the high-tops, the Converse low tops have their own downsides:

  • Your ankles are exposed
  • No star patch

Exposed ankles

Your ankles are at risk if you skate with Low-top shoes. It has no extra material over your ankle like the high-tops.

No star patch

The star patch is missing in the low-top shoes for obvious reasons.

Of course, the wordmark is written on the footbed but you can’t see it after wearing the shoe.

What are the similarities between Converse high-tops and low tops?

The two shoes are basically the same. The low tops are a cutoff replica of the high-tops.

Let’s break things down though:

  • The two shoes feature canvas uppers, tucked into galvanized rubber outsoles.
  • The lace-up closure on the shoes is identical but longer on the high-tops.
  • Both shoes feature the perforation on the canvas for ventilation.
  • They share the soft footbed in common.
  • The rubber sole has a thin red line that runs across the width of the shoes.
  • They both have the patch bearing the Converse wordmark on the rubber soles behind the shoe.

Overall Quality

Both shoes are made for a lifetime of skating so you can expect premium quality materials. The uppers feature leather-hard canvas material known to last for years, even more than a decade.

The galvanized rubber is pliant enough to provide flexibility but hard enough so you can face pavements and all sorts of floor materials with confidence.


The outsole is galvanized rubber. It features the Converse waffle pattern underneath for traction. There’s no distinction here between the Converse High-top and the Converse low top.

In this case, both shoes have identical soles.


Both Converse shoes are made to perfection, featuring durable material. They last long for years.

Each shoe comes with its own intrinsic durability, other than this any other wear will depend on how you use the shoes. For instance, pronation can increase how fast a shoe wears out.


Prices vary from one seller to the other. And the store from which you are buying, your location for shipping all influence how much purchasing the Converse low or high will cost you.

They can cost as high as $60 to $80. But if you are purchasing through this link you can buy the Converse high-top online.

The Converse low top on the other hand is cheaper than the high-top. But you should not worry. You do get what you pay for in the extra material on the ankle. You can buy the Converse low top online too.


The two Converse types feature insoles. They are not removable however which is somewhat of a downside for the shoes.

It’s got the Converse wordmark and star printed on it in red ink if the color is white, or any other variation depending on the general color of the shoes.

The insole is soft for cushioning made of memory foam.

Sizing and fit

Thankfully the Converse high-tops come in different sizes so sizing isn’t a problem. There are sizes ranging from 5 to 12 for the high-tops.

It’s also got half sizes 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5.

Below is a size chart for both the high and low top Converse shoes.

UK size US men’s size US women’s size European size cm
3 3 5 35 22
4 4 6 36.5 23
5 5 7 37.5 24
6 6 8 39 25
7 7 9 40 26
8 8 10 41.5 27
9 9 11 42.5 28
10 10 12 44 29
11 11 13 45 30
12 12 14 46.5 32
13 13 15 47.5 33
14 14 16 48.5 34
15 15 17 49.5 35
16 16 18 50.5 36

Converse low and high-tops fit true to size. The size chart helps, and when purchasing from Amazon be sure to consult the sellers’ guides as well. Especially if you wear a half size.

Why you should choose Converse high tops

My recommendation is based on what your lifestyle is. I recommend Converse high-tops if you are given to a casual lifestyle.

This means your wardrobe is basically filled with casual clothes. The high-tops are a great fit for a wide range of casual wear like shorts, jeans both ripped and regular ones.

I recommend the white colorways if you have darker clothes.

Why you should choose Converse low tops

I recommend the Converse low tops if your wardrobe and lifestyle features semi-formal clothes and formal ones. The low tops are more formal and mature than the high tops which are more limiting in styling.

The low tops allow you to show off your socks so if you are someone who loves to wear no-show socks then the Converse low tops should be your best pick.

My verdict – which is better?

I’m one whose lifestyle is between semi-casual and formal. I love the low-top Converse better because of how much versatility it offers me.

I love no-show socks as well and cropped trousers are my thing. The low tops help me style for occasions where I feel like dressing down without appearing sloppy.


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